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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Multiple agencies participated in a DWI checkpoint Friday evening in the Port City.

According to a news release from the Wilmington Police Department the checkpoint resulted in numerous charges and several arrests.

The checkpoint was held in the 4600 block of Oleander Drive involved the Wilmington Police Department, Burgaw Police, Jacksonville Police, University of North Carolina Wilmington Police, NC Highway Patrol and the Brunswick and New Hanover counties sheriff’s offices.

The following charges and arrests were made:

Driving while impaired- 7 charges

Driving after consuming alcohol under 21- 1 charge

Driving without a valid license- 23 charges

Felony warrant- 1 charge

Misdemeanor warrant- 1 charge

Various charges- 35 charges

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  • Vog46

    The drunk boaters, the drug users, the litterers, and fighters, and the publicly intoxicated at Masonboro Island got warnings but these folks got charged?


  • Guest9743

    Good question Vog46, bet you won’t get an answer from WPD or NHSO as to why some get special treatment and others get ticketed!!!

  • fleebailey

    Try it.

  • Guest45

    I’d have to call b/s on this one, but if you insist, name the night and I’ll drive down college and you can take the walk thru Creekwood, we’ll see how that works out for you.

  • RSimmons

    The gangbangers are killing each other. It’s the up-right citizen types that are killing people on the streets and highways. I would feel safer walking through Creekwood at 2 am than driving on S.College Road at 2 am.

  • Guest1313

    If the police want to make an impact, they should hold their checkpoints on all streets that access Creekwood and other drug projects housing.

  • Tracie C

    I’m SURE all those drinking and driving are spending their nights drinking in Creekwood. (note the dripping sarcasm here)
    Maybe you should start a campaign to shut down all those bars on N 30th St., eh?

  • Lily

    I find myself terrified to drive through my green light for fear of being hit by someone running a red light. I wish you would put up 100’s of photo radar posts! I am from Scottsdale AZ and we HAD this problem. After installing 100’s of photo radar you rarely see red light runners in these areas! Please help reduce accident rates and save lives.

  • Guest12345

    wpd doesn’t patrol masonboro island

  • Guest9743

    I was talking getting an answer from WPD or NHSO as to why some get special treatment and others get ticketed….not who patrols what. Pay attention!!


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