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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland Police officer has quit after an internal investigation into his involvement in a shooting at a multi-agency DWI checkpoint last month.

The town the investigation found that Ofc. Anthony Bernard was justified in shooting at suspects who tried to drive away from the checkpoint on US 74/76. But the investigation also found Bernard violated a policy, because he was not forthcoming with information.

Bernard resigned from his position effective tomorrow.

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  • Bye Bye Bad Guys

    Not forthcoming with information. Wow. You would think the remaining bad cops who flew under the radar and still work for the Town of Leland, even after the mass exodus of EVERY RANKING OFFICER above them were REMOVED, would actually, I don’t know, do their job!!!

    Well, if that exodus didn’t do it, if that wasn’t enough to make public officials protect the tax dollar and truly serve the public instead of themselves, then perhaps the next, imminent wave will! Stay tuned, it’s about to get really real!!!

    Current status: Check
    Pending, imminent status: Check mate

    For all of the public officials who chose to look the other way and chose corruption over human and employment rights, I hope you kept really good notes of exactly what happended during the Leland Police Corruption, YOU WILL NEED IT!!! Don’t worry, if you didn’t keep it, I did and have transcribed every conversation, every phone call, email, text message, side meeting, etc. The really good news is, I’m really good at research. Really good. I’ve been investigating for YEARS now and have over 200 wronged witnesses/employees, who have their own set of “I’ve been screwed, now I’m not so happy, CYA files” that were all so eager to turn over for evidence.

    Thank you WWAY for being the star reporting agency for uncovering and demanding answers from the Leland officials and other officials (like DA’s), who tried to coverup the corruption! The golden egg has been layed and WWAY has earned it and will receive it! Thank you WWAY, Scott Pickey and Katie Harden!

  • Guest45

    so a rotten apple resigns but lives again to work for another police department, I hope NC wakes up, there is something wrong with being in an investigation, knowing you are going to be fired, allowed to resign and keep your certification,wake up NC! Makes the rest of the officers look bad.

  • Old Guy

    I have lived in this area all of my life. The old saying goes like this “whatever you’ve heard about Leland is bound to be true”! From the very beginning of the Police force there, there has always been problems. From the first chief down through all of the others there has always been one of the officers or the chief himself that has done wrong. Why is this? I think its because of the covered up town politics. The best of being Brenda Bozeman covering up for all of the crudwads that hurt Sherry to the so called chief jain. Now the present chief seems to be doing the right things but if it were up to the officers that have it made they would still be stealing, lying and doing whatever they want too. Oh well I guess Leland is still Leland. Enough said!

  • NCMomof4

    There is more to this story than what the town of Leland is saying. All of you commenting acknowledge the corruption there, yet do not question their version of the “facts”. I do not know exactly what happened, because he is not at liberty to discuss it yet, but I do believe the truth will eventuially come out. I have known this officer for many years. He is an honest, conscientuiuos, and honorable man, and I stand behind him 100%.


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