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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach Police Sgt. Chris Chafin is on unpaid administrative leave for time to appeal a personnel decision, the town says.

The town won’t discuss any details, but WWAY reported last week Chafin was on leave after crashing a town car.

Meanwhile, retiring Chief Kurt Bartley has been tasked to rewrite the department’s standard operating procedures manual. Interim Town Manager Bruce Shell asked for a review of the policies and he found out about Chafin’s crash and other issues.

Bartley is set to retired this month. The town has named Det. Harry Humphries interim chief. He assumed that role Friday.

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  • Guest123123

    Article just listed him as detective. Not a detective with any rank. I fully understand the rankings in a police dept. Usually a Lt. or Capt. who is already basically running things would be named as an interim Chief, not a working detective who has active and open cases. You my friend do not have a clue and no doubt have no LE experience.

  • Guest123123

    How in the world do you name a detective to be acting chief. It should be someone with a bit more seniority and supervisory experience. Only in CB!!!!!

  • Guest-o-matic

    …under the Chief and have advanced ranks as well as supervisory duties. This is a perfectly appropriate appointment until an election. Where do you think the current Chief came from when Chief Youngineer retired?

    You don’t understand much about LEO rankings do you? You just wanted an excuse to bash Carolina Beach!

  • Guest 10101

    first in Kure and now in CB.

    Could be wrong, but he never seemed like he had enough personal dynamics for a true leadership role. Probably perfect for an interim role where everything pretty much just stays the same. No real need to worry about him thinking outside of the box.

  • justbeingnosy

    when did the wreck happen? did he have his girlfriend with him?

  • gguueesstt

    i understand the officer was driving to his home in Currie – why would CB allow police officers to drive city cars home off of the island?

  • Princess

    U must be the soon to be ex wife if you are asking if he had his girlfriend with him.

  • KIKI W.

    Law Enforcement are people too. They make mistakes like anyone else . Give these guys are girls a break.

  • Guest Observing Person

    Here! Here!
    Chris is a good guy. I hope the police department will continue to be an asset to the community.

  • Guest1234543

    Caswell Beach allows an officer to drive their car to Holden Beach everyday, best policy would be to have them drive their personal cars to work and back like normal people, big savings for the taxpayer.


    Actually I am the soon to be ex-wife and this is the first comment that I’ve cared to make. Maybe you should check yourself before posting negative comments. Some of you people appear to have way too much time on your hands


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