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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Torrential rain after an already wet month left some areas around Wilmington flooded this weekend. This flooding left residents frustrated.

“It is through my garage,” said Ginger Jones on Friday. “It is going up under my house. It has already completely covered my drainage gutter pipes on the end of the house.”

One resident along Hunting Ridge Road in Wilmington blames poor drainage for major flooding near her home. She said the city ignored her calls.

“I wish the city of Wilmington, I have called them several of times, would come out and help us do something with the drainage issues,” said Jones.

The city investigated the complaint Monday afternoon after the flood waters at Jones’s house receded. The city blames the flooding on the fact that Jones’s residence is located on a flood plain. Heavy rain in this flood plain also clogged a manhole near Jones’s home.

“She is in a low-lying area, so you are more likely to have even more water coming than usual simply because of gravity,” said City spokeswoman Malissa Talbert. “Water is going to go downhill.”

Talbert says the city pays close attention to these types of areas, and Hunting Ridge Road is now on the list. She also says it is important home-buyers check out city maps before purchasing. Home-buyers should make sure property is not located on a flood plain.

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