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Man says he beat car because the devil was inside


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Thursday morning police found a bloodied Adam Christian Love beating a car with his fists on Chestnut Street.

According to Wilmington Police, Love was beating the car because "the devil was in there."

Police say Love was impaired at the time of the incident. They also say it appeared that Love tried to break into a home on the street.

He faces breaking and entering charges.

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Oh ya

And liberal / republican ..!!! Lol u people would see a dif. When besides minor detail both parties are financially backed by the same people .. Soo waaaahhh get a life !!

Adam, the devil you're

Adam, the devil you're fighting is drugs. It's clear that you have a good heart, that you love your daughter and that you want to do good things (volunteer work, caring for the homeless). I'm sorry you've lost so many family members and that you've been caught up in this destructive stuff since you were very young. I truly hope you'll find help and that you'll free yourself from this stuff for good so you can reach your potential.

Get it right douches

Wow , big news story .. !I was kilt and I punched a windshield .. Wilmington , am i really this big of a story ? Lol pathetic .. Ok whatev ...I didnt say the devil made me do it .. And u stay up for 5 days then tell me u dont start trippin .. Yea I feel like a retard but .. I don't answer to any of u.. There's shootings all around my house every other day but this made the news and front page ... I bet if I won the Nobel peace prize I wouldn't have 2 words printed about me .. I've moved here 7 yrs ago to be a father to my daughter (by myself , half my fam has passed away since I've lived here), and no thats not an excuse and yes I'm extremely embarrassed over this stupid crap .. But it is what it is ... Been clean for yrs and had a bad few days after 4th of July but does it mention that .. Ofcorse not ... Does it say I help feed the homeless and do volunteer work .. No .. They make up some "devil "stuff and so most of Wilm can get there laughs at someone else's misfortune ...I feel bad about the car windshield and would GLADY pay for it If I was aloud to speak to them .. I apologize but doubt ur gonna get a Pulitzer for this great peice of writing .. Truly a work of art ! .. Must have taken all of 3 min to fabricate ...

get help

mr love

you need to stay off those bath salts and get help.

Guest love3 - may I remind

Guest love3 - may I remind you that we offered you an opportunity to talk with us while you were in jail to explain what happened, but you declined.


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director

dam it must been a

dam it must been a republican in the car,

He must be a...

...liberal since he doesn't have any sense.

I bet

I'm betting he really cares what u think ... Especially when u smart people trust what news and police say... Lemme guess u believe a lone gunman named Oswald killed Kennedy .. Tell the tooth fairy I said hello

my bad

i read your comment again and i must have read it to fast the first time cause i thought the jfk remark was pointed at me … when i look at it, your comment, is about the smartest one up here ,.so i wanted to apologize for my remark,… take er easy …. and ya , hell no, ur right, i don't care what any of these people think lol..

Well darn.

Sorry, wway decided to sit on my first response so I attempted to post again. Then both showed up. Got to love the edit function.

No silly

Everybody knows it was Bin Laden that killed Kennedy and the tooth fairy said you need to brush more or you will get a nighttime visit.

"beatin' the devil



Dance Puppets Dance! Republicans&Democrats=Sheep Bow to your corporate Masters!

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