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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is cracking down on illegal sweepstakes parlors.

Vice and narcotics officers raided Spin City Sweepstakes Parlor next to the Walmart on Sigmon Road in Wilmington this afternoon.

Three employees were given citations. Deputies seized more than 48 sweepstakes machines in the raid.

“There are some more sweepstakes parlors in town, and we are going to enforce this law,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said. “So if you own a sweepstakes parlor, be aware: we’re coming.”

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled late last year the state does have the power to outlaw sweepstakes parlors.

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  • Guest2222

    Why are irresponsible people victims? You cannot blame an industry for taking someones money. You sir are an idiot!

  • RSmith

    Can’t have the NC Mafias income siphoned off by independents!

  • Guest28403

    Glad to see the NHCSO working so hard to rid these evil violent criminals from the area.. I just feel soo much safer knowing this place and others are being shut down. (toungue removed from cheek). PLease can we focus on the real criminals in this bleeping county instead of wasting my tax dollars on stupid victimless “crime” bloody self-righteous morons in Raleigh love to legislate morality as usual and this is like shooting fish in a barrel instead of having to do real police work to actually earn their bloated salaries.

  • Robert OB2

    Victimless?? Are you serious? Quite a few years ago I went into one of these places and what I saw ensured that I would never have the want to step foot in one again. It was late, about 1 or 2am. In one corner of the room was a mother (at least thats what the toddler was referring to her as) in her 30’s sitting at one of the “slot machines” trying to strike it rich. I couldn’t have cared 2 cents about her but the toddler, a little girl, couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. She appeared as though she hadn’t had a bath in days, had an empty bottle in her hand and her clothes were dirty and frayed. In the few minutes I was there she kept asking “mom” to take her home, that she was tired. “Mom” just kept telling her to get back in the corner and be quiet. “Mom” was more interested in seeing what cards were going to be given to her and the cigarette hanging from her lips.

    Victimless? This worthless adult was in all likelyhood spending what little she had left in hopes of making a fortune off that machine, instead of making sure that little girl was home safe, clean, and with a full bottle.

    I reported what I had seen to the owner before I left, but I’m sure it fell on deaf ears. My only conciliation was that that place wound up shutting down about 3 months later.

    So yes, these places need to be shuttered. Now. They do nothing more than pray on the folks that can least afford to patronize them. When is the last time you saw someone drive up in a 60k ride wanting to strike it rich on a Texas Hold Em slot machine?


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