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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – For the second week in a row Senator Thom Goolsby’s office became the site of Moral Monday protests in the Port City.

“I think a substantial majority of the population believes that women should be able to make choices for themselves, and this bill is clearly an attack on that,” said Richard Poole, chairman of the New Hanover County Democratic Party.

While the voice of the protestors is loud and clear outside of his office Senator Goolsby openly wonders what they’re even talking about.

“I don’t really know what they’re protesting, and I think they’re a little confused on the facts themselves,” said Sen. Thom Goolsby. “I’m always happy to answer people’s questions and queries, but I have to know what they are, and they have to be based in reality.”

We asked protestors what exactly they didn’t like about the bill and while some didn’t know right away, others say they have a solid idea.

“There’s very nonspecific language about suitable facilities for the performance of abortions,” said Susan Kranyik. “They want it to be like an ambulatory surgery center, which is ridiculous. I’ve had tons of real surgeries, and an ambulatory surgery center is not something that you would need to go to have a very, very early trimester abortion.”

Democratic Representative Susi Hamilton is the only representative from our area to vote no on House Bill 695 and Senate Bill 353.

House Republicans Rick Catlin, Ted Davis, and Chris Millis voted for House Bill 695 and Senate Bill 353. So far protestors have not targeted them.

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  • Guestg

    Remember “Moron Mondays”? For some reason, Sen. Goolsby wrote an editorial for The Chatham Journal:


    Why not The Star-News? Afraid of the LOCAL constituents reaction to being called a “moron” for caring about the sorry way the GOP is treating our state’s poor, unemployed, teachers, veterans, women, children, education….etc?

    This is why Goolsby is being targeted specifically, I believe.

  • blondton13

    I think you mean shooting an unarmed kid walking home AFTER stalking him…you referring to that? And what do you know about abortions? Had one? Good for you! Don’t like them? Get a vasectomy!
    Stupid uneducated conservatives that try to use a book to judge people.

  • Boris

    Leftist liberals are hilarious, shooting a teenager who is trying to kill you is a “travesty of justice” but aborting babies by the likes of Kermit Gosnell is “a womans choice and right.”

  • Tim

    Another stupid “demonstration” at Senator Goolsby’s law office by the radicals who have taken over the local Democrat Party. Even more crazy, most of the protestors could not even explain what they were protesting. The legislation in question was recommended by the Grand Jury in the Gosnell murder cases, and was passed by the legislature to protect women who do get abortions. Another question–why are the radicals only demonstrating at Goolsby’s office; Ted Davis and Rick Catlin also voted for the legislation. Can the adults in the Democrat Party, if any remain, get rid of these leftist radicals?

  • KT

    Mr. Goulsby: why are you no longer Berger’s lawyer? You have defended him before so I am curious as to why you are not doing so now.

  • Vog46

    Just wait until his Empowered Investor clients join in.
    In Sundays paper Baker/Slaughter, the law firm representing those investors ran an ad:
    “Have you lost money in the market through Empowered investors? IF so you may be eligible for financial compensation. Call Baker Slaughter now for a free consultation.”

    I know one of the investors already in the Baker Slaughter (funny the acronym of BS comes to mind here) lawsuit. He is a born again, conservative Republican. He TOLD EI where he wanted his money invested and they didn’t listen which is one of their advertising tools “we listen to YOU”. He lost a load of money…….
    BS believe the clients they have already have a very good case of breach of contract for NOT listening to investors desires. They are clearly advocating for a class action suit.
    This should END Goolsby’s political career if the BS lawsuit is successful.
    Time will tell. But I wonder what makes a successful attorney think he’s also an investment counselor? I have visions of Sue Mako over this but the stories are different.

    I’m all for political activism and it’s good to see people fired up about things they believe are wrong. We haven’t seen this in quite some time. Will politicians like Goolsby listen? His private business deals indicate the answer is clearly NO.
    He needs to have demonstrations in front of his office after what he pulled with EI.

  • Erlkoenig

    Yeah, Senator Goolsby!!!!!!

  • Kate

    I have to say my only confusion on this issue is how someone so condescending could be elected to public office. We will remember in November Tom.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    It’s a shame when an elected official is so arrogant and disdainful of his constituents. He is apparently of the Romney variety of politicians who believes that he only represents those who agree with him, and not the other half of the people. He has repeatedly insulted his constituents and he should expect this type of protest.

  • Erlkoenig

    You should tolerate the Senator’s alternative lifestyle.

  • Boris

    Leftists always whine when they don’t get their way. Don’t like the jury decision, LET THE MOB RULE! But don’t DARE stand in front of an abortion clinic with a sign, that’s stepping on the rights of others! You leftist freaks are everything that’s wrong with the country. Let me bash your head into concrete and see if you wish you had a gun.

  • Guest7969

    according to the FACTS reported and in court…I see both at fault. One decided to make it physical, which caused a bad ending.

  • guesty

    I see it as a good ending. Both on the street and in court.


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