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ONLY ON 3: Groups quiet about local violence holding Trayvon Martin rallies Saturday


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman has spawned nationwide protests and rallies. This weekend peace rallies in Trayvon Martin's name will be held here in our area.

So we asked why the groups organizing the events were not so vocal after a few local murders and the recent rash of violence in Wilmington.

The New Hanover County Chapter of the NAACP and the group No Covers are joining the cause, hosting a peace rally in Martin's name Saturday at 5 p.m. at the 1898 Memorial downtown on N. 3rd St.

"We have a problem with black males being extinct, their lives being meaningless," Daawud El-Amin of No Covers said. "So we are going to use this to say, 'You're mad at Zimmerman, but what about your brother?'"

Yet, there have been several local murder cases over the last few years, and these organizations have seemed to keep a low profile about the violence. So we posed the question why murders like that of Chinese delivery driver Zhen Bo Liu and CFCC student Joshua Proutey did not provoke groups like No Covers to host a rally.

"We went on record for having a talk show about those murders and condemning those responsible," he said.

We asked the New Hanover County NAACP where it was during the recent rash of violence in Wilmington.

"Our mission statement is to end political, educational and social discrimination," president Deborah Dicks Maxwell said.

One person has been killed during this summer's shootings in the Port City: Jeffrey Henry, who like Martin was 17 and black.

El-Amin says although Martin's death happened in Florida, its effects transcend borders.

"It has everything to do with us, because now we're saying it's ok to pursue an unarmed person walking home and it's OK to pursue him and shoot him and actually murder him," El-Amin said.

Another prayer vigil and rally for Martin is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. in front of the Brunswick County Courthouse in Bolivia.

Addressing the recent rash of local violence, Brunswick County churches are joining together Monday to host a meeting about what they can do to make a positive impact.

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Listen to your own advice

And quit your crying.

It's About Time

This is the best comment that I've read on this whole issue. Thanks a million for bringing to light what so many seem to leave in the dark.


in your own mind are you being "terrorized". YOU, sir, are the problem the black community has! Want to know the difference. Let the KKK stand at voting areas and intimidate voters and see what happens! Holder would have them tossed in jail lickity split! As a white male, I can ASSURE you I know what racism and discrimination are!

Trayvon Martin

All I have to say on this subject is, Martins Mother said her son was just a scared little boy that night. SO why didnt he RUN the 300 feet to his Dads or call 911 seems he had a phone in his hand? He went back and confronted Zimmerman, proceeded to beat Zimmerman and got killed. Stupid is as stupid does.

Stand your ground

The law in Florida reads you can stand your ground when confronted by another individual. It was the legal justification for Zimmerman being found not guilty. Why in the world cannot Martin stand his ground but Zimmerman can? Instead of calling people stupid who stand their ground, you should look up the information from this case.

What would have happened if Martin had a gun and shot and killed Zimmerman? Would that be considered standing your ground? All Martin would have to say is that a strange man confronted him and that he feared for his life.

Run huh?

He did not run b/c this is not the Jim Crow south!! Ok, so once he ran and then was shot in the back, then what would you propose? It's amazing how you can fill in the blanks of what occurred that night. Maybe your preconceived notions and racist assumptions helped you with these "facts". I wonder if this were a white teen that were murdered, if you would have the same sentiments? I am sure this argument would be a little different; maybe more than just a little. Have you considered the fact that maybe this jack *ss should have stayed in his vehicle? Did you question that? You are very callous in your words. I'm thinking that you probably felt the children at Sandy Hook Elementary should have attempted to run home too? What I know is that sympathy has bounds and these boundaries are usually marked by race. This fact is fine as no one needs your sympathy nor seeks it. You are a fool at best.


but the facts did show that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. According to Obama, yes both Trayvon and Sandy Hook children should have fled their attacker. He stated that yesterday!

Travon Martin

If you was approached in the street would you run ? Should you have to run when your in your own neighborhood minding your own business ? If we allow this judgment to pass without a fight this sets a prescedent that all blacks should run when anybody says boo to them. This is not going to happen. Blacks are already treated like a second class citezen in this country as it is even though this country was built on our backs.
Bottom line here, Zimmerman was told to stand down and he persued Travon Martin knowing he had a concealed weapon. Certainly Zimmerman should not be absolved of all guilt and given his weapon back. Is he not guilty of anything ???

Oh, please...

If I was approached on the street would I run? Hell yes! Even in my own neighborhood? Hell yes! My Mama didn't raise no fool. You can get shot, white or black, in your own neighborhood or someone else's. In fact, I would be more leery in someone else's neighborhood and quicker to run. Travon should have been too.

If blacks want to stop being treated like second class citizens, then STOP with the almighty race card! White folks are sick to death of hearing it! If blacks want to stop being treated like second class citizens, then get off Social Services, get a job, stay out of the gangs, quit killing each other over drug deals, and quit multiplying like rabbits on my dime. Oh yes, and quit blaming whites for everything bad that happens to you when you have your own freedom of choice.

America was built on your ANCESTOR's back...not yours, and your ancestor's were brought here because opposing tribes in Africa knowingly sold them into slavery. How many great, great, great grandfather's ago was that? You're an AMERICAN now. Your African roots were severed many hundreds of years ago. You can't move into the present if you keep holding so tight onto the past.

I have no doubt, with the President of United States going after him, that Zimmerman will eventually be found guilty of something, even if it's in civil court. But our legal system determined that he is NOT guilty of murder or even manslaughter. He can't be tried twice for the same crime. Like it or not, the jury found him not guilty because of the evidence presented. There was no malice in their hearts. Their verdict was based purely on the evidence.


I agree with you.Not every issue is a Black or White issue. Both Martin and Zimmermann were at fault.They both share the guilt in what happened.Martin reacted like a immature 17 year old boy would react.Zimmerman over-reacted. The Black race blames everything one the whites because it is easier than admitting they are to blame.I live in a predominantly BLACK neighborhood,mostly section 8; welfare; drugs single mothers with 4,5,6, kids all different dads...Stop blameing the whites and take a good look at yourself. LIFE IS WHAT you MAKE for YOURSELF.


Said he should have run...

So, in your confused liberal

So, in your confused liberal logic, Travyon had the right to "stand his ground" but not Zimmerman? LOL! You people better wake up, you pick a fight with the wrong guy on a rainy night you might get shot for it. Kind of like how the black gangs do. WE HAVE A BLACK VIOLENCE PROBLEM NOT A GUN VIOLENCE PROBLEM!

" If I were approached in

" If I were approached in the street" as you say, yes, I would run- AWAY not towards the threat. Furthermore, I would have been calling 911 on my phone. Trayvon Martin had 4 minutes to run to safety but instead chose to backtrack and confront George Zimmerman. And he threw the first punch according to his friend Rachel Jeantel.

It was a tragedy and we all wish it had not happened. But don't bring race into this as it only foments hate and anger. Racism will always exist because it is a HUMAN condition born out of ignorance and hate and not a White condition. There are black racists, too. We fight racism where it occurs and rightly so but don't make something racist when it isn't.

I'm SO tired of the race and victim card- it's overplayed and is used to shut down honest debate. (And btw, I'm a female minority). It does a disservice to those involved when true racism occurs. And address the issue of the fact that the majority of black deaths were and are at the hands of other blacks, not whites. Address the issues facing the black community ( eg children without fathers, lack of strong family values of hardwork, perseverance and personal responsibility). Address the fact that Jessie Jackson himself has said that if he hears footsteps behind him and finds that they belong to white teens and not blacks, he breathes a sigh of relief.

And Zimmerman was advised by a 911 operator not to follow and according to testimony and evidence, he was headed back to his car. A 911 operator advice does not carry the weight of a legal order by a police officer. So, please, stop with the misinformation.

Oh no, another person that

Oh no, another person that only sees color in this case. I would debate you on the facts of the case, but for some reason I believe you don't care about reality.

Oh and this is really going

Oh and this is really going to help race relations in the Port City. These people are doomed and they still do not realize it.

Waste of time

Thanks for the heads -up -ill be sure to avoid the 1898 park are on Sat.
"saying it's ok to pursue an unarmed person walking home and it's OK to pursue him and shoot him and actually murder him,"
get your facts right - if someones head is being banged on the sidewalk then yes you can murder them.
This is just all A BIG WASTE OF TIME.

Go Ahead

Go ahead, have a peace rally while the other hoodlums are shooting at each other on the next block. Trayvon was a hoodlum, plain and simple. His actions caused his death which a jury found to be true and ruled accordingly. The black community is always having some type rally but never a rally for get off your butt and get a job. Get off the street and finish your education. Get on the pill and prevent unwed mothers. The NAACP just a pawn to get the black community stirred up to ensure their leader has the funds to continue his own rascist and bigoted actions. Now who is going to participate in the rally. First and foremost liberal white people bleeding hearts. Then the regular mob of older black ladies and younger b/m's with either afros or dreads. The rally accomplishes nothing, changes nothing and is a conduit for violence. So have your rally and when it is over go back to your crime infested neighborhood in your public housing residences until the next ALLEDGED incident occurs. Meanwhile continue to keep quiet when crime occurs, drugs are sold and people are hurt!

Since apparently you are a

Since apparently you are a concerned citizen, why don’t you do something about the “hoodlums shooting each other on the next block”? I know why, because you really aren’t concerned with that at all, you would much rather think you are in a position to tell Black people what they should and shouldn’t do. Funny, I’ve never needed white trash to tell me anything and since this is the case, I see no reason to listen to anything you have to say now or ever. As an aside, if it were not for Blacks bringing awareness to their own communities as it relates to crime, drugs, unemployment/under-employment, etc,. no one would know the gravity of these issues. This is not a new issue to us as you seem to imply. But what is important is the type and number of guns that are in Black neighborhoods and how drugs enter these communities. I believe in individuals being responsible for their actions; however it would be iniquitous to not examine the ideology behind the laws that lead to mass incarceration or a disproportional representation of minorities in the legal system. Have you ever heard of the prison industrial complex? However to speak to your intimation referencing Blacks not wanting to work, being that I am sure you are purporting to be white, which side of the argument are you on? Do you believe that Blacks do not want to work and are inherently lazy or that Blacks have taken all the jobs from good white folk via affirmative action? I would like to give you credit in knowing that it cannot be both, but that may be too generous an assumption.

With regard to Trayvon Martin, I take it that you are speaking from the stand point of truth since you were present at the crime scene the night of the murder? “His actions caused his death.” Really? I didn’t get the impression that you were clairvoyant. The jurors had “the facts”, which I am sure were their “version of facts”, assumptions, biases, prejudices, etc,. But, to their defense, we all have biases; however, we do not have the right to ignore justice based on these assumptions and biases. I digress. I’ve given you a very quick version of a rebuttal. I love social research. I urge that if you are going to make an argument, have your facts and research in order to support and substantiate your claims. If you want to have a debate about crime, race, and other social issues, I gladly accept. But I am confident it would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight, and you would have brought the knife. I do not like surface/superficial arguments and repetitive nonsense. If you choose to ignore empirical data and facts, then at least have an original thought. I further encourage you or rather extend the invitation for you to attend this rally and air your feelings there as you’ve so meagerly aired them on this medium. Thank you typical injured white person. Now, go “google” some statistics as I am sure you do not have access to any type of scholarly database.

Just wondering

Just wondering about how many folks will even be able to find that there 1898 Memorial. Sure hope them NAACP folks are passing out some maps.

Hope they got enough sense to stay in a group too. As it starts to getting later all a them downtown criminals are gone to start picking off any a the stragglers. One minute ever ones yelling "Peace for Travon" and then the next minute its "What happened to William?"

Too bad them NAACP folks don't want to include some talking about all a them shootings gone on around here. Seems like a good time to be including some talk about that stuff too but them NAACP folks don't want to talk about it no way or no how!


I'm so sick of hearing about this. This kid was no martyr, no Medger Evers, no dr. king, but I've heard him compared to all three. He was beating someone, perhaps to death, when he was shot, It's called self defense and a jury has decided that was the case. Everyone seems to want to turn this into a racial justice thing, saying young black men are scared to walk around at night. That's real funny. Growing up white in a majority black part of a city I can say none of them looked too scared.

How cute

If they don't keep the racial tension up they will be out of jobs.

If they really want peace

If they really want peace they need to take their message to Chicago.


you cause more harm too the blacks we have blacks shot here all the time but you say a damn thing about them but since the press and the othere ster it up because Mex shot him.Its sad when anybody dies,but he was in gated place he had no rite being and he started troube by fighting first the law was fare.

Huh? Was that ebonics? Time

Was that ebonics?
Time for more coffee...

Oh My!

I sure hope there's no competing "bangers" or Chinese delivery drivers there. Wilmington has had more than enough murders this year.


Why is this being allowed to take place in this city? You know that this has nothing to do with 'peace' for Trayvon, but instigation by the NAACP to more civil unrest. That rally does not belong here. This type of thing is simply exacerbating the issue, because apparently, some black folk cannot read for themselves or think for themselves.


It's right to assemble, you know that constitution thingy.