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Sen. Hagan frustrated with indecision on student loan interest rates


WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) -- North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan (D) said she's frustrated because Wednesday a bill to restore low federal student loan interest rates could not get enough votes to be debated.

The rate doubled from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent July 1 when Congress failed to agree on a plan. Since then, lawmakers haven't done much to address the issue.

Another bill in the Senate would address the rate issue by adjusting them based on market conditions, but Hagan said any plan on the loan rates needs a cap.

"Without a cap, our young people are going to be borrowing money to get educated with no idea in mind as to what these rates could actually go to over the number of years it's going to take them to pay those loans back," Hagan said.

Hagan added that she's also frustrated by continued lack of progress in fixing federal spending issues, including sequestration. She said it's time to take action, but she could not tell us any specific ways for how to do that.

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The Hagan universal quick fix plan for everything:

Hagan's got her Senator act really fine tuned. She does essentially nothing while occasionally expressing concern for some random something that she never actually fixes.

If pressed for an actual solution she trots out the "Hagan universal quick fix plan for everything". Hagan's universal plan is that "someone somewhere should sit down and come up with a plan."

I would rather that then...

I would rather that then let them try to THINK and actually propose a legislative solution.
Given the limited intellectual capacity of our lawmakers doing nothing is far less damaging than doing something!

For the most part



Is that what it's come down to? Are we all just expected to morph into sheep? Roll over, expose your belly and just let the wolf consume you?

C'mon Vog, you're better than that!


I would like to think I'm better than that but we're talking politicians here, not some older guy tending to his vegetables.
THEY are more concerned with keeping their jobs.
Heck Chef they don't even write their own laws!
So even though you may call it acquiescence I call it calling it as I see it.
And honestly? I'm glad at least we get a comment from Hagan about things in NC.
We couldn't get Goolsby, Hamilton, Rabon or Iler to say ANYTHING about the DAK closing - but Hagan did (like she could do anything about it).

I give her credit for caring but like all other politicians when she says "nothing" it is sometimes better than proposing a piss poor solution to a problem.


She may occasionally give

She may occasionally give lip service to caring, but she doesn't care any more than any other politician.

I will say this--some older guy tending to his vegetables gets a lot more done than politicians do and would do a far better job than the politicians do.


But they can sling fertilizer much better than I can



Ain't it the truth!! :)

Hagan: All talk and no walk. Just like most of them.

About two months ago she was all "upset" about the massive backlog on paperwork for veterans. If you asked her about that today she probably wouldn't even remember it (because nothing's changed).

Two months from now this student loan thing will also be conveniently erased from her memory bank.

Asked about sequestration recently "she said it's time to take action, but she could not tell us any specific ways for how to do that." How profound! Can you imaging Columbus telling his men in the middle of the ocean "Hey, I know we have to keep sailing, but specifically, I have no idea in what direction"?

She does nothing and accomplishes even less. What she does do is continue to collect a hefty paycheck and benefits just showing up for "work".

It's way past time for us to stop paying for these freeloaders until they really accomplish something. Let's start with the Senate not having passed a budget for almost four years. Stop their paychecks until they do. If someone started a grass roots movement to do that, the Senate would immediately go into session and pass a law to prevent that. That would generate some action!

We are all so getting screwed by ALL of them.

Hagan's monthly blather

Once a month, on average, she makes some kind of PR statement so that her constituents think she's actually doing something.

Her schedule on those days:
- Put out some blather she'll never follow up on
- Go out and have an extravagant lunch on the taxpayer's dime
- Go back to the office and take a nap

Why should she be

Why should she be frustrated??? She has the easiest job in the world. All she has to do is show up and vote the way Harry and Barry tell her to.


Alway frustrated about the wrong things, What about what Obama has done she has said nothing period, and just too many things to bring them up.She needs to get her act up to date.

I am frustrated with Senator

I am frustrated with Senator Hagan. Is this really what's got her ire up? Her party is a collection of communists, perverts, and crooks. But she is frustrated by the student loan rate she voted for.


Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Dan Crane, Jim Bakker, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, etc. All perverts, all republicans.
Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Bill Frist, Nixon, Agnew, Reagan, etc. All crooks. all republicans.
I could make a much bigger list,but, this will do for now.


The sad thing is both parties are filled with corrupt individuals trying to put the screws to the public as often and hard as possible.

Senator Hagan isn't NEARLY as frustrated as...

...WE the people are disappointed in her inaction and indecisiveness with meeting her campaign promises!!!

Speaking our Senator...

So she's "frustrated" about student loan interest rates. Too bad she's not as "frustrated" about illegal immigrants, multiple bogus IRS refund checks sent to the same address, Obamacare, and host of other more significant problems facing the US. Sadly, far too many colleges and universities churn out diplomas where the student has little to no chance of getting a job...other than to say "Do you want cheese on that?"

I wonder how she would reply if she were asked how it feels to be part of an organization where less than 15% of the population feels they're doing the job they were elected to do.

I agree with you! Hagan, we

I agree with you! Hagan, we are FRUSTRATED with you and all the money you have allowed to be pissed away during your term, not one time making a decent vote for the average hard working people of NC, come election time I hope you figure out just how frustrated we are with you, in the unemployment line, thank god Burr has held his end of the bargain up.