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New Hanover Co. Manager gets $15k raise, now making $175,000


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Manager Chris Coudriet will receive a pay raise and contract extension as his second year in the position begins.

Today commissioners met in closed session to do reviews on Coudriet and other top county administrators. Afterward they announced Coudriet's salary will increase to $175,000. He will also get a contract extension to 2017. Coudriet started as county manager June 30, 2012, with a salary of $155,000. A county spokesman says Coudriet's salary had risen to $159,630 July 1. That means he's getting a 9.6 percent increase.

Commissioners also approved a three-percent pay hike for County Attorney Wanda Copley, who currently makes $140,300, and Clerk to the Board Sheila Schult, who currently earns $73,047. Schult will also get a $2,700 vehicle allowance.

Earlier the county said Coudriet was to get a 6.5-percent raise. A county spokesman admitted than announcement was "bad math."

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This is a slap in the face of the county workers. They get 2% the manager gets how much? Please remember this during election time..


The 2% that county employees are receiving is not a pay raise it is a market adjustment (cost of living). I know county employees have been approved to receive UP TO 1 1/2% pay raise if upper management thinks they warrant it.


You have got to be f*Ingram kidding me! What has this guy done to deserve a 6.5% pay raise? So the county commissioners make this decision behind closed doors...why not during an open session? Anyone want to make a bet that the Commissioners will get a pay raise also? For the record deputies will be getting a 2% pay raise...doesn't quite compare to that 6.5%

This is a disgrace. This

This is a disgrace. This "public servant", is making 5x what the average taxpayer is making. A entry level dispatcher, makes less then $30K / year. With all the pressure, they are under, half will be gone, in less then 15 months. Instead of feathering his nest, he should be trying to make these "worker bees" pay, and job conditions, better. Just look at the turnover rate.

But the "fat cats", like him, just ride into well nested retirements. At this rate, he will get over $90K / year, when he retires. Courtesy of the NH County taxpayer.

Maybe he can do like the retired Wilmington Housing Head. This "public servant", bought a $700k home at Bald Head Island. But he spends most of his time, on his yacht.

What about the peons? This

What about the peons? This man already has a salary that is three times the average salary in North Carolina. I am sure there are employees in the lower ranks, who have been here longer, who need that money more than he does.

they only had enough for upper mgmt.

not that I'm for across the board pay increases for all gov't workers... and they would have done that if there wasn't so much public outcry these days. But like they said, "you gotta take care of those who take care of you". They "take care of each other" at the top echelons of county gov't. Isn't that all nice and lovey dovey?