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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — State transportation officials say almost 1,800 motorists were arrested on North Carolina highways for driving while impaired during an Independence Day operation.

The NC Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program announced that “Operation Firecracker” resulted in 1,737 arrests for the holiday period from June 28 through July 7.

There are seven DWI task forces across North Carolina. Their purpose is to get drunk drivers off the roads. Those seven task forces were responsible for 455 of the DWI arrests.

Guilford County is one of the newest task forces. A statement from NCDOT said that during the 2013 “Operation Firecracker” campaign, the county had 146 DWI arrests, compared to 50 in 2012.

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13 Comments on "UPDATE: Nearly 1,800 arrested for DWI in ‘Booze It & Lose It’ campaign"

2015 years 9 months ago

I absolutely think the punishment is not severe enough on the drunk drivers. I would like to see the vehicle they are driving at the time be taken and sold at auction, no matter if it is their car or a friend or relatives. Obviously the current punishment isn’t enough to deter this behavior. Also, the driver should be jailed for a long period of time, lose his license for 10 years and names printed every day in the news for everyone to see who was driving drunk. The courts have got to get tough on these people.

2015 years 9 months ago

You are absolutely right about drunk drivers getting off easy. Unfortunately, there is only so much the courts can do because their hands are tied by state law. If politicians as a whole would legislate alcohol as hard as they legislate tobacco, we would all be better off, but alcohol isn’t politically incorrect.

2015 years 9 months ago

I guarantee they are concerned with collecting revenue more than public safety, otherwise you would see one leaving downtown every weekend instead of 5 police cars just sitting in random parking lots talking. Law enforcement=revenue collection agents

2015 years 9 months ago

Waste of time and resources

Tracie C
2015 years 9 months ago

When the phone call comes in the middle of the night and someone YOU love has been taken forever by a drunk driver your next post, GUARANTEED, won’t read “dumb” or “waste of time and resources”.
Let me guess, YOU believe drinking and driving is okay don’t you? I’ll tell that to my entire staff on the anniversary of the death of our boss who was killed by: A DRUNK DRIVER!

2015 years 9 months ago

If 1800 people were caught wouldn’t most say that at least 1800 were not caught, so for 4 days 1800 or more were drinking and driving, but I don’t see where 1800 people were killed on NC highways for this period, not even 500, so how many people were killed and better yet of those how many happened because a person had .08 in their system? It’s a sham and a money generator, time could be better spent controlling murders, breaking and entering, rape and big crimes, now when a person get’s up to .16 or better, I say lock him up and throw away the key if he is endangering the public, the numbers are just not there to support to these actions by the gestapo!

2015 years 9 months ago

1800 over the 4 day weekend.
I’m all for celebrating the 4th – but when booze is involved you have to be more careful. And don’t get behind the wheel.
1800 people learned that the hard way.
As for the big Booze it and Lose it checkpoints? They accounted for 437 of the arrests, or about 24%. This borders on a 4th amendment violation of illegal search and seizure but if I’m not mistaken the locations are advertised aren’t they?
I’m glad these fools were caught before they hurt someone.
The demon drink has become way too much a part of our every day culture. (emphasis on everyday part)


2015 years 9 months ago

Last Thursday July 11th, PaseLaVoz (the checkpoint notification app) said there were checkpoints at:
Castle Hayne Rd & Old Mill Rd
Wrightsville Ave & Rogersville Rd
Hwy 117 before Burgaw
MLK Pkwy near the airport
on the Wilmington side of the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge

The only one I actually saw was at the drawbridge, it had all the traffic leaving the Sounds of Summer concert backed up. It was only 7:30 or 8:00 when we saw it. Seemed like a very random time.

2015 years 9 months ago

That is just fantastic, on my way to work this morning one did not turn his head, cut across two lanes of traffic and about became a hood ornament. These people are not responsible enough to not drink and drive so we give them 2 wheels (with a 49cc engine) instead of 4 and somehow expect them not to be just as dangerous if not more to the rest of us.

Karen B
2015 years 9 months ago

There were only about 3 combined drunk driver arrests for all the check points in our area that weekend. All the rest of the tickets were for anything else they could find.

Cops gone wild.

Recall the shooting of suspects on Highway 17 just a few weeks ago?

These are harassment check points.

Just for your info no one I knew got a ticket for anything in them, so this is nothing personal-EXCEPT I hate living in a police state!

Police are harassing citizens with the 911 money that was pumped in to the country to counter terrorism!

Here’s and example of how much money and brownie points (justifying their over abundant existance)they make and off drunk driving stops-

Saturday afternoon I had lunch at a local bar that was having their Grand Opening. I really enjoyed the band, and had a few hard apple ciders over several hours so to be on the safe side, my husband came and picked me up (and my nicer car), and we left his truck sit there.

Later in the night, we went back and picked up his truck.

My husband was pulled over as he exited the general area with his truck.

The cop told him he had 1)failed to stop at a stop sign 2)ran a red light, and 3)was doing 55 in a 45…

Then he made my husband blow in the tester.

He hadn’t had anything to drink, so of course it was zero (though they will not tell you your number).


The cop let my husband go very quickly!!!

No tickets for ANY of his alleged dangerous traffic infractions!!!!

Just let him go!


Apparently the cops were just targeting the bar, their customers, and anyone who had imbibed any alcohol.

It’s not supposed to be legal to target a place that sells alcohol.

But they clearly were NOT interested in public safety if they didn’t write tickets for all those terrible infractions of the law!

So, my point is there are just way too many cops around patrolling every citizen’s every action.

The whole drunk driver check point is bogus, but it must be a realll money maker for the lawyers who haven’t stopped it, and the courts who haven’t stopped it, and the cops who are targeting citizens guilty of nothing who were not even drinking, but were actually being a safe designated driver !

We have TOO many cops driving expensive fancy cars and traffic cameras watching our every move.

Pretty soon they’ll be jumping out of our trunks.

2015 years 9 months ago

Under North Carolina law the checkpoints are legal, therefore lawyers and the courts cannot do anything about it. If you don’t like it then write your legislators and ask them to introduce a bill that changes the law.

2015 years 9 months ago

It is amazing to me to hear so much backlash for getting drunk drivers off the road. The legal limit is .08 period… this should not be able to be reduced for no one,1800 DWI’s in 4 days is way to many. One life is to many for some thing that can simply be prevented. If you think this is a money racket ask a mother who has had to bury her child, ask a husband who has had to bury a wife or vice versa, ask a child who has had their life turned upside down and lost their parents, oh and ask the ones that have lost limbs or who are paralyzed.Your right to drink stops when you get behind the wheel of a car. The money maker are the bars and establishments that keep selling when someone has had to much, but it is not their responsability to stop this it is OURS.. PASS TOUGHER LAWS THAT CAN NOT BE REDUCED….

2015 years 9 months ago

Couldn’t agree with you more! Why is it so hard for people to live by the law? If you want to drink…..stay home! Citizens aren’t allowed to smoke in public due to harming others so why should they be allowed to harm others by drinking in public!!!


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