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Woman bitten by shark in Holden Beach


HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A woman was bitten apparently by a shark today while swimming at Holden Beach, according to Brunswick County Emergency Services Director Anthony Marzano.

Marzano says the 60-year-old woman was bitten on the leg. He said the injury was not believed to be serious.

It happened between Avenue A and Avenue B around 3:15 p.m.

There's no word yet on the woman's name or condition.

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We will be down there

We will be down there fishing in the surf in August, hope the fishing report stays good.

I'm The Witness

Hello everybody,

My name is Michael, and I am the "witness" in the video. I just wanted to take a second to clarify a few things for "Laura" who thought it silly that I would comment on the size of the shark:

Let me start by saying, I was nervous as anyone should be who is about to appear on television with that kind surf hair and five o'clock shadow. Despite the fact that I said "I didn't see the wound per say", I saw a nice sized portion of it and was standing beside Ms. Corey during the ice packing process. While I didn't see the wound in FULL, I knew well that the bite was around the ankle and foot.

To continue, I am a wildlife artist and anatomy is key to being a great wildlife artist, as is knowing basic biology. I know "roughly" the size of a sharks mouth in comparison to its body. I know that there are only a handful of species that come into shallows to hunt, and I know that I was only 50 yards from Ms. Corey as they removed her from the water.

At the end of the day, I wasn't perfect in my wording so perhaps you were mislead a bit. But, I did exhaust myself from having just ran hundreds of yards to get people out of the water even putting myself at risk to get a group of kids boogie boarding out of the far waves.

At the end of the day, Ms. Corey has surfed in many regions across the world and this was her FIRST encounter in 50 years of surfing. Sharks are not a problem. People should just be more careful. Moments before her attack my friends and I left the water as it was murky and scattered with bait fish slapping off our shins.

I'm now back home in Altoona, Pennsylvania where I reside. I WILL be back at Holden Beach next year, and was back in the water boogie boarding a few hours after the incident.

Sharks are amazing and wonderful animals. They deserve our respect. Unfortunately, the hoards of surf fisherman who were casting bait into the already murky water are just as much to blame. That same day a number of sharks were caught from Holden's pier, including a young Hammerhead.

I hate to say this

But under the Castle Doctrine we are invading the sharks homes.
They have the right to use deadly force to protect their domicile.
They can stand their ground (water?) if they feel threatened.



For the 25 year running i will be vacationing at Holden beach .The attack whether proven a real shark attack or not is not the issue .What is surprising is that insipid idiots who comment on it find a way to continue fighting a micro civil war of north versus south .
What should be entertained by brainless twits is that no species need be eradicated .Perhaps local morons could be imbued of commonsense by prohibiting fishing on beaches during swimming /surfing or family activity times.
Both activities can coexist but no SPORTSMAN with 5 poles in the water would be ringing a dinner bell while people are bathing, commonsense? nah who needs it when instead of finding solution based on commonsense morons can still fight the Civil War

My guess is that you are one

My guess is that you are one of the yankees that southerners have come to despise. It isn't just about the war, it is about the notherners that come here and complain about everything and expect us to change everything to suit them and the way they did it up north. You don't help your argument by calling us idiots or "brainless twits". If you hate it here so bad, why don't you just leave?

women bit by shark at Holden Beach

I hate that this lady was bitten & hope she has a Speedy recovery. As for the
Shark problem that seems to be getting more a issue.
When deers become over populated DNR opens early
Or extended hunting. Maybe that's what we need to
do. Not take them out completely. Just thin em out. Maybe not that either.
That is their home & we're the trespassers I guess. So I guess I see both sides.

There is no "news" here!

All the news organization scrape the bottom of the barrel for news stories because very little happens here! But, that's why I like it in Wilmington. lol

Humans have over populated

Humans have over populated the Earth. It's not a Shark problem, it's a Human problem.

more than enough reason to

more than enough reason to start commercial fishing for sharks again, they are overpopulating the ocean, if you spend time on the water for the last 20 years you will notice more big tigers, bulls, and even whites, not to mention sand and blacktips,


Yes lets kill all the sharks that have been here millions of years minding their own business in their world. Stay out of the water you stupid dolt.

DUH!!! did anybody say

DUH!!! did anybody say anything about "killing" all the sharks??? If so I missed something.

Humans, too!

Have you seen human numbers since the black plague? I suggest we introduce low i.q. human hunting as HUMANS are overpopulating the earth. It's pretty evident by cockamamie ideas such as yours to eradicate a species to make humans more comfortable as we dwell on this planet that was obviously made for just us. Let's just cut down another forest in New Hanover County to make way for more Yanks that have realized our property tax rates, too.

Wow cut down forests for

Wow cut down forests for more some research and the yanks you are referring to are actually on deployment not there for my families instance! I take your insult to heart and its your hatred that this humankind can do without!!! I miss the north and their wonderful education and healthcare never mind the kindness but again most of us "yanks" are here not by choice but by defending the freedom of the American people!! Think before you say you may hurt people!


Dont worry Nicole, as a low IQ human you would be the first to go. It takes a higher IQ to pick up the sarcasm in that post.

I will let your let your let

I will let your let your let your hatred comments speak for themselves!! May god bless you either way!! And my IQ I assure you is quite high!!! You may not be the judge of me nor will I tolerate your rude hatred comments, please save them for someone who cares!! I wish you all the best!

When you're too stupid to realize ------

----- you're hurting another human being, even when her post specifically said that, your IQ is anything but high.

All you had to say was that you were joking. Instead you had to pile on by posting a mean-spirited response.

Your reply to her displayed your inability to process thought at a anything near an elevated level. It wasn't clever; it was just stupidly pathetic.

uh huh

Maybe you're too stupid to realize the original post wasn't by me. Guestomfg doesnt say Gustafo, does it?

Doesn't matter

Mean spirited is mean spirited. You should be ashamed.

I approve

As a high IQ individual who would not be effected, I support each of your ideas.

I agree with Guest 45.

I agree with Guest 45. Anything that is a nuisance and damages people and property needs to be thinned out. Now, let's come up with a plan to eradicate deer.

Lib dems!

Thanks, Obummer!


Why do these stories even take up our time? The shark was there (in the ocean) long, long ago... and yes, we all know they bite... just like we all know there are rip currents! Stay out of the water for Pete's Sake!

Why stop there???

Why do these stories even take up our time? The germs and viruses were there (in the air) long, long ago... and yes, we all know they can make us sick... just like we all know there are other harmful pollutants! Stay out of the air and live in a bubble for Pete's Sake!

shark bite at Holden Beach

The shark fin picture accompanying this piece seems to be an attempt to sensationalize the story. The fin was in no way connected to what happened.

The fin was in some way

The fin was in some way connected to a participant in the happening.

...and the shark could not

...and the shark could not be reached for comment.

shark bite news

How can this "witness" have any idea how long a shark was he didnt see? He didnt see the bite wound either, so he could not have determined a size of the shark. How silly. Sorry for the attack! We were just there end of June. Speedy recovery to the victim.

Did I say I didn't see the

Did I say I didn't see the wound? I could see it enough. I could see how big the bite area was, because I was feet away while help was on its way. - The Witness

To Laura

Hi Laura,

I am the "witness" you speak of. First and foremost, I was swimming 50 yards from Ms. Corey (the surf instructor) just moment before the attack. My basis on the sharks size was merely a "guess" based on the size of the bite wound (which I saw, in person as I was 2 feet from the victim while her wounds were being tended and we waited on the ambulance).

I am a wildlife artist, and I know, relatively, how big a shark "should've" been according to the size of it's jaws. Wildlife art is about knowledge of anatomy and physical structure of the animal.

All my Best,

Michael Kensinger

I don't think the generic

I don't think the generic picture of a shark fin was intended to sensationalize anything. It was just that........a picture, and I feel confident that most everyone viewed it as such.