Sheriff’s deputy fired after internal investigation

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Submitted: Tue, 07/09/2013 - 8:22pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired because of information he gave during an internal investigation.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says a woman made a complaint about Dep. Michael Murray. Brewer says during an internal investigation, Murray was untruthful with investigators. Brewer said because of that and Murray’s actions, the sheriff made the decision to fire him.

Murray worked in the patrol division. He had been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2000.

Murray had been suspended in May 2012 for violating policies on truthfulness and standard of conduct. He was also reprimanded earlier this year for insubordination and neglect of duty.

Brewer would not discuss the nature of the complaint the woman made against Murray because of personnel issues.


  • Discusted Resident says:

    I think it’s time we as a community in whole should take every step possible to get the US FEDERAL JUSTICE DEPTARTMENT to get involved in order to conduct a Federal Inquiry into the New Hanover Sheriffs office, Wilmington Police Dept, Carolina Beach Police Dept as well as Leland Police Dept. Way way way too much unethical issues at hand as well as questions regarding integrity and countless cases of cover ups. I have sworn to and have worn the badge for 25 years and finally am sick to my stomach as I read weekly about dirt bag after dirt bag being terminated or allowed to resign in order to protect them from being federally charged. We need to band together as a community that gives a rats ass and let’s start calling, emailing or writing letters to our senators!!!

  • Melody Grimes says:

    Yes…& many of the DIRTY ones are those still employed as L.E.O.’s (law enforcement officers) whom set up those who are not dirty…but honest! They are afraid they will get found out if some of the good ifficers who value honesty & integrity stay on the force! Yes…you still have good officers on the force…& crooked officersto get terminated… however this was not one of those situations.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office had a lot of crooked doing going on I know from first hand inidents when I worked there. I wasn’t in the popular crowd and didn’t go to all the parties therefore I was a target to get rid of….as is anyone who didn’t have time for their crap.

  • Guest123123 says:

    BINGO!!!! Now all the law enforcement lovers will bash you.

  • Guest123123123 says:

    Spoken like one who’s been arrested a few times too many….lol. Here’s a thought: Law enforcement officers don’t mess with you unless you’re doing something wrong. So why would one (YOU) develop such distaste for cops? How on earth could you make a claim like “to many crappy LEO’s in this area” (and by the way, it’s TOO, not to many) unless you’ve been on the wrong side of the law a lot?

    Ignore all the laws you want. Try to get away with your stupid crimes. There are way too many scummy criminals like yourself in this area period.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Ignore all the facts you want. Try to excuse it all away. There are way to many crappy LEO’s in this area period.

  • tke1 says:

    Anyone who lies to their employer, whether law enforcement or any other job, should be sent packing.
    By the way, guest 123123, since you have passed judgment on all law enforcement in the county and area, exactly how many officers do you actually KNOW? I mean really KNOW.
    You just want to pop off at the mouth so you can feel big. If you really want to feel big, go through Basic Law Enforcement Training, get sworn in and hit the road. Let’s see how you make out.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    We have over 600 police, deputies, Highway Patrol, Campus Police, Correctional, and Probation Officers, in New Hanover County. Things like this are bound to happen, at least 2 or 3 times a year. 99% of Law Enforcement is excellent.

    We have an outstanding Sheriff, and an outstanding WPD Chief. Recently, both have made some tough, painful, decisions, about firing officers.

  • Guestguest123 says:

    This is a shame. Sheriff, you were doing a good job starting to get rid of the dirt in your department. This is one of the few deputies that this community had left who actually did his job and we could count on. Good luck to you Murray!!

  • Greg Jordan says:

    I read the article again and still noticed that even though the Wilmington/New Hanover area had the highest number of firings/resignations per capita, the numbers still only represented 5% of the officers in the area. I know there are corrupt officers still working but I also know they will eventually get caught. I have been in Law Enforcement for 20 years and have worked in Internal Affairs for 8 years. I have seen many bad and corrupt officers but I have also seen many good officers who were let go because of political or other inane reasons. Just because an officer gets fired or resigns does not necessarily mean the officer is corrupt. The media does not always get all the facts; they get enough to sell you the story. The media gives people just enough information so that the uneducated will believe that officer corruption is rampant. Corrupt officers are the exception, not the norm. Look at your own job, Can you say that only one out of twenty of your co-workers are “bad?” That’s the ratio presented here. Some people choose to focus on the negative, I will continue to focus on the positive.

  • guesty says:

    The sheriff cleans out those that need to be gone while the police chief just shuffles the deck and transfers people around. The lieutenant in hiring/training has had many complaints filed against her from violating protocols & policies to creating a hostile work environment to age discrimination yet she is still there. She is toxic as well as a cancer that needs to be removed. Last year a sergeant was found to be lying on his time card by clocking in to work contracts but not showing up. He wasn’t fired, just demoted. This year there were the officers that destroyed evidence in the vice sting. A few demotions but none were fired.

  • guesty says:

    I seem to have hit the invisible wway comment wall where I can’t reply to you.

    As far as I know, the chief doesn’t have final authority to fire but can make a recommendation that is usually followed by human resources. Full time officers past their probationary time do have civil service protection to try to keep wrongful terminations in check.

    To get the name of the lieutenant, you can either call the department and ask them the name of the lieutenant in charge of hiring/training or go to this post and google it.

  • Guest123123 says:

    I do agree with what you are saying in this post. I am one of those who took early retirement after 17 years. Did nothing wrong just did not want to deal with it anymore. Politics is brutal in state law enforcement jobs and the agency I worked for was the worst.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    guesty, thanks for the reply! I was having a hard time piecing together the “who’s who” and the what happened. I wish I could say something amusing or insightful about this but all I can think is absolutely unbelievable…

  • guesty says:

    There is nothing amusing about police officers that play the race and/or sex card to keep their position. The chief, both deputy chiefs, many captains and even more lower ranking officers know all about her, the way she acts, the stunts she has not only pulled but got away with doing. I imagine she will be allowed to continue working there until she retires on her own.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Might want to look at the post from LEO IA. Speaks for itself!!! Let the excuses continue.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    g, I agree wholeheartedly that anyone who plays “cards” to keep their job, particularly in law enforcement is damaging, both to the morale in said department and the taxpaying public’s regard for police.

    It wouldn’t be quite right to say “best of luck” in your endeavors to root out the “rats”; so I’ll just say to keep on “telling it like it is”!

    Best regards from your newest supporter.

  • Greg Jordan says:

    It speaks volumes! Out of the 16408 officers listed, only 127 were terminated or resigned – presumably for misconduct. That means 99.18% of officers listed are honest and hard working. Even the Wilmington/New Hanover figures represent that 95% of the officers are upstanding. (42 out of 985 – do the math). It is true that there are bad apples in every profession but to imply that all officers are bad (as many have done in past postings) because one out of 123 fail to uphold their oath shows a lack of intelligent thinking. The NFL has had 26 plus players arrested since the super bowl. Does that mean all football players are criminals? Of course not. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, waitresses, members of the clergy and people from all professions make mistakes and/or disgrace their profession but it does not make all of them bad. I guess it is easier to point fingers when you are not in front of a mirror.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Omg. Read the post again and look at the numbers. New hanover area most cases by far and the lowest number of officers by far. That was the point. If you think the only cases are the ones in the news then you obviously have not worked in law enforcement.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    guesty, does the Wilmington PD chief have a final authority to fire an officer or are his decisions subject to the approval of the city manager? I became curious about the career of the lieutenant you refer to in your post and went to the WPD website to try to find a name to begin some research. The WPD site shows nothing about anyone on the force other than a photo and brief bio of the chief himself. In contrast, the NHCSO site has a very detailed listing with contact information on its entire command structure. Is Wilmington being secretive about something or is it a reasonable choice to leave these upper echelon officers absent from the site?

  • Vog46 says:

    Please provide a link to your information.


  • LEO,I.A. says:

    I have been an Internal Affairs guy for a department in Georgia for the last 21 years. I have family members who work for a dept here locally for the past 12 years here. I have never seen such a serious problem with low moral among law enforcement as it is here! So here goes facts for active LEO criminal terminations or resignations over 24 month span vs Wilmington Metro:

    Charlotte Meck Metro active LEO : 4377. Resigned or terminated: 21
    Raleigh/Wake Metro active LEO: 3167. Resigned or terminated : 15
    Greensboro/Guilford Metro LEO: 2003 Resigned or terminated : 17
    Atlanta/5 county Metro active LEO: 5876 Resigned or terminated: 32
    Wilmington/New Hanover Metro LEO: 985 Resigned or terminated: 42

    Let the numbers speak. That covers at least 3 to 4 counties here.

  • jj says:

    I don’t believe you have your facts correct. I have worked with a number of agencies around Georgia for years and there was Officers being released all the time. So, don’t try to make it out that it only happens around here.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Great post!! Maybe the rest of the posters always sticking up for the LEO’s will thinks about what they say now.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    Hey, LEO IA… forgive me for having a little fun with words. Do you mean to say that there is low morale or low morals?

  • Nunya says:

    I worked for New Hanover sheriff’s office and there are some crooked people there. I was let go because they said I was being untruthful about something and the IA investigator was crooked. I knew things would catch up to him and just within the last year (from what I’ve heard) he has been caught for embezzlement and from what I understand he has resigned but I’m going to look more into it. Hovie Pope (the IA investigator who set me up) was one of the most crooked & racist individuals I have ever come across. 2 months after I was let go the incident that I reported and they said I was being untruthful about in reference to another officer was never looked into any further. That same officer ended up getting terminated 2 months later for a domestic issue with an ex girlfriend and violence.

  • Guest2234 says:

    I would personally like to applaud sheriff Ed McMahon for his work. I obviously don’t know the details about this story but the nhc sheriffs department, for the most part, has very respectable and professional men and women serving our county. They are professional, friendly, and helpful. They represent their true goals and protect and serve our county well. They rarely seem to overstep the boundary and it seems McMahon understands this professionalism and accountability.

    I wish I could say the same for evangelous and the wpd, but I’ll keep my mouth shut. I’d feel much safer from crime and less intruded on by nit picking revenue raisers if I live in th county.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Am I to think from your statement that the only people who are ever arrested are the guilty, for otherwise if they were not guilty they would not be arrested? If that is the case let’s just save the expense of a trial and send all arrested people straight to jail.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Just because someone makes a statement about LEO’s it does not mean you are a criminal and have been arrested. It comes from 17 years of working around them and the last 8 working on the other side. Hint, defense attorneys hire experienced investigators to go over the work of the police in serious crimes. I would lose my professional license if I was charged with any crime so once again you are way off base.

    Sorry about the spelling mistake. Should have got an education degree instead of an accounting degree!!!

  • nofaithnlaw says:

    When it comes to passing judgment on law enforcement …. They too are human and do have flaws! Bless his pitiful heart he got BUSTED! That is the cold hard fact! I’m not passing judgment on anyone, however if he had his hand cuffs and gun he’d drive around in his little mayberry car and pass judgment. Look at the law enforcement that have been in the news this year alone..Ask yourself why they are there & there is one reason. THEY BROKE THE LAW! Read the fourth paragraph of this article. Looks like he is a habitual liar in uniform! Appears that he used his dime store badge to do unlawful acts and finally hung himself! YAAAAAAYYYY!

  • nofaithnlaw says:

    Go back and look at the law enforcement issues in the WPD & NHCSO …. Cases were dismissed. Were the people that they arrested guilty before they had a chance to make it to trial or could it be that WPD wanted to look good & screwed it up…It’s a big joke. Law enforcement in that instance screwed up & the shoe was on the other foot..Tables turned. LAW ENFORCEMENT IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PERSON BEHIND THE BADGE & SO FAR THIS YEAR IT ISN’T LOOKING TO GOOD!

  • Discusted Resident says:

    Why can’t our local law enforcement community just get it together??? Look at all the issues these “TRUSTED OFFICIALS” have been fired for. Drugs, theft, under the influence, sex crimes, pain pills, murder, assault and the list goes on and on. The discusting thing is that we the community pay into these services and they act exactly like the folks in creekwood and the rest of the plagued area’s of violence that we have been dealing with for the last few months/years.. They should all be charged federally to the full extent of the law. We need a prosecution team that’s not afraid to put these dirt bags in prison! Hey the took an oath to uphold the law and should be held accountable to it.. Enough of this “oh poor officer and oh poor deputy” geeez you make me wanna vomit!

  • Guest123123 says:

    You also might want to read the post from LEO IA. The numbers are what they are.

    Now for your other comment. Been there done that. Sworn 17 years. Left on my own. Retirement checks to start when I turn 60. I make better money in the private sector and do not have to see or put up with all the crappy LEO’s I encountered all over the state during that time span. I have spoken about this many times and it is really getting quite boring. I know what I observed over those 17 years and it was not pretty. In general just not a decent class of people plain and simple. My two businesses now put me in the position to see and hear the same things that I observed over the 17 years I was active.

    Made out just fine also. Lets see you go into a club in Bertie county at 3am by yourself with no other law enforcement within miles around. I did well because I knew how to treat people!!! Who do you work for TKE!!!

  • LEO I.A. says:

    I meant morale, but hey any hair splitter isn’t going to see the light no matter what. So either way it is a non factor in this area with either word. You are lacking both!

    As far as for jj we do have out issues, but it hasn’t ever in the last 21 years that I have seen been with officers or deputies with over 5years experience. And by the way doesn’t the state of North Carolina lead the nation in Sheriffs and chiefs in prison over the past 27years. Or is the DOJ lying. Argue all you want you guys have serious issues. Burying your heads in the dirt and making memos want solve it.

    That’s it make a moral or morale memo.! Problem solved

  • Guest123123 says:

    My goodness read the damn post!! He gave you the numbers for Atlanta metro area. So obviously it happens elsewhere!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    There are bad apples in every profession and I will always defend the good ones.

  • Nunya says:

    I know this deputy personally and he’s a good friend of mine he’s an honest individual and he’s not going to do stuff just because somebody wants him to if he does not feel its at the Glee or morally correct. New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office get rid of people that they feel they cannot have something hanging over their head so they set people up to make it look like they’re untruthful. if you’re not crooked like they are they don’t want you in the Sheriff’s Office. everything is rigged including any new sheriff to get selected for instance sheriff McMahon is going to resign after he gets reelected his next term and he’s going to appoint Rhonda Smith to take over his spot until the new election. she will get elected as sheriff because everybody follows the crowd and will her just because she’s already been serving in his spot. New Hanover County government positions have everything rigged and they want to set up just so they can run the entire county and for no one to oppose anything that they do or say. Hanover County Sheriff’s Office has also had officers that have drank and drove their vehicles on duty hours and they covered it up and transfer the deputy to a Monday through Friday holidays paid job as a punishment….the fact is they get rid of people that they want to get rid of.

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