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New Hanover Co. Democrats meet about 'Republican extremism'


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Democrats met Thursday evening to talk about what they call Republican extremism.

Rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) and county Democratic Party Chair Richard Poole addressed the crowd at a home at Wrightsville Beach.

More than 80 people gathered to talk about ways to support the party.

Party leaders say they want to change the direction in which legislators in Raleigh are heading. Poole says there needs to be an emphasis on women, public education and voting rights.

"(The Republicans) won some elections, and now people are getting to see what it is they want to do now that they control the legislature. North Carolinians are really opposed to the policies of the legislature," Poole said.

Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Republican who represents New Hanover County, had this to say about tonight’s gathering:

"It's sad to see that the liberal Democrats have no new ideas, just complaints. Three years ago, after 140 years in power, they bankrupted our state. Now we have a balanced budget, a new tax plan and a vision to bring North Carolina to greatness. Why can’t we all work together?"

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Any republican who thinks

Any republican who thinks their party is doing what is best for them, need to take off the blinders. You are like the rats and the children following the pied piper. They are leading you down a path of destruction and you don't even see it coming. They are no longer a conservative party and they don't care about you anymore than the democrats do. Both parties have their own destruction and both are bent on pushing their own agenda whether or not it is good for the people.

That's 2020 forsite

Spot on. You couldn't have been more succinct.

Politicians are morphing into a separate species from the rest of us humans. They only care about themselves, and they're getting better and better at protecting themselves from any accountability.

If we humans continue to let this happen we are doomed.

If you don't agree with the

If you don't agree with the Democrats/liberals, they do not take on opponents on the issues. The dem/libs label them as extremist, racist, bigot, etc. and/or they begin a smear campaign targeting their opponents. All this is straight from Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. (Don't take my word. Read it.) It is their way or no way. Bend over, take it and smile. Someone call the waaaaaambulance for the libs.

Demmunists won't be

Demmunists won't be satisfied until fifteen year olds get free abortion after getting knocked up by their liberal history teacher.


So you would prefer that a 15 year old have to carry a child that was conceived from statutory rape? Very nice...republigrunts at it again with their "compassion"

Its very telling the only

Its very telling the only problem you have with is story is the birth of a child.


their christian sunday school teacher.

Only a Dem...

Only a Democrat would be 'extreme' enough to gather the party together to talk about someone else's purported 'extremism.' What a bunch of losers. Just keep having your little meetings. Meanwhile, we'll try to undo the mess.

Um, yeah.

Because the Tea Party 'Patriots' with the misspelled "Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Communist Marxist Fascist Dictator" signs were NEVER gathered together to talk about extremism.

The difference is, the Tea Party 'Patriots' were fed a load of cow manure from Americans for Prosperity. Obama is a dictator? really? How many of your rights has he taken away? I thought so.

This TeaOP batch of legislators and senators, bought and paid for by big business interests, is killing our economy, our education system, and our very way of life. They are the extremists.

But the Rubes will keep voting for these puppets who wave flags and profess to instilling 'liberty' while pocketing money from their donors, who are the real leeches to our society.

Democratic Party Gather at the Beach Houses.

Can you say.....wait for it, wait for it....Detroit
Same poor Detroit democratic failed historic leadership, kick the can down the road as NC had for 150 yrs. Now Detroit leadership sings a diff. story...can't keep taking fed. dollars, like NC has been doing. I hear the waves whispering while they meet at the beach, drink their whine and hear the roling thunder in the distance of the voters across NC that kicked them out. The whisper is, lets convince the voters that the republicans are extreme. Please have another drink.


gets some of the blame as well.
Over the last 102 years GOP had the Detroit mayors office for 53 years and the Dems 49

I think they call it an equal opportunity bankruptcy - complete with bipartisan support.......

My Dad (RIP) told me that our old hometown went into BK when he was young - said the FEDs and State officials really did their best to screw things up permanently !! The city survived as did he.
It really is disturbing to see this Detroit thing happening....


Last Repub Mayor served in

Last Repub Mayor served in 1961. Vog is always better to tell the whole story and not just parts and pieces.


150 YRS of democrate rule here in the state of NC =ed decisions that resulted in getting us into this mess with failed focus on women, public education, business, taxes and voting rights by the demoGODcartes. Now they want critize and call the repulicans extreme. What a joke!!!. Continue to live and meet in your Wrightsville Bch homes and continue to try to make each other feel good about keeping us poor voters blind to what YOUR party failed at.

RDrepublicans are in a fight

RDrepublicans are in a fight with procommunists, proterrorists, procriminals.


Democrats are also pro-idiot, so, get off the short bus and run for office.

As witnesses by their sacred

As witnesses by their sacred leader, Obummer, and their sacred cow, Michael.


You Democrats put us in this mess and you can't stand to see the Republicans getting this State in order. REPUBLICANS GO,GO,GO

Hey Democrats...

How's that "Hope and Change" thing working for you? Forward. Together. = No.Longer.In.Charge.


The stock market is up, I have more liquid assets than ever, my home is worth more than it has been in years, dadt was repealed, doma has been struck down...i'm pretty sure the change has worked out pretty darn great for me!


Previous posts of yours leave no doubt about your level of glee over the repeal of dadt and doma. As far your liquid assets and home are concerned, it has nothing to do with the fiscal policy in DC.


Gee let's see. My 401K is back, stocks highest ever, housing market coming back, no longer underwater. Not too bad actually. Thanks for asking..

re: well...

Your 401(k)'s recovery has more to do with investors no longer being on the sidelines than fiscal policy in DC. Local home price recovery is due to supply & demand...not Bernanke's printing of $$$.


So you only give Obama credit for the bad things. I bet if the market crashed you would be the first to blame Obama.

New Hanover GOP is a Disaster...and Dems Best is a Self-Meeting?

With all the games played by the GOP (Ted Davis and Danny McComas Doing the tango), Liberal Jon Barfield is a conservative compared to the big-spending, big-government taxholes Woody "Weasel" White, Beth Dawson Construction, "Titan Tom Wolf," make it seem like New Hanover County is flush with money handing out cash to everyone except the enemy Brian Berger, who might be quiet and autistic but was a voice of reason when he did speak (and is now gone thanks to the White-led big government County Republicans), and the Democrats "news" is they managed to hold a meeting? Or did old hippies just stick around after a "Stop Titan" meeting?

Somebody please explain the Wilm City Council to least the Democrats can find candidates for Mayor and other positions. The GOP plays musical chairs just ask Dean Lambeth. Berger seems like a nice fellow but maybe he's a jerk, either way he was attacked relentlessly with county resources, criminal actions by County and local officials and inspired fear in the GOP not "going along" with the bosses - Woody, Airlie Davis, Catlin and their lawyers on the case, keeping the public safe from the five-foot-nothing Berger the GOP has more drama than "General Hospital," future convicts running the State and County, and the Democrat's alternative is holding a meeting? Is that really the best idea retired hippies and Susie Hamilton can come up with if they're so upset???