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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new music venue opens at an address that was a trouble spot downtown.

Ziggy’s by the Sea has only been open for a few weeks, but they hope to bring more music lovers downtown.

Downtown Wilmington has seen its fair share of bars and clubs over the years, but if you like rock, reggae or heavy metal, Ziggy’s, at 208 Market Street, might be the spot for you.

“It’s like a whirlwind. It’s only been three weeks since we signed the lease,” said Dave Owen.

Ziggy’s by the Sea maybe new to the Port City, but isn’t new to the Tar Heel State.

Ziggy’s originated in Winston-Salem, but after 25 years they have decided to expand their operations.

“It’s beautiful here. It’s a fantastic city and we’re right here by the river,” Owen said.

Over the years Ziggy’s has hosted some big names in the music industry, including Hootie and the Blowfish and the Dave Matthews Band.

Owners say things maybe slow right now but they hope that Ziggy’s will create a buzz to draw people downtown.

The music venue is permitted for 750 people and is estimated to be the largest live music venue in downtown.

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  • Vog46

    Another bar with a bigger music stage.
    This consolidates the drunks into a smaller geographical area I guess, making policing down town easier.

    Why can’t we attract non-entertainment businesses down town?
    Perhaps we should change the “Bring IT Down town” to “Booze it down town”.
    Because that’s all we are capable of there it seems.
    Oh and seasonal businesses too.
    We need new blood, a new effort, as down town is becoming embarrassing to the city.


  • crwsr

    Please give just one example of a non-entertainment business that you or anyone else would frequent at least weekly downtown and that would add to tourism as well as generate revenue for the city and downtown area? Apparently you, as well as these other dolts whining about entertainment venues have never been to other cities (San Diego, Seattle, Boston Harbor, etc) where there are in fact food and entertainment venues that draw in tourists as well as locals.

    And by the way not every person that visits these establishments is a drunk or drinks for that matter. Shocking as it may seem, but sober people venture out to these venues to have a good time, listen to music, and enjoy what downtown has to offer.

    You want new businesses to setup shop downtown… well give some examples, shoot out some ideas. Or better, yet why don’t you open one of these magical revenue generators that will eradicate the evil boozers and losers from downtown and make downtown the magical fantasy land that your misguided and baseless ideology has created.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Ziggy’s is at least 17 miles from the sea. Ziggy’s is by the river, not the sea, but I guess that’s close enough after their patrons pound a dozen whiskeys, listen to a little reggae and stagger out by the boardwalk for the view.

  • LB

    negative, much?

  • Fortunate One

    The original Ziggy’s is in Winston Salem so if you look at it with a more open mind, the one in Wilmington is by the sea.
    And your opinion is not fact/truth. Subjective not objective. And yes it is great you can state your subjective opinion here. If there was no river, would it be by the sea? Yes it would. This Ziggy’s is in the coastal city of Wilminton. Everything here is by the sea.
    And really, is that all you got from the article? Relax, enjoy some music! Let the stress go.

  • taxpayer

    As the crow flies, it’s a lot closer to the Big Pond than 17 miles.

  • Guestybob parallelogrampants

    I’m sad the Soapbox closed down but I am glad we have a venue like this. The drive to Lincoln Theater in Raleigh is long.

  • Vog46

    Home to the New England Aquarium?
    Great idea
    Why didn’t Hinnant think of that?
    Move the Battleship to this side of the river and convert the money wasting convention center into a Maritime Museum – bring in more warships. No alcohol involved

    Or how about Development company’s?
    More PPD’s?
    More lawyers offices?
    We’ve got an apartment complex being built how about another one?
    More people living there attracts more retailers.

    Get those “boozers and losers” as you called them, out of down town


  • Vog46

    How about a non taxpayer funded ball park?

    Got no problem with that…..

    Here’s the deal.
    Businesses have been moving out of down town because the population has moved out of down town. As far as tourism goes? With the exception of River Walk there’s not much to attract folks down town.
    Movie theater is gone outside of down town.
    Grocers have moved out.
    Mayfaire provides the key to revitalizing down town. You put people there to attract retailers. The retailers and the people living there attract other non retail related businesses.
    The problem with down town is also location. Mayfaire is much closer to beaches and the aquarium is already out of down town.
    And as much as you can say some folks don’t drink and go to Ziggy’s they are in the minority and you can’t say otherwise. That’s the biggest profit center for a venue like that. They recognize it, encourage it, and live by it.
    If “sober” people go down town at night what is offered to them? Food – yep.
    What else? Thalian Hall? Yep. River Walk.
    That’s it.
    We are far too geared towards drinking in that area and that in itself can drive sober people away.
    The city recognizes it as do the “merchants” in the area who pay for extra police patrols when the bars let out.
    That fact alone shows where down town is “at” – and that is a damning piece of information for sober people to think about.
    After dinner there’s not much for sober people to do that will keep them isolated from the boozers and losers as you so eloquently put it. Our down town is so unattractive we couldn’t get a privately built stadium there.
    its so unattractive we’re on our 4th attempt at a convention center hotel.
    But 750 people – most of whom will be drinking? In an area already known for alcohol excess? heck why not just wheel in the casino’s too…….


  • Guest2020

    In addition to what Vog said, I would have to say that sober people probably have a little more sense than to risk their lives by being downtown Wilmington after dark. I was downtown this afternoon and came across some sketchy characters. There is no way I would be down there after dark.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …but I don’t have a problem with honesty and stating facts. Do you?

  • Guest of the Centruy

    Honesty and stating facts?

    It’s just marketing. Simply a name….

    GoM, crawl back into the dark hole of ignorance that spawned you.


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