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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Manager Chris Coudriet will receive a pay raise and contract extension as his second year in the position begins.

Today commissioners met in closed session to do reviews on Coudriet and other top county administrators. Afterward they announced Coudriet’s salary will increase to $175,000. He will also get a contract extension to 2017. Coudriet started as county manager June 30, 2012, with a salary of $155,000. A county spokesman says Coudriet’s salary had risen to $159,630 July 1. That means he’s getting a 9.6 percent increase.

Commissioners also approved a three-percent pay hike for County Attorney Wanda Copley, who currently makes $140,300, and Clerk to the Board Sheila Schult, who currently earns $73,047. Schult will also get a $2,700 vehicle allowance.

Earlier the county said Coudriet was to get a 6.5-percent raise. A county spokesman admitted than announcement was “bad math.”

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36 Comments on "New Hanover Co. Manager gets $15k raise, now making $175,000"

2015 years 10 months ago

Private company’s exist to make profits off of goods and services they sell.
Political figures spend money they arbitrarily collect through taxation.
Coudriet is given a set amount of money to spend based upon taxes that come into their coffers under a penalty of law for not paying. Company’s can lose clients tomorrow and have NO INCOME from that point forward.
Coudriet’s job, although stressful is far less stressful than a CEO of a small energy company. Yes it’s high profile because he’s a public figure, supported by public tax dollars. He knew this going into the position. There is NO COMPARISON to the private sector.

As for the retirement system. Yes he contributes 6% as does the government with their contribution. But that defined pension is guaranteed by the taxpayers. That CEO’s 401K is not guaranteed by anyone.
Coudriet is an over paid blunderbuss in charge of a bloated county government system that could almost run itself. Given the geographical size of NHC and the number of employees Coudriet’s salary should be capped at a much smaller rate and the subsequent pension costs would go down, albeit slightly. His salary and his raise are both outrageous and undeserved.


2015 years 10 months ago

This is ridiculous. First of all Government votes for its own raises across the board. In just about every facet of government they give themselves raises without the vote from the people they serve and collect money from… their employers per say…us Of course that allows for other counties cronies to raise their salaries by using the same old exuse. Its not based on how good the performance is, just what everybody else is making. If you think money = quality your sadly mistaken. We all know that in government this is untrue. Out here in the private industry anyone can tell you that has had their job for a while, its based on production and how well you do. So although we appreciate the same old way for government to figure how much they are going to give themselves some of us are not swallowing it.

2015 years 10 months ago

When exactly do the peons have the time to sit in on the meetings when they work when most of those meetings are held! The county employees get nothing compared to these people! They don’t care about anyone except the people who give them their money and those who manage it for them. I would love to have enough to manage for more than a few hours on payday! It would be nice if that money was put in the budget for those who actually keep the city moving! Not those sitting behind a desk. Let them work one day in the sewers, getting shot at, on a fire truck, or keeping the lawns of the county, or any other county job! Thank you to each and every one of you who keep everything going from one day to the next!

2015 years 10 months ago

Can’t wait to see what the city has in store for its hard working teachers!!

2015 years 10 months ago

So tell me how I read that the Sheriff Office can’t find anyone from the county or school board to help pay for the additional SRO’s in our schools. These Deputies are placed there to protect our children, and be a figure of mentorship to them, but we can pay this guy another 10k to his salary. I can’t believe how some of this sneaky bs happens with our tax dollars. Our sheriff wants to help make these schools be safer, but we can’t do that because someone else is using these tax dollars in a careless manner. Concerned parent over here.


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