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BOILING SPRINGS LAKES, NC (WWAY) — A city leader has called for a special meeting, but he will not tell his colleagues what he wants to talk about.

City Council members are not saying much after they received an email from Carroll Friday night. They’re not saying much because they say they do not know what information Carroll will present.

Monday Mayor Pro Tem Charlie Carroll said he wanted to discuss issues related to the Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue Department.

Carroll would not talk on camera but his e-mail reads in part: “I have been made privy to information that should be put before council and citizens at once… While I am not sharing this information tonight, all of you will be given everything prior to the opening of the meeting that day.”

Commissioner Craig Caster, who also serves as the liaison between the city and the fire department say he has “no clue” what this meeting will consist of.

Commissioner Mike Forte says he feels unprepared because of the lack of detail provided.

Firefighters are also in the dark.

The meeting is opened to the public and will begin Wednesday at 10 a.m. at City Hall.

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  • Geppeto

    Wow. What a shock this is. Not! This is how the City Leaders operate. And Just think. Mr Carroll is running for Mayor. A few more yrs of back door politics just like Richard White has done. It’s pretty bad when 2 Commisioners have no idea what they are meeting about. And this is about the FD? The same FD that is NOT part of City Government? Why can’t they leave the FD alone. It’s just 1 more notch on the belt for Richard White and Charlie Carroll. If they are not disrupting someone or something they are bored. Our FD does an Outstanding job for our community. Not to mention they save our city ALOT of money. So lets see what Carroll and White have up there sleeve now. And let’s not forget to VOTE in November

  • Those two Commissioners you refer to as having no idea about the meeting, sure came prepared with a coverup story. SO who’s playing backdoor politics now? The 3rd Commisioner also came with her own agenda for the meeting.

  • ChefnSurf

    – Charlie Carroll want’s to discuss “something” involving the Fire Rescue Department.
    – He won’t say what it is.
    – City Council members don’t know what it is.
    – Commissioner Caster doesn’t know what it is.
    – Commissioner Forte doesn’t know what it is.
    – Firefighters don’t know what it is.

    End of “story”.

    I can see now why WWAY has decided to eliminate the phrase “breaking news”. :-)

  • Here they come! The people looking for blood. He’s guilty! Guilty of what? I don’t know, but he’s guilty. Hang him now!! When are you going to grow up??

  • Truth Seeker

    Why all the screaming? If you are screaming you aren’t listening.
    Could you wait to hear the info first before you start discrediting it?
    Perhaps meds should be taken in advance of the meeting if hysteria is an issue.

  • Public Record

    By law, the purpose for the special meeting should have been made available to the public (including the rest of the Board) in the notice for the meeting. Someone needs to read the NC General Statutes regarding advertising for a special meeting.


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