Community members discuss concerns over growing gun violence

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Submitted: Tue, 07/09/2013 - 3:53am
Updated: Thu, 04/23/2015 - 12:30pm

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — After several weeks of violence and numerous shootings, community members rally together to end violence in their neighborhoods.

Residents living in Precinct W29 met for their monthly meeting Monday to discuss a number of issues including the recent spike of violence.

“There are a lot of issues going on. It’s not unique to Wilmington. It’s clearly a societal issues that we need to step up and address together,” said Ralph Evangelous, Wilmington Police Chief.

Evangelous entertained dozens of questions from concerned community members about the rising gang and gun violence that now plagues their communities.

“They wanted to know what they can do and I told them to provide us the information,” said Evangelous.

Residents say they are tired of watching their neighborhoods decline because of a lack of leadership and parental involvement.

“A lot of kids aren’t brought up with good morals. It’s kids raising kids and that factor is dangerous,” said Tom Attwood.

Police say even though we have seen an increase in crime in some areas, the news isn’t totally grim here in the Port City.

“The rest of the city is having historic crime reductions,” said Evangelous.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    curfews only work when the parents are held accountable for the child’s whereabouts.

    Let them deal with that. Know where your child is or face some jail time. Real simple — exceptions for school issued passes for after hours activities such as sporting events; be home within 1 hour of the event’s end. Employer issued passes showing work hours; be home within 60 minutes of getting off work.

    Enforce it rigidly. No exceptions; no mealey mouth — “but he’s a good boy who helps old people”.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    ….. It’s a cultural and community problem.

    Enough political correctness already. Time to say it like it is. This problem is the direct result of members of this troubled community simply not taking responsibility for their own business.
    – Teenagers roaming the streets till whenever they choose.
    – A casual cultural tolerance towards crime.
    – No talking to police because that’s not cool or whatever.
    – Public housing being trashed.
    – Public housing residents tolerating known criminals in their midst.
    – Families tolerating known criminals in their homes.
    – A culture that thinks in terms of “baby daddy” instead of “father”.
    – A community with a statistically higher rate of unwed or single mothers.
    – Pious Bible thumpers who hide behind their Bibles and tell everyone “only God can judge” so that they can absolve themselves from any responsibility or, quite frankly, guilt.
    – Angry community posters who respond to condemnation by blaming every community indiscretion on anything and everyone other than themselves or their community’s lack of responsibility for their own; yet once again, a mechanism to avoid feeling personally guilty about something they’re integrally a part of.
    – A community culture that to some extent embraces music based on the concept of disrespect towards women, criminal activity, violence against any authority and murder.
    – Blaming schools for the massive failure of education in their community when others going to the very same schools are doing just fine.

    Is everyone in the community like that? Absolutely not. Those who aren’t; they’re living a life other than what they would choose to live. Unfortunately for them, if they don’t stand up and try even harder to make a difference; they’re basically screwed.

    Are too many members of this community like that? Yep. If that wasn’t the case things would be better than they presently are and they’re not. Facts are facts.

    The rest of the city is having a historic crime reduction. This community is not. That’s because this community, for the most part, isn’t trying hard enough to fix itself. That’s not anyone’s problem but their own. To put it bluntly, it’s their own fault.

    I don’t normally write stuff quite like this. I’m not a prejudicial kind of guy but I am pragmatic. I just felt it was time, for better or worse, to express my opinion. I’m aware of the fact that I might be getting some negative “community” backwash from this as well as some stupid comments from some idiot, hateful bigots. That’s to be expected. Regardless, I’ll be sticking to my own opinion and also not replying to any posts.

  • Guest45 says:

    There is an easy solution, form a perimeter around the problem area, leave an ample supply of guns and ammo inside the perimeter, let them eliminate themselves, cheapest way out, we do it all over the world, we pick who we want to be over thrown and supply the other side that is willing to do our wills, works like a charm, will here too.

  • Mr. America says:

    I feel as if the upper brass of law enforcement of this community and the county and city commissioners are COMPLETELY FAILING US TAX PAYERS! You want to see immediate change to the violence in these areas??? Ok then why don’t “we” “the community””the tax payer” force the chief of police,the sheriff, the county/city commissioners as well as our judge’s to take up immediate residency in these areas with their families.. Let’s see how fast things will change overnight to keep their families safe….

  • Bullard says:

    Well spoken, ChefnSurf.

    The number one crime problem is caused by teenage girls who have children they have no intention of raising properly. They themselves would not know the meaning of proper child rearing.

    These baby mama and baby daddy’s children grow up to be undisciplined, irresponsible,delinquent drains on our society. And they are the ones who commit the most violent street crimes.

    We all know who to fear when we walk down a street in the historic district after dark. We know all too well.

  • Guest777 says:

    Dear “Tax Payer”. Law Enforcement are not mind readers. At best, most of the time all they can do is respond to what has already happened. There is no way the police anywhere can change the conduct of people who have no regard for other people. By the way, police officers also pay taxes, paying taxes is not exclusive to just you.

  • Wilmington Truth Teller says:

    Blaming the Police Department, when a convicted, gang-banging, felon, thug, shot someone. That’s like blaming the Fire Department, when a car catches on fire. Or EMS, when someone falls off their bike, and breaks their arm.

  • Street Bum says:

    I bet if these community leaders would be forced to live in these crime ridden neighborhood’s they would move heaven and hell to protect their families from the late night rock dealing and from them ho mama’s hookin. But noooooooo they prefer to put on a show to make the appearance that they really care when ya don’t. Law Enforcement last I checked are PAID BY THE TAXPAYER TO PROTECT and SERVE NOW TODAY!!

  • Vog46 says:

    The city of Greensboro is contemplating a curfew after the riot by 14 to 20 year olds down town on July 1. Estimates by the local Fox TV station said 400 kids were involved in a fight I think at midnight.
    There apparently will be exceptions for workers.
    Public housing could easily do the same, and should


  • Guest2020 says:

    If the people in these crime-ridden areas would raise their children right, like the people in crime-free areas do, then there wouldn’t be as much crime.

  • Vog46 says:

    felon get a gun?
    We allow themto
    all legal too

    Think about this:
    Shaniqua qualifies for Sect 8. She has 2 kids from a previous relationship but can only find part time work at Harris Teeter. She falls for Dontelle, a guy trying to get his life together, as HE says. He askes “Sha” – “hey babe you got a record? Any felony convictions?” She of course says no she doesn’t because she couldn’t get Sect 8 with one. So ‘ol Dontelle sets up a scheme whereby Sha takes cash from Dontelle and friends and SHE gets a handgun permit. Then Dontelle and friends FRONT her the money plus 20% (for her troubles) so she can go to the gun shop and start buying guns. Of course no one asks many questions as she’s got her permit. Soon she’s got 3 or 4 and ‘ol Dontelle starts selling them to HIS friends and he turns the $ over to “Sha” for more purchases.
    Finally the inevitable happens – one of Sha’s guns is used in a crime. They go to Sha’s home and ask where she was last night from 7pm to say 8pm and she replies working. Well now, what’s a cop to do? Then he asks – well one of your guns was used to commit a felony in town last night. Sha is prepared for this question – “Well officer those guns were stolen from this very house 3 months ago”. The police office says “Was it reported”? Sha says “NO North Carolina law does not REQUIRE me to report any lost or stolen firearms.”
    What has happened? NOTHING – Sha bought them legally, Dontelle made it worth her while to do so. Sect 8 cannot throw her out as she committed no crime. Lost and stolen firearms are ONLY required to be reported by dealers – those guys with FFL’s. What is interesting is that in a study just concluded by ATF 5 states account for 1/3 of those stolen weapons and NC is one of them. But lost and stolen firearms (from FFLs) is less than 1% of the total sold each year. But once they leave the FFLs data base they can be bought, sold, or stolen with no traceability from then on out. So people like Shaniqua STAY in public housing and her boyfriend Dontelle and friends continue to commit crimes with “stolen” weapons.

    I’m all for the chair, chain gangs, no TV, no gyms in prisons all of it – but let’s say we also include instituting a national gun registry to get people like Shaniqua out of the gun sales business – let’s make NOT reporting a missing firearm a FELONY so she cannot purchase again. But oh no, that might piss off the NRA – who fight against this sort of thing.
    You want to throw the book at felons? Let’s do it. Let’s institute mandatory sentencing for the people using stolen or missing firearms and the people that allowed them to be “stolen”…..
    Yeah I know – “Vog’s an idiot”.
    No not quite – just sick and tired of criminals using loopholes kept in place by the NRA under this false fear of government knowing too much of our business. The problem as G-o-m keeps pointing out is not with CCP holders, nor is it with FFLS (the gun dealers) – it is with people like Shaniqua and Dontelle that know how to gin the system.


  • Tell It Like It Is says:

    That hoodlum, who was a convicted felon, who was shot, and arrested, for carrying a gun, three weeks ago. Where is he ? Isn’t it a 10 year felony, for a convicted felon to possess a gun ? Where are all the “Anti-Gun People”, on this one ?

    He’s right back on the street. Without a care in the world. With hundreds of other violent criminals, who are getting repeated “slaps on the wrist”. More laws, more cops, more plans…..What we need is, less violent criminals.

    We need to bring back Chain Gangs. And put them in the Electric Chair. Like we did, 70 years ago. Back then, everyone left their windows and doors, open at night. You could walk anywhere, at anytime, in complete safety.

  • Vog46 says:

    As I said:
    “just sick and tired of criminals using loopholes kept in place by the NRA under this false fear of government knowing too much of our business”

    In today’s world of You Tube, Facebook, and NSA scandals just how PRIVATE do you think your guns are?
    If all of your phone calls were recorded is your arsenal safe?
    Or does Big Brother know about it????????
    Yeah the SAME big brother that said we had to protect ourselves from those turban wearers after 9-11. Yeah the SAME ones that proposed and passed (bipartisanly too) the Patriot Act which allowed for this invasion of privacy in the name of defense against Al Queda?
    If the government knows what you’re sending Hubby out for at WalMart don’t you think they know about your guns already? If you’re legal you’re just like Shaniqua – think about it.
    She does EXACTLY what the NRA says to do – buy guns, protect yourself, the police are only minutes away whereas a gun is on your hip.
    Shaniqua is a law abiding citizen – we should MAKE her a felon by passing laws to make what she does ILLEGAL. At the same time we should protect those that legitimately have guns stolen and report them to the police to protect themselves from further prosecution from the use of their gun in a crime.
    All I have mentioned has not removed one gun from one legitimate law abiding gun owner.
    But alas, that won’t go anywhere and we’ll continue to bitch about felons with guns that may have been originally purchased legally by their “friends” with clean records……..


  • jsmith says:

    “just sick and tired of criminals using loopholes kept in place by the NRA”

    Please feel free to elucidate on all the “loopholes”…

  • taxpayer says:

    the “bangers” aren’t listening to you.

  • Boris says:

    “Gun violence” is the current catchphrase the liberal leftist media is using to blame the guns for the crime these thugs are doing. If you see the term “gun violence” you should sutomatically know the actual problem is GANG VIOLENCE, and race baiters and the leftist media are trying to both cover up for them and get rid of the 2nd Amendment with such codespeak as “gun violence.” There is only “violence” and when somebody gets run down with a car you will notice the media does not call it “car violence.” Only GUNS are maligned because the media is totally compromised and only represents the leftists who are “transforming” this nation.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Does that tell you something?

    If the bulk of the serious crimes, involving firearms, take place in one district, focus the attention of all.

    Require parents to be accountable for their under 18 year old children. If there is a curfew, know where your children are. Enforce the curfew.

    Require WHA to better monitor who lives in public housing units. If a resident is allowing someone to live in the unit who has no business being there, throw them all out. Send a clear message; rules will be adhered to.

    Require public housing residents to participate in the maintenance of the housing units. If employed, 10 hours per week of maintenance, yard work, and so forth. If not working, double down with 20 hours. Teens of 16 or older, same goes for them.

    You have to start somewhere; here is a start on which to build.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Mr. Attwood is absolutely right. “It’s kids raising kids”. And the problem keeps getting worse. Why are we paying 16 year old girls to have as many babies, as they can, out of wedlock ? Taking millions, from taxpayers, to do it.

    Who do you think is fathering these children, and living, free, in Government Housing, with these teenage girls ? You got it…The Gang Banging, Drug Dealers. This problem, runs hand in hand, with the violence.

    We can add 100 more cops. It won’t make any difference. We need to stop the problem, at it’ root. We are subsidizing the very problem, we are trying to eliminate.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    And there’s no rat in my pocket! I’ve never approved of having MY tax money spent this way, never will. This is entirely the governments doing, without my permission, approval or acceptance. No matter how much I jump up and down, complain and rally, they continue to do it anyway!

  • Country Gal says:

    A recent newspaper article stated that some residents of a local newly-renovated (with tax dollars) project had already destroyed these new apartments and many were dirty and not being taken care of. The solution? TEACH them how to clean their apartments, etc. If we need to teach somebody how to keep their free apartment clean, how in the world can we expect them to monitor and teach their teen-agers? I keep reading about cultural differences but not tearing up property and obeying laws and rules is not CULTURAL, it’s what is expected of all people.

  • windy says:

    But that would require effort on their part. Besides, they are probably waiting for Obama to include free weekly Merry Maid service in addition to their free housing, free healthcare, free food, free cell phone, free daycare, free ….

  • windy says:

    And people are actually SURPRISED that the free-loading thugs have already trashed their brand-new apartment interiors? The city of Wilmington should have never spent money renovating their ghetto neighborhoods. Nicer amenities should be privileges to be earned, not entitlements. Perhaps if the ghetto communities had to earn a nicer standard of living, they would actually appreciate it and therefore take care of it more responsibly.

  • windy says:

    “The rest of the city is having historic crime reductions” …

    What does this tell you? Let the hoodlums and thugs continue killing each other off within their communities. Eventually there will be no more troublemakers left and the root of the problem will be solved.

  • mc says:

    It’s pretty clear that they are not competent.Hire people who will take the reins and overhaul the system so that the taxpayers don’t subsidize criminals.Install cctv cameras in public housing and identify the trouble makers.This is not private property it is public property and in my opinion the the same right to privacy does not apply as in normal circumstances.The majority of the people living are good, honest working people, they just happen to be poor and that is not a crime.They don’t want the criminals there and would probably welcome the cameras.Clean out and evict residents who destroy OUR property!Start monthly inspections, If they don’t keep it clean evict them.If someone is not on the lease and living there void the lease.Harsh language just is just joke to these parasites.You don’t feed roaches or vermin do you? I am so and mad that my hard earned dollars pay the salaries of these inept, incompetent officials.It is high time Mayor Saffo aand city council got involved in this.

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