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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man fighting for custody of the son he did not know he had has won a legal challenge.

In April 2011, Greg Johns found out through a mutual friend that he had a six-month-old son his ex-girlfriend had put up for adoption without his consent. Since then, he has fought for custody of the boy.

Johns says he won an appeal recently after judges said his constitutional rights were violated.

Johns says the adoption agency has 35 days to appeal.

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  • Guest111

    I know Greg and his family and they are wonderful people. They have been through an emotional hell since all this started. I pray to God that he gets his son and I thank WWAY for their continued interest and coverage of this story. I hope real soon there is a much larger story for them to cover and everyone gets to meet this little guy! It’s not all one sided in these cases. Fathers have rights as well as the mother (or rather the woman who sired the child. . that doesn’t make her a mother) and it’s time for dads out there to be taken into consideration when dealing with their children. Good Luck Greg!!!

  • GuestGuest

    I am so happy this man gets a chance to be a father to his son. He was cheated out of so much time with his son due to the malfeasance of the adoption agency & the evil of the birth mother.

  • Guest9999

    I am really happy for this man who really wants to be a part of his childs life. The Mother had no right to put this child up for adoption without even letting the father know the child existed. If she didn’t want to raise the child she could have relinquished her rights at birth and let the biological Father raise the child. Just like I don’t agree with “Mother’s to be” having an abortion without the consent of the father. or The Mother’s deciding to give birth without consent of the father and then turn around and serves him with child support papers because 6 months (or sooner)into the child’s life, she realizes that she really CAN’T do it alone or decides she doesn’t want to anymore. There are a lot of good, responsible Father’s out there. Give them a chance.

  • Guest2020

    From the point of view of a lot of people, the only “right” the father has is the “right” do pay child support.

  • Beth

    If you are so desperate for sex that you can’t insist on a condom every time you deserve what you get.

    BC goes both ways. If you don’t want to worry about paying for unwanted children, wear a condom. Don’t just trust that she is on the pill. The pill is what 95 percent when used correctly? The pill and a condom is 100 percent. Better yet, abstain until you are BOTH with someone you want to marry.

    Sex is wrong outside of marriage anyway, or does your libido so easily forget?


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