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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An expired registration plate on a car helped the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office make two arrests and seize a big stash of marijuana July 12.

Capt. Rodney Hester said Ander Wilds Jr. and Reginald McKiver were driving on NC 87 around 12:30 a.m. Friday in the Tar Heel area, when a deputy pulled them over for having an expired registration plate. He said that’s when the deputy found nearly 400 grams of high-grade marijuana valued at $8,000.

The 28-year-old from Clarkton, and the 40-year-old from Elizabethtown, now face marijuana-related drug charges.

Wilds’s bond is set at $25,000 and McKiver’s is set at $50,000.

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  • Fire the DA’s

    Why do’s dese deputees be picking on dese 2 respectable hard working young black mens. Everone knows das were just out trying to make some money so’s da woodn’t be depenant on the gubermint to suport dem. Dis profiling needs to stop. Dat bes why we wanted all dese black leaders in hour county and country. Shame on you sherif Printus Benston for not protecting dems.

  • SnatchHammer

    I have yet to see any MJ addict break in to houses, rob people or really commit any crimes other than buying it. But good job to the depute, just goes to show how a traffic stop can uncover other issues, however I personally wish it would have been the harder drugs as we need to get them off the street first!


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