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ONLY ON 3: Groups quiet about local violence holding Trayvon Martin rallies Saturday


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman has spawned nationwide protests and rallies. This weekend peace rallies in Trayvon Martin's name will be held here in our area.

So we asked why the groups organizing the events were not so vocal after a few local murders and the recent rash of violence in Wilmington.

The New Hanover County Chapter of the NAACP and the group No Covers are joining the cause, hosting a peace rally in Martin's name Saturday at 5 p.m. at the 1898 Memorial downtown on N. 3rd St.

"We have a problem with black males being extinct, their lives being meaningless," Daawud El-Amin of No Covers said. "So we are going to use this to say, 'You're mad at Zimmerman, but what about your brother?'"

Yet, there have been several local murder cases over the last few years, and these organizations have seemed to keep a low profile about the violence. So we posed the question why murders like that of Chinese delivery driver Zhen Bo Liu and CFCC student Joshua Proutey did not provoke groups like No Covers to host a rally.

"We went on record for having a talk show about those murders and condemning those responsible," he said.

We asked the New Hanover County NAACP where it was during the recent rash of violence in Wilmington.

"Our mission statement is to end political, educational and social discrimination," president Deborah Dicks Maxwell said.

One person has been killed during this summer's shootings in the Port City: Jeffrey Henry, who like Martin was 17 and black.

El-Amin says although Martin's death happened in Florida, its effects transcend borders.

"It has everything to do with us, because now we're saying it's ok to pursue an unarmed person walking home and it's OK to pursue him and shoot him and actually murder him," El-Amin said.

Another prayer vigil and rally for Martin is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. in front of the Brunswick County Courthouse in Bolivia.

Addressing the recent rash of local violence, Brunswick County churches are joining together Monday to host a meeting about what they can do to make a positive impact.

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lets get your views on this case....

If you missed the news coverage we’re here to fill you in.

A neighborhood watch man, an adult carrying a concealed weapon, shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy and was just found not-guilty by a jury after two days of deliberations.

“I just want to say thank you to the people who believed in me, who stood by me,” [the shooter] said following the verdict. “I still have my regrets for the [young boy’s] family; it’s still an unfortunate situation for them. I am happy that at least this chapter is over.”
As deliberations dragged on over two days and the jury asked for testimony to be read back, [the shooter] admits he didn’t know how it would all turn out.
“I was nervous of course,” he said. “You never know what direction this whole thing is going to turn, so I have no idea. But it worked out and I feel that justice (was) served today.”
[The boy’s] family members say justice wasn’t served. They say [he] was murdered in cold blood, that he’d never been in trouble and [the shooter] acted as judge, jury and executioner.
“The message is that we can all go out and get guns and feel anybody that we feel is threatening us and lie about the fact,” said [the boy’s] father. “My son never threatened anybody. He was a gentle child, his nature was gentle, he was a good person and he was never, ever arrested for anything, and has never been in trouble. He was 16 years and four months old, and he was slaughtered.”
[The shooter] says he acted in self defense when he confronted [the boy]…

I’m shocked you missed President Obama’s statement when he found out about the shooting, “If the white half of me had a son he would have looked like Christopher Cervini.”

You might have even missed the uproar surrounding the Department of Justice having their Community Relations Services group in Rochester, NY organize demonstrations of white upstate New Yorkers demanding a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate this cold blooded murder of a gentle white boy by a black man wearing a hoodie.

Actually, I’m not shocked that you missed all that news since it wasn’t really news outside of Rochester, NY. Here’s a summary of what happened.

Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.
Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.
Based on what I’ve been able to find, the jury reached the correct verdict in Scott’s case just as they did in the Zimmerman trial.

I can understand how Christopher Cervini’s dad could say what he said just like I can understand how Trayvon Martin’s parents can say what they say. It’s called “grief”. It’s also called “denial”.

I also understand why we haven’t heard a word from President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP or anything about expanded investigations from the Department of Justice.

That is called “hypocrisy”.

I knew Daawud several years

I knew Daawud several years ago and I must say that I am rather disappointed in his take on this. He is so very capable of thinking for himself, but seems to be going with the flow on this one. He is better than that.

"Our mission statement is to end political, educational and social discrimination," In other words, we don't care how much violence black people bring upon other people. We only stir the pot when we perceive a wrong to a black person by a non-black person.

Missed Opportunity

While I strongly agree with the rule of law, and believe that the media surrounding Zimmerman has made an unfortunate situation worse, The NAACP does do a lot for the community It serves and that community does need help. For the sake of being short, In my opinion the NAACP and groups like it are missing a great opportunity to transform the argument away from the Zimmerman issue and get people to come together and get work done on the issue of black on black crime. Tell those that throw it up as a defense to help you solve it then, and tell those angry about martin and the fact that the crime statistics are the to get up and make sure their communities defy the stereo types rather than reinforce them.

El-Amin, your an idiot. Its

El-Amin, your an idiot. Its not against the law to follow someone,
however it is against the law to walk up to somebody and punch them
in the nose. If you do that, you are asking for trouble.

It is against the law to

It is against the law to follow are not an idiot but misinformed. They call it stalking

Travon and George Incident

I am somewhat disappointed in all the conversations that I have heard regarding the death of Travon and the incidents that occurred before, during and after. I have listened to both prosecuters and defense attorneys try to present facts to us. The trouble is that someone is wrong. I have found in my 60 years of life, that usually when an incident occurs, we only hear the "truth" as perceived by one party or the other and usually the "actual tructh" is somewhere in between. No of us will know exactly what happened and what was going through the minds of either party. Maybe it was partly as thr prosecutor said and George scared Travon, or maybe not. Maybe it was as the defense said and Travon surprised George and overtook him, maybe not. We need to look beyond this and see a bigger picture. There was, what was perceived to be a stranger in an exclusive neighborhood that appeared out of place. George apparently called 911. He only mentioned the race of Travon after asked by the calltaker at 911. Did he profile, sure by recognizing a stranger in the neighborhood. Every parent profiles the young man or young woman that wants to date your child. I am sorry that the events occurred as they did. I hope that maybe we could all just take time to stop and ask ourselves, "what has our society deteriorated to". Just in our local area, we see shootings, beatings and other incidents of violence that are not restricted to one race against the other, many times they are on same race individuals. Many say that they are due to drugs, alcohol, or sometimes just anger. Why don't we protest these incidents. Maybe this is an indication that we need to imrove our work as adults to rear our children in to obeying the laws of scoiety and respect others as we want to be respected. There was a teaching that said to love (trear) others as you want them to love (treat) you. These are just a feww words from an older, hopefuily wiser individual during this time. I close with this, one of the first incidents of a member of another race being treated with respect, was when Jesus respected those that he ran across in his ministry such as the woman at the well, the Roman soldier, etc. May we look to Him for a True example.

Justice Is Peace An It Hasnt Been Served

This isn't about race nor being black the murders in wilmington have suspects that are all going behind bars so how can you compare all of these to tray on martin quote he's a thug because he smokes weed and takes pictures I know plenty of white kids who do the same there not being followed nor murdered for it because someone wants a peace rally its a problem its society not the people. - I'm A 17 year old that could've been Tray on Martin.

So, you are a seventeen year

So, you are a seventeen year old who could have been bashing in someone's skull? There is a thing in this country called self-defense and Zimmerman was exercising it when he pulled that trigger. You are young and you have a lot to learn. One thing you need to learn is that you cannot believe everything the media tells you.

Justice Is Peace An It Hasnt

Justice Is Peace An It Hasnt Been Served

Your words Smit. 17? Hopefully you are still in school.

Yes teens do sometimes smoke weed. Take a risque picture or two. Skip school.
But when they start assaulting people, as in the bus driver.
When they are found with women's jewelry on them and FB page full of filth and racism...
That is NOT the normal or typical teen. That is peers I do not want my kids around. That is called piss poor parenting. His own Dad, gang tats...his own mother could not handle him...
The path Trayvon Martin is FAR from typical/normal teens.


The sad thing is it didn't happen the way they are saying it happened. Zimmerman didn't pursue him to kill him. I wonder how ignorant can they want to be. He was returning to his vehicle when Trayvon asked him did he have a problem, punched him in the nose and said you got one now. That is when the fight started. Trayvon started it.
His parents are in it for fame and prob money. His father was on his way to marry his 4th wife, his 3rd wife said Trayvon stayed with them 80% of the time and didn't even speak of his mother. This whole thing is a joke and once again the race hustlers and Obama, Eric gun runner Holder will end up with egg on their face. They are really this ignorant.
Meanwhile a few more kids are dead in Chicago and many more are aborted.

If Zimmerman's intention was

If Zimmerman's intention was to kill him, then he wouldn't have called 9-1-1.


Black thug? Gangsta? Criminal? The only person who exhibited thuggish behavior in that whole sorry mess was George Zimmerman. I promise you that if the races were any other combination -- Martin white and Zimmerman Asian, Martin Native American and Zimmerman Latino*, whatever -- it wouldn't be a media sensation and Zimmerman would be doing time. The rally was not merely to protest the Zimmerman verdict, it was to protest the "pre-emptive profiling" of black males as dangers to society merely for existing. Believe me, the protesters and the organizations that hosted the rally are very concerned about the local violence perpetuated upon the black community, whether it is "black on black" or interracial violence. They are in those areas of Wilmington and New Hanover County every single day, working with teenagers and their families through the churches, through the schools, through the neighborhoods, and with individuals and their family members, trying to help them cope with the violence around them and help them learn that there is another way besides violence to deal with their problems and issues.

For the producers of this segment to ask, essentially, "Why do you care about Martin but not about these kids killed in our own city?" is stunningly ignorant. It is inexcusable for them not to have even a baseline awareness of what groups like the NAACP, No Covers, the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence, and so many others do in our community every single day.

As for the comments saying that Martin must have been a "thug" because of his suspension from school, his suspected use of marijuana, his previous incidents of fighting with other kids, etc, those are just excuses for people to paint him as a threat, even though all he was doing was walking home with a drink and a bag of Skittles. None of that past history had anything to do with Zimmerman's decision to accost him, attack him, and ultimately murder him. It serves an a rationalization and an excuse for bigots and race haters to paint him as the aggressor and as a "dangerous threat" merely because they wish to. Why do they wish to? Because he was black. In their minds, the black male is ALWAYS the guilty party, no matter what the circumstances.

* Zimmerman may have Latino ancestry, but he considers himself white, and from the brutish racial slurs on his MySpace page, he has no regard for Latinos or any other minorities. His racism against blacks has also been strongly demonstrated. So why do so many people identify with him? In most cases, because his bigotry reflects his.


Well seriously I can only surmise from your post that you have access to information about Mr.Zimmerman and this case that the rest of do not have. He was found innocent but I guess the members of the jury were racist too. I think that people like you base most of what you say on your own racist feelings.

Peaceful Rallies

Even though the attorneys and such said this was not about race it was the underlying message from this whole incident that makes it about race. Unless you walk a mile in the shoes of a person of color, especially dark skinned individuals, you will never understand the stress and the constant hyper-vigilance that they are under constantly. I think that one reason their are rallies spawning up after this trial and not as much for other similar situations because it was projected all over the country by the media. The Zimmerman trial has been highly visible therefore sparking interest in the injustice that was served.

The Judge and jury on the

The Judge and jury on the case against Zimmerman turned the prosecuter into the defendent. The arguments posed by Zimmerman's lawyers were based on everything except the the circumstances present at the time of Trayvon's murder. They demonized Trayvon as mixed martial artist who, at a previous time, may have been involved in some kind of altercation. That kind of argument is something that is to be thrown out by a real judge.

I'd appreciate wway as a valid news source if they sought out or allowed real reporting. Note for the censor: You get a marginal score if you even allow this reply to be posted.

Thank You,
Sincerly, Your neighborhood commie

Ralley for Justice for Trayvon Martin - & all others who are pro

I am quite sorry about the Chinese delivery driver & ALL the others who have died. Their deaths are indeed tragic! However, there are points in Trayvon Martin's murder that need to be addressed: #1 profiling of black males , #2 The "Stand Your Ground Law" which is part of this & other tragedies, & #3 JUSTICE for the innocent.

Zimmerman was the one & only perpetrator in this. He purposefully set this tragedy in motion. Trayvon was not doing anything wrong & had every right to be there. As Americans we ALL need to stand up & say this is wrong & insist that things change. I was proud to stand with my Community today in the blazing sun to do just that, & will again!

Stand Your Ground law was

Stand Your Ground law was not used in the trial. It was SELF DEFENSE. SYG simply states that if a person is threatened with bodily harm or possible death by a predator, he/ she does not have the duty to retreat. Retreating gives tactical advantage to the attacker ( ie your eyes are off your attacker and you cannot react as they can as they pursue you or are trying to shoot you or run you over).

This attack on the SYG law is absolutely bogus! Zimmerman was found not guilty based on self defense NOT Stand Your Ground. And by the way, a good number of blacks in FL benefited from the Stand Your Ground law when they were trying to protect themselves and/ or their families from criminals.

As an aside, if you were not aware, the NRA protected the rights of blacks to own firearms when the racist Democrats and the KKK, who worked together, tried to prevent that. Why? Because they didn't want to get shot at by blacks trying to defend themselves and their families.

And just as Trayvon had a right to walk the street, so did Zimmerman.

Rally have, open honest debate and discussions, find solutions to the problems in the black community. But base it on facts, not emotions, hate and misinformation.

those of you questioning why

those of you questioning why other crimes have not had rallies: hold a rally. those of you who did not attend today's rally: there was no "hate-stirring." and folks equating the NAACP with the KKK need to reexamine their thought processes. please post comments about how we can end racism, end the violence, and learn to live together. post that. peace to all.


Thank you WWAY for asking the tough questions! Of course it is the usual idiotic responses by the perpetuators of victimization that follow your questions.


Don't forget about Eve Carson. UNC student body president killed by blacks.


Hmmm no rallies for all the black on black crime but a black thug killed by someone close to being white and everyone wants to "come together" smells like a load of crap to me. Seems like they are just looking for another excuse ...

My thoughts exactly!

My thoughts exactly!

Who are you calling a "black

Who are you calling a "black thug"? It was Zimmerman on trial not Trayvon, but the Judge, jury and Zimmerman lawyers turned it into a trial on Trayvon.

peace marches

just wondering? the shooting continues, in this town and apparently nationwide, black on black.

I am sorry to disagree with the lady from the NAACP but I think this is another attempt to a shakedown. She was asked a question and diverted her answer.

I want to know, should these kids who killed the delivery driver, Chinese, be charged as a hate crime? What about the white kid killed in his car downtown by what and for what> Being white and having a car and perhaps a wallet? Until the black community helps curb the violence in their own community, there will be no credibility or sympathy from the middle class white or for that matter the middle class black and other ethnic members of Wilmington.

Apparently the mission statement of the local NAACP is for the benefit of the few who bow down and kiss the ring, not conform and try to benefit no one but themselves. Her answer, or non answer spoke volumes to the intent and purpose of their organization.

Credibility has worn thin, Political correctness has worn thin. Say what you mean, but mean what you say. Time for the BullS**t to cease and the cowtowing to a camera to cease also. White or Black or whatever.

First of all; Big kudos to

First of all; Big kudos to Cacky Catlett/WWAY for asking a rational question that this reader/commenter rarely hears in the establishment media. Very refreshing after all of these years of observing media group-think.

Second - We should all be asking ourselves another question. The Martin Family has stated through their attorneys that this tragedy was not about race. The Florida prosecutors stated this case had nothing to do with race. So we are left asking ourselves, if the deceased family and the prosecution has gone on record stating this is not about race, why are so many others, from government officials such as Obama and Holder to talking heads on most establishment media outlets to simple observers commenting on sites such as this one, still attempting to insert race into this case? Truthfully answer that question and you will find the real guilty parties are and more importantly most of us that are only interested in the facts are the true victims.

Third - Just how many more Duke Lacrosse/Zimmerman cases must we endure before we begin to understand that the establishment media and other self-interested parties interjecting their own prejudices into cases before we have all the facts, is asinine and certainly not a substitute nor a reasonable path for justice for all?

Fourth - The lesson I hope our young adults will take away from this tragic event is that assaulting someone can lead to some very serious consequence. Assaulting someone does not only impact the person committing the assault and the person assaulted. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed in the Martin case, committing assault, also severely impacts families, loved-ones of all the parties involved in this case. The Martin family are naturally devastated while the Zimmerman family now has to endure death threats. The sheriff was unjustly fired. The jurors are in hiding, fearing for their lives simply for doing their civic duty. And on and on it goes. All of those left behind must now painfully try to carry on with their lives because of an irrational decision that Mr. Martin could have avoided by simply continuing to walk home rather than irrationally choosing to initiate a violent confrontation. We can have all the demonstrations we want, but until parents teach their children that violence is not a solution, sadly nothing is going to change.

There is no detail in this

There is no detail in this wway story.


Thank you for a well written synopsis of this event. The only thing I'll add is that the jurors themselves said this wasn't about race.

Why on earth this person a rallying point when other travesties are ignored is beyond me.

Aside from this incident, here's a message to young, black males. To get the respect that you want, quit shooting and killing each other first. How is anyone supposed to respect you when you can't even find it in yourselves to respect each other? Gangs? They're for weak-minded people that can't think for themselves...but that's for any race.

“I don't stand for black

“I don't stand for black man's side, I don't stand for white man's side, I stand for God's side.”
― Bob Marley

I can understand why black

I can understand why black folks want to be equal. I don't blame them a bit. However, when they support a thug like Trayvon Martin, who was the aggressor who ambushed and beat another person, they don't seem to understand that by backing someone like this, they are setting their cause back years. If it had been two blacks involved or the black had killed the white,Hispanic, or whatever, the case would have been closed. I think many in the black community feel the same and are pretty much getting fed up with the trouble makers.


This is nothing but a hate stirring rally,,what about the killing of Joshua Proutey,he was unarmed sitting in his car eating and was pursued by four black teenage thugs that should be charged with a hate crime,they set out to rob,as they said a white person,and he did not ask to be murdered,yes it is sad that TM was killed,but he had the option to call 911 and let someone know he was being followed,he chose to tell his friend he was being followed by a white ass cracker and he was going to go mma on his a--,,her words on the witness stand,,people are wanting to make TM out to be some kind of angel when in reality he was living the life of a thug,that is why he was having to live where he was at because his mother could not handle him anymore,Time for the whites to hold a peaceful rally and seek justice for JP,,his murder was a hate crime and the authority's are scared to add that charge because they don't want to upset the black leaders,,BS,,