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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Days after the Republican-controlled North Carolina Senate reworked a House bill to include new regulations on abortions, local Democrats brought the Moral Monday protests to one senator’s Wilmington office.

“Sen. (Thom) Goolsby, whose office we’re standing in front of, called the people who disagree with him morons,” New Hanover County Democratic Party Chair Richard Poole said. “We think it’s that attitude that brings people out. They think their voice is not being heard and sen. Goolsby certainly isn’t listening.”

Monday afternoon the voice of the democratic opposition to Goolsby was heard loud and clear as protestors chanted, “Let women decide their fate, not you, not the state,” outside his downtown office in opposition to his vote for HB 695, which liberals contend would essentially end abortion in north carolina…

“This is a societal issue,” protestor Susan Kranyik said. “It should not be a government issue. If we as a society say that whatever two consenting adults do is ok under the law, then we have to decide that those two consenting adults and the doctor can make that decision just as well and not a government.”

Goolsby issued a statement defending his stance while firing back at his critics.

“It is the height of irony that on a day when pro-abortion Democrat activists protested a bill to protect women seeking abortions, the latest closure of an unsafe abortion clinic was announced. This clinic is located in Durham,” Goolsby wrote.

The protestors say that they will continue to stand outside of his office on Mondays until their message is heard.

Another Moral Monday protest is scheduled for tonight in Raleigh.

Last week the Senate decided it would not reconvene until tomorrow afternoon.

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  • creativeendeavor

    https://www.nccivitas.org/2013/moneymonday/ Democrats don’t care about people just the funding.

  • Guestfellin

    These GOP politicians don’t give a flip about babies or women’s health!

    Where do you think the future minimum-wage slaves and soldiers for future wars come from? Poor, uneducated women’s unwanted babies will fill the low-paying jobs of corporate America and become the cannon fodder for wars that the military-industrial complex start to make them money.

    It’s the 1% controlling the 99%. And they’ll cloak it in “Christian” values to appeal to their base.

    Wake up and see what is REALLY happening!

  • guesty

    Well put Pete. When the number of people that vote for a living outnumber those of us that work and pay taxes, it will all come crumbling down.

  • Pete

    I don’t put anyone that has a job down. They are working and has nothing to be ashamed of if it’s honest work doesn’t matter that it’s Burger King or picking up trash. I don’t pleasure much in people that mock people for doing labor or put much in stock of their opinion there after. Those of us that work for a living are tired of you people that vote for a living. Get a life

  • Guestg

    You’re doing more for the other side than you’ll likely ever know! Great job, Burgerboy! Do you work at McDonald’s or Hardee’s?

  • Guest000000

    They have a special day for a type of fabric? Brilliant you are. Maybe you need to have a special Dictionary Day. How about Thesaurus Thursday. When I read posts like yours I wonder just exactly who is moderating this stuff.

  • creativeendeavor

    So everyone is fine with the government regulating every aspect of their lives and determining what is moral and what is not moral. Abortion is legal and the woman gets to decide if her aborted baby, born alive and able to live should be hacked to death by a doctor because she has a choice. She chooses if her fetus becomes a baby. So next, you’re old or disabled unable to fend for yourself, just like that fetus, who decides if you get your medicine or medical treatment. Who wants you anyway? What do you contribute? I certainly don’t want to take care of all the mentally disabled or physically handicapped. It’s my right to choose.

  • Burgerboy

    Ha, it seems like them libber democrats must not have jobs, because they seem to be out marching and protesting and causing a ruckus and stirring up trouble all the time just for the sake of stirring up trouble. I guess they have other stuff that they go around protesting the other 6 days of the week when they aren’t working on MOOCHER MONDAY stuff. whoops. I meant MONKEY MONDAY. MORON MONDAY? MUSLIN MONDAY? I like moocher monkey moron monday, myself, ha!

  • Guest000000

    Typical Republicans…Fight the teaching of safe sex, Make contraceptives harder to get by allowing employers to choose not to cover them under their insurance plans, Restrict access and funding to Planned Parenthood, Deny reasonable access to abortion, Fight the rights of same sex couples to adopt, and Cut funding to teach the children once they are born. Idiots.

  • Guest1966

    The problem is the issue between two consenting adults, who are usually not adult enough to understand the consequences of consensual sex. By removing the option of anyone getting a simple abortion they MAKE people grow up, and understand the consequences of their actions! Stable people usually go to the hospital for these procedures when something comes up, even, an unwanted pregnancy! At least by closing the abortion clinics we can stop children from having children, where the grownup ends up raising the grandchild or great grandchild, placing an unwanted burden on them!

  • Rick Wilson

    Do you really believe your statement “At least by closing the abortion clinics we can stop children from having children, where the grownup ends up raising the grandchild or great grandchild, placing an unwanted burden on them!”

    The reality/truth is that by having an abortion you would eliminate the grownup having to raise the child or grandchild and thus eliminate an unwanted burden.

    You cannot and will not ever be able to legislate morality. When people get horny, sex happens. It is a fact of life. It has been a fact of life from the beginning of time and will be a fact of life to the end of time. Abstinence is a pipe dream reserved mostly for older people whose sex drive has disappeared or Mother Nature has greatly reduced it. It never has and never will work in the real world.

    The big question that puzzles me is how so many people, care so much for the unborn, but do not give a damn about them once they are born?

    For the record. I do not like or personally agree with abortion. But…I strongly believe that I do not have the right to stick my nose into other peoples personal business. If I was asked, I would suggest other alternatives. Abortions will happen whether they are legal or illegal. When they were illegal, the rich went out of the country for abortions and the poor went to slaughter houses. I guess the lives of the women that died from the slaughter house option do not matter…..

  • Guestorama

    So, by making abortions more difficult for women to access, “we can stop children from having children,” this is your argument? Really?
    I am always fascinated by the realities conservatives choose to ignore…I will bet you believe violent gun crime and firearm accidents are acceptable collateral damages in the name of Freedom, but you can’t wrap your brain around the reality that people have sex, which can result in unwanted pregnancy (even when using contraceptives), and that even wanted pregnancies can result in problems that require abortion. You are the one who needs to grow up, face reality, and respect the liberty all humans have over the happenings in their own bodies. This is a right that is more fundamental than the right to bear arms, it’s just not as relevant to men.

  • Susan Kranyik

    What psychology degree do you hold? What research have you done on “stable” people who have sex and go to hospitals to get an abortion? Hospitals don’t usually provide abortions except when the mother is about to die. Legislating against women and not their male counterparts is medieval.

  • Elli Klein

    Letter to the Editor 2011 In a Perfect World StarNews

    In a Perfect World (modified from when 1st published Feb 8, 2007 under SN’s title “Imperfect World” Published: January 21, 2011

    In a perfect world, we would do more to prevent unintended pregnancies.

    Young people would always practice abstinence before they’re married. If they were sexually active, they would use birth control consistently.

    Methods of birth control would work 100 percent of the time so some females don’t still become pregnant despite their and their partners’ efforts to ensure the contrary—but none is 100 percent sure.

    A pregnant female could be able to have options other than abortion—such as adoption, programs for pregnant teens, or support for seriously deformed or terminal babies and their families through pain, age and requiring agonizing extensive assistance until they die.

    A practicing Catholic mother of three would not have to choose between pleading with the husband who deserted his family for permission to have an abortion or adding another child to a family she couldn’t support.

    We would let women and families make their own reproductive health decisions even using their health insurance or even if they’re poor.

    We would provide the understanding and assistance we hope others would show toward us– the Golden Rule that civilized, spiritual, and religious people espouse.

    If we aren’t careful, our protections as citizens might be eroded along with our humanity and compassion.

    Choices must be available–even if they are not the same choices that you or I might make.
    Elli Klein

  • Bobbie

    Have you heard of Hyde Amendment of 1997? It bars the use of federal money for abortions except in the case of incest and rape.

  • GuestBullisht

    Erl, I am writing to apologize to you for my failure to recognize the TRUE genius that you are!

    We got all these Mosques, Synagogues, Christian Science Reading Rooms, and Mormon Churches that are all tax exempt… none of them are MY religion so they need to be no longer tax exempt. Why should I have to subsidize these with my payment of taxes?

    Why are only wage earners being taxed to support Medicare? We have too many irresponsible old people who have failed to save enough to take care of themselves in their advancing age. These irresponsible geezers are NOT my problem. MEDICARE HAS TO BE REPEALED! ALL Medicare tax payments need to be refunded to ALL non participating payers AT ONCE.

    Hey, if you think that this is far-fetched, the Supreme Court has recently repealed parts of the Voting Rights Act…. Hey, maybe we can get rid of most of the expensive legislative give aways from the LBJ Great Society Debacle. Really, who cares about women’s collegiate sports. Let’s repeal Title IX while where at it too.

    Further, on education, this country is subsidizing too many educated people. When folks are educated they become critical and that is really dangerous to our system. ALL aid to education needs to be cut off. Ignorant people are much more content and pose smaller problems to our economic “powers that be”. While we are at it, tax exemptions for dependents should be eliminated too; I have one son, why should I be subsidizing families that have too many children?

    Our government is wasting too many tax dollars paying for WAR. I want to be able to opt out of paying for war because I don’t believe in it.

    If you can agree with what I have written above I would be pleased to support your contention that you should not have to pay for abortions.

  • I don’t think I should have to pay for bike paths with my tax money. Think I can opt out?

  • GuestMan.

    This is what happens when congress tries to legislate morality. They come up with the brilliant argument that it is alright to kill a fetus some of the time but not all of the time.

  • Erlkoenig

    Gastestriefschisse: you cant tell the difference between a tax break and a subsidy. So please keep documenting your ignorance. Your gov’ment indoctronators must be real proud of you.

  • GuestBullisht

    Erlkonigderdummkopfen: a tax “break” as you say may be either in the form of a deduction from income, reducing the earnings on which a tax is calculated or a credit which is a direct reduction of the tax imposed. A subsidy is a payment to an intended beneficiary or a payment in support of a program.

    I am quite pleased by your response! You have actually formed a grammatically correct paragraph containing three sentences. Have your tea party handlers cut down your daily beer ration??

  • Guest45

    Goolsby is right, these left wing whackos are MORONS! there is no wonder that this country is losing it’s morals, keep up the good work Senaor Goolsby, these demorats motto is “never let a good crisis go to waste”

  • John

    Sad to see that the New Hanover Democrat Party has been completely taken over by radicals who have nothing better to do than yell, scream, and advocate for every leftwing cause on the planet. Keep up the great work, Senator Goolsby!

  • Guest000000

    Seems the other party is the one taken over by radicals. Have you ever heard of the TeaParty?

  • Vog46

    Yeah he legislates like he invests for his clients.

    He’s being civily sued by the Baker Slaughter Law firm who represent at least 10 clients of Goolsby who claim he invested money foolishly for them. Thom apparently runs or owns an investment firm(?)
    Thom has no proven to the world he’s a charlatan. Now he’s a lawyer so being a liar is second nature to him but…….lawyers don’t typically sue other lawyers

    He should resign. This lawsuit is going to get nasty.


  • Susan Kranyik

    Hi Thom! What clinic in Durham has just been shut down for being unsafe? Why don’t you tell us the name of that clinic?

  • Jill Larsen

    The name of the clinic that was shut down is the Baker Clinic for Women in Durham, NC.


  • Kate B

    The arrogance that Senator Goolsby projects is amazing. We are not pro abortion, we are PRO CHOICE. That means that decisions should be made by the woman and those close to her, not by men who will never have to face the issue themselves. Senator Goolsby is not pro life, he is pro fetus because once a child is born in this state they and their family are on their own.

  • Erlkoenig

    Then support my choice not to pay for someone else’s abortion. Will you do that, Kate?

  • Susan Kranyik

    The Baker Clinic for Women in Durham was temporarily shut down because they did Rh tests only the patients and did not follow through with control samples. Rh tests are done on pregnant women routinely and whether or not these tests were being done correctly is a moot point in an abortion clinic. The clinic was not shut down for endangering women’s lives as Mr. Goolsby would like to believe. I will leave a link to the Mayo Clinic about this test and I hope Mr. Goolsby gets the “irony” as well.

  • John

    It’s also disturbing and revealing that these leftwing Democrats, including lawyers, would try to disrupt Senator Goolsby’s law practice by blocking the front door to his place of business. They have no respect for anyone’s business or know the proper way to act. This is the Occupy Wilmington mentality that tried to defeat Sen. Goolsby in the last election. These people never learn. They have destroyed the Democrat Party in Wilmington.

  • Eunice

    It seems from Goolsby’s own comment that there are already measurements in place to ensure the safe operation of clinics and to ensure the safety of women. Why waste taxpayers’ money on something so completely redundant?

  • Vog46

    People fired up about something for a change.
    Kinda like the Tea Party protests in 2008 and 2012.



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