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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina House Republicans are trying to change an abortion bill after Gov. Pat McCrory threatened to veto the proposal.

A House judiciary committee heard proposed changes Wednesday, particularly on alterations made by the Senate last week directing regulators to develop abortion clinic standards similar to those used to regulate outpatient surgery centers. McCrory’s health department was worried about the requirement that a doctor be physically present for the entire surgical procedure.

Charlotte Republican and bill supporter Rep. Ruth Samuelson says the administration is on board with the changes. No one from McCrory’s team immediately spoke about the bill at Wednesday’s committee meeting.

Parliamentary procedures would ultimately require additional House and Senate votes before the changes would go to McCrory’s desk.

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  • Vog46

    The Decline of North Carolina
    Published: July 9 2013

    Every Monday since April, thousands of North Carolina residents have gathered at the State Capitol to protest the grotesque damage that a new Republican majority has been doing to a tradition of caring for the least fortunate. Nearly 700 people have been arrested in the “Moral Monday” demonstrations, as they are known. But the bad news keeps on coming from the Legislature, and pretty soon a single day of the week may not be enough to contain the outrage.

    In January, after the election of Pat McCrory as governor, Republicans took control of both the executive and legislative branches for the first time since Reconstruction. Since then, state government has become a demolition derby, tearing down years of progress in public education, tax policy, racial equality in the courtroom and access to the ballot.

    The cruelest decision by lawmakers went into effect last week: ending federal unemployment benefits for 70,000 residents. Another 100,000 will lose their checks in a few months. Those still receiving benefits will find that they have been cut by a third, to a maximum of $350 weekly from $535, and the length of time they can receive benefits has been slashed from 26 weeks to as few as 12 weeks.

    The state has the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the country, and many Republicans insulted workers by blaming their joblessness on generous benefits. In fact, though, North Carolina is the only state that has lost long-term federal benefits, because it did not want to pay back $2.5 billion it owed to Washington for the program. The State Chamber of Commerce argued that cutting weekly benefits would be better than forcing businesses to pay more in taxes to pay off the debt, and lawmakers blindly went along, dropping out of the federal program.

    At the same time, the state is also making it harder for future generations of workers to get jobs, cutting back sharply on spending for public schools. Though North Carolina has been growing rapidly, it is spending less on schools now than it did in 2007, ranking 46th in the nation in per-capita education dollars. Teacher pay is falling, 10,000 prekindergarten slots are scheduled to be removed, and even services to disabled children are being chopped.

    “We are losing ground,” Superintendent June Atkinson said recently, warning of a teacher exodus after lawmakers proposed ending extra pay for teachers with master’s degrees, cutting teacher assistants and removing limits on class sizes.

    Republicans repealed the Racial Justice Act, a 2009 law that was the first in the country to give death-row inmates a chance to prove they were victims of discrimination. They have refused to expand Medicaid and want to cut income taxes for the rich while raising sales taxes on everyone else. The Senate passed a bill that would close most of the state’s abortion clinics.

    And, naturally, the Legislature is rushing to impose voter ID requirements and cut back on early voting and Sunday voting, which have been popular among Democratic voters. One particularly transparent move would end a tax deduction for dependents if students vote at college instead of their hometowns, a blatant effort to reduce Democratic voting strength in college towns like Chapel Hill and Durham.

    North Carolina was once considered a beacon of farsightedness in the South, an exception in a region of poor education, intolerance and tightfistedness. In a few short months, Republicans have begun to dismantle a reputation that took years to build.


    I agree with some decisions the Legislature has made and the Governor has signed but overall this Administration is a disappointment.


  • Guestwho

    I agree with this article, we are quickly moving backwards. embarrassing. They don’t even reference the regulatory reform act of 2013, or the fact that House Reps even introduced a bill that would establish a State religion, this year!!!

  • Guestg

    Even some Republicans are getting fed up, judging by this editorial:


    How nice that he develops some compassion when the new laws affect him!

    I hope the people of both sides will wake up before those in Raleigh completely shed every bit of progress we’ve made in the last 100 years!

  • creativeendeavor

    https://www.nccivitas.org/2013/moneymonday/ For those of you who thought the protests were spontaneous. Be informed.

  • GuestC B


  • Bess

    You are really going to use Pope’s organization to say that Moral Mondays are about money? That is rich. Oh so rich. Whos in charge of the state budget right now? The Civitas Institute has a vested interest in seeing these protests fail.

  • Vog46

    “I will sign no new abortion regulations as Governor”

    Now you’re asking for modifications to a new abortion bill?
    Funny that’s NOT what you said during the campaign.

    I GAVE you “the out” you needed.
    Veto any new abortion bill and let the Legislature over ride your veto.
    You then are off the hook.


  • Vog46

    I wish you did too.

    And I wish I cared what nondescript, anonymous people thought of me………
    But I don’t……..because opinions are free and we all have them.

  • Jim Legg

    NY Times being critical of NC Republicans means only one thing – the Republicans are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  • RSimmons

    Democrats are a pretty docile group until you start messing with their individual liberties. McCrory knows this could easily knock down the GOP’s house of cards and flip one of the chambers back to the Democrats the next election in 2014.

  • creativeendeavor

    Democraps are the loudest most obnoxious group of individuals I have ever encountered. They are attacking the civil liberties as in NSA and destroying our constitutional rights.

  • Erlkoenig

    I support a women’s right to choose to abort her homosexual fetus.

  • Vog46

    They attached the amended lawo the motorcyclesafety act?
    How “democratic” of them


    “Fresh off of a veto threat on an anti-Sharia bill that was slyly tricked-out with anti-abortion measures, the North Carolina legislature made a second attempt at a chimaera abortion bill, this time co-opting legislation on motorcycle safety.

    Senate Bill 353, formerly known as the “Motorcycle Safety Act,” has a new, not particularly snappy nickname: “Health and Safety Law Changes.” But, good news for motorcycle enthusiasts: the gutted bill at least keeps the motorcycle-related proposals. The new version of the bill is meant to address North Carolina governor Pat McCrory’s promise to veto the anti-Sharia/anti-abortion hybrid bill. Essentially, McCrory said previously that he wants to keep the state’s abortion laws the same as they are now. And now, it looks like Republicans may have worked with someone from McCrory’s office to come up with something — anything — he’d sign that includes new abortion restricting measures. But it’s still not clear whether the governor is cool with even this bill, which removes some key components of its previous iteration. The new version, which has been reported on by the Charlotte News-Observer and the Associated Press, isn’t even on the North Carolina General Assembly’s site yet. Some outlets have posted a scanned PDF of the changes:”

    What a bunch of Buffoons…..
    We want jobs legislation folks……

    McCrory should veto this no matter what to maintain his distance from this bunch of clods……..


  • Vog46

    Or Governor Liar?

    His one word response to this paraphrased question:

    “The state recently passed legislation that some say prohibits a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion her in NC. If elected what new legislation would you put in place to further restrict abortions in NC? First you, Mr McCrory”

    Liars response:


    He then smirked and the panel was stunned at the one word response.

    Gov Liar………..Gov Smirkey……..or Governor One and Done?? Good grief.



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