Wilmington rally honors Trayvon Martin

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Submitted: Sun, 07/21/2013 - 12:50am
Updated: Mon, 07/22/2013 - 12:09am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hundreds of people rallied at Wilmington’s 1898 Memorial at the corner of North 3rd Street and North Front Street this weekend in response to the not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman.

Speakers say now more than ever the community needs to come together to fight racism. They say Trayvon Martin represents black children everywhere, and power can only be found in unity.

“It makes you scared that this could happen,” said one mother in the crowd. “Your child could be walking from the store, from a friend’s house, from a playground, and you don’t feel safe anymore. Our kids are not safe anymore.”

The Wilmington community says it is important to come together often. They say this verdict initiated a coast-to-coast movement, and Martin will not have died in vain.


  • Guest2020 says:

    Trayon tried to bash a skull in. MLK beat the prostitutes he used. They are in the same class of people.

  • Guest2020 says:

    While the media covers the boo-hooing of the black community, they overlook the fact that George Zimmerman, with the aid of another man, pulled a family of four out of an overturned truck last week. I guess it doesn’t fit in with their agenda of making him look as bad as possible and make Trayvon look as innocent as possible. I just happened to see it scroll across the bottom of the WBTW newscast.

  • In My Opinion says:

    Let’s remember it was Trevon who committed assault. It was this poor angelic 17yr old who followed an adult back to his car, attacked him, a neighborhood watch citizen, and began to beat him EVEN KNOWING the cops had been called and were on there way. WHY is no one talking about this, do you honestly think this one instance is the ONLY time Trevon assaulted anyone? That this was the 1st and only time Trevon broke the law? In ANY confrontation the first one to get “physical” is the aggressor, the one who BROKE THE LAW! Trevon was no victim, he was the aggressor and was the cause of his one demise.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    why is it no one mentions his being forced, by his Mother, to move in with his Father? Why does no one mention all of the disobedient acts he apparently performed which caused his mother to expell him from her house?

    Why do they not mention his use of marijuana?

  • JLP says:

    As they mentioned AT the rally they didn’t have to rally for the Chine delivery man or Mr Proutey because within 48 hours of both murders they had the suspects LOCKED up! It took them 46 days (I think that’s the correct number) to arrest Zimmerman after it happened to begin with. He then went to trial and still walked!

    Don’t compare apples to oranges people.

    The way I see it Trayvon was standing his ground too.

  • really says:

    Come on people zimmerman was a liar.he still have to go to court for molesting his cousin .but I guest you dont see anything wrong with that either.He was a coward with a gun that toke advantage of a kid.wake up open your eyes.the juror were all white so what you tthink the verdict was going to be.real t talk.we need to come together for the kids sake.cause the next time zimmerman goes after some one they might not be a black person under the hoodie.black people are not the only ones wearing hoodies

  • Angewidert says:

    Only God can judge? Really? It doesn’t say that in the Bible. If we didn’t have laws (which judge people) life on earth would be anarchy.

    Instead of stupidly misinterpreting things, why don’t YOU just keep your “option” (it’s “opinion”) to “your self” (it’s “yourself”).

    If you can’t even educate yourself, don’t be so presumptuous as to think you can educate others.

    FYI: Saying “what will heaven look like if we act like this” doesn’t even begin to make sense.

  • Guest79 says:

    As for Obama, he needs to remain neutral and not comment on this issue. He has a country full of issues that he still has not straightened out.

  • We Koenig says:

    Your kids can walk home. They just cannot beat someone up cause they think they are a homosexual.

  • Guest3030 says:

    Look, I’m no expert in this case. In fact, I had avoided looking into it until just the other day after the verdict was announced, but here’s what I gather from the case:

    It seems undisputed that Trevon Martin (who looked far different from all the 12-year-old photos circulating of him) was beating up George Zimmerman. Marks on the bodies and eye witness testimony supports this. Zimmerman shot Trevon Martin in self-defense.

    Open and shut.

    A 911 operator telling someone that “we don’t need you” to follow Trevon Martin, who was found with women’s rings and a screwdriver in his bag previously, is not the same as being commanded by a police officer not to do something. Zimmerman was part of a community watch in a neighborhood that had suffered burglaries recently. Believe it or not, some people like to defend themselves, their friends and their family rather than simply leaving their fates in the hands of the police who may be tens of minutes away.

    Racism is bad. Unprovoked violence is bad. But this was violence, from what I can see, in necessary self-defense, and the only people who are racists are the people making this into a huge racial issue when it appears to be one of self-defense.

  • Guest49800000 says:

    Wow sometimes its better to keep your option to your self people. Only God can judge people not us we should all pray when anyone is killed. What will heavan look like if we act like this

  • SMBeez says:

    That’s great let’s do something in honor of a thug! Whatever Zimmermans motives were we will never know. If you think or say you know, You Don’t.
    The verdict in this case, while you may not like it, was not reached because of race!
    Racial equality– If Zimmerman is white, Then Obama is white!! If Zimmerman is hispanic then Obama can be black. You can’t have it both ways. The media has played everyone for a bunch of fools in this case.
    I see it as these two men ended up in a bad situation that got worse. Zimmerman should have turned his butt around and went home. Trayvon shoudn’t have beat him up.
    So, let’s recap, Do not honor a hoodlum and Zimmerman innocent? No! but not guilty in this verdict.
    Ignorance is not Bliss! Ignorance is the reason the media can start riots and have people picketing for lies!!!!

  • Guest1111111 says:

    Now.. let us rally to end the violence in Wilmington. What about a rally for the young man who was killed in Wilmington last year? All who are killed…or hurt or injured…

  • Deputy25 says:

    Hundreds??? Try about the 150. That is less than 1%gate of new Hanover county population. Sorry,but the way I see it, TRAYVON WAS FOUND GUILTY!!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    A good way not to get killed, is not to mug a man, and smash his head against a sidewalk.

  • Country Gal says:

    At first, the cry for Justice for Trayvon was to bring charges against George Zimmerman and have a trial. That happened. But now the cry for Justice for Trayvon is the black community didn’t agree with the jury’s not-guilty verdict so they’re protesting.
    Was it really justice they wanted? Nothing less than a guilty verdict would appease the crowds.
    Now a Wilmington mom is quoted as saying their children are not safe coming home from a playground. First, I might be suspicious of a 5’11” 17-year-old hanging out after dark in a playground. And, if he was shot in a Wilmington park, chances are it was by another black male and most likely related to a drug sale gone sour or a gang feud.
    Where are the moms and dads of these black victims and black criminals? We don’t hear their voices protesting the violence against their children. Why not?
    Bill Cosby got reamed by the black community decades ago for saying the black community needed to step up and take charge of their families, their neighborhoods and to stop blaming others for their lack of accountability. Looks like he was right on the money!

  • stwth says:

    Scrolling down briefly, I find it absolutely shameful that I wasn’t able to find one comment not justifying racism against black people, instead playing the old “I’m a victim” game. And I’ll bet a good many sit their butts in church Sunday morning trying to make everybody think they’re “holier than thou”. As a white mother of a young white man growing up in this day and age, I pray he doesn’t fall victim to violence because his appearance doesn’t fit the mold of what someone else thinks he should look like, black or white. I’m grateful to the black community that they have chosen peace and unity. I pray for people of my color to wake up and realize they’re destroying the quality of life for us all. And if you’re going to church, don’t bother. It’s not the other people in the pews whose opinion counts, and the man upstairs can see through your lies.

  • Rose says:

    Don’t forget about Eve Carson. UNC student body president killed in cold blood by blacks.

  • Guest 7 says:

    Some say that Trayvon Martin was the cause of this happening to him . Let us remember, Trayvon Martin was a child not a grown man. Put yourself in his shoes, he was walking along by himself and may have been afraid of being approached. He could of felted threaten or afraid because he was put in a situation. This is normal for being a child he’s age, who did not know what to do in this situation. Our children are sometimes put in situations, sometimes because of others. This young mans life was taken from him, he did not have the opportunity to live his life. This young man could have been later in life , a doctor or lawyer. He could of been one of the young men who made it in life. But he’s life was cut short by someone else, just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know if this was a race issue or not. But one thing I can say, because of his race and gender he was labeled because he was a black. Our young men has been labeled because violence that’s happen in the pass, tthat has been committed by other black men. Now this label has been placed on our young people of our race. But this thing needs to be broken and let this story of Trayvon touch others. Tear down the wall that divides us and the wall of labels that destroy our young men of our race. But Trayvon, still has a story and his story will live on and touch others in many ways. He was killed and his very life was taken from him, but one thing that they can’t killed, is his story. Trayvon story will live on

  • GuestB M says:

    why would anyone honor a thug??? George did the world and the neighborhood a favor, his parents should have provided a lot more supervision and discipline raising him, he was a ticking time bomb that met his fate.

  • Guest01010 says:

    Im sorry I must have missed something. Your indication that blacks are the only race that has to endure suffering of seeing violence in their homes and neighborhoods, living in subsidized homes unfit for a dog. Your whole statement is quite possibly the most ignorant one on here. Truth is there is just as many white families dealing with the same kind of violence and poverty in this nation as well as many other races. Many people choose to stay in that lifestyle for their own convenience and comfort. Hey isn’t it much easier to sit at home, collect money and food from the government than to actually do something and get out of their situation? Its a learned environment and there are opportunities to get out, just sad that they choose to stay put and mooch off the govt.

  • Jimmy says:

    In our judicial system, according to the US Constitution, justice is guaranteed to the accused, not the victim. Zimmerman was tried and found not guilty…..As I understand it, justice is being treated fairly in the system. Z was. TM is dead. He is not promised anything under the constitution. I’m very sorry that this whole affair happened. Some won’t accept justice when it doesn’t suit them.

    As I understand it, that’s anarchy!

  • Yankee-spy says:

    The real reason for the rallies should be to refrain from future violence, period. It a fact that blacks grow up seeing violence nearly everyday. The see it on TV, as well as in their personal lives. Many live in horrible subsidized homes unfit for a dog. Many know life as a means to gain something they want, and you have it. But most are hard working parents trying to better themselves, to get out of the hellish places they call home. I don’t think they want their children to be thugs that end up in prison, or worse yet, die. Unfortunately many parents are busting their butts, working two jobs, and not gaining ground making minimum wage, and paying almost three fifths of it on gas to get there. They didn’t finish school, while at the same time trying to raise a child. Now that many of the manufacturing and labor intensive jobs have vanished, many are left to be dependent on government assistance, to get by.

    Many times being on their own, with a child, and no father to help in raising the child. There is no quick fix. Illegitimate births need to stop bringing kids into this world that can’t be supported. If a father is absent , no assistance will be given until the father is found, and made to support them. Social security and ESs needs to be abolished. The only thing it does is perpetuate the cycle of dependency. You will know in advance that if you’re man enough to father a child, you’re going to be man enough to support that child, by incarceration if needed. If permanent revocation of assistance is done for any violations of non-support, it will be a incentive not to make kids that will not be supported by the two that created the child. As hard as it is to believe, many women choose to get pregnant as a way to permanently assure themselves that they will have a paycheck from Uncle Sam, instead of working for it. If you have difficulty believing this, then you have been living under a rock. Many low income women have been getting pregnant by men that they think will be some day be an athlete, or some other lucrative jobs. In a article on teen pregnancies in Detroit, it was one of the best means for gaining a paycheck. We as a society have to have something better to offer these individuals. There are thousands of things that the government needs to repair, roads, construction, buildings, and everything else that does not need upper level college to perform. It would be a great way to instill pride back to those who have list it. A days work, resulting in a days pay. We have the need, the people available, and the knowledge to put it into practice. Why not get a service performed by someone who we already have on our payroll.

  • Boris says:

    What a great leader we have. Flouts the rule of law with everything he says and does. Of course the blacks think they can run wild with this illigitimate usurper in power, the lawlessness is from the top down. Richard Nixon never came close to the illegality of this regime yet its never Obamas fault, because, y’know, he’s black, and they operate by different sets of rules.

  • Guestwho says:

    Nail on the head my friend. Thanks for posting that so I didn’t have to.

  • John says:

    This so called boy was a thug. He tweeted about fighting mix martial arts style etc. He purchased watermelon iced tea and skittles to make a drink called “LEAN”. The autopsy showed he had liver damage from excessive use of codeine (from cough syrup).

    Now the community wants to honor him…… I say why not… Heck.. the same folks honor Martin Luther King who was a known womanizer and drug user…. so I say the Trayvon honorin is par for the course…


  • antithug says:

    Quoted from story, “Speakers say now more than ever the community needs to come together to fight racism.” In this case the person could have been of any race. The bottom line, Trayvon was assaulting Zimmerman, and he exercised his LEGAL right to protect himself with his LEGAL firearm. What if Zimmerman was black? Then it would be black legal gun owner protecting himself from younger black person assaulting him. Protest all you want, it is a great freedom of our country. But at least protest a valid point.

  • Reader says:

    Funny how all the previous comments were deleted. So much for giving the people a voice.

  • PO'ed Mom says:

    Dont you mean died in vain? Ill bet some of the illiteracy & low intellect rubbed off on you if you were at the “rally”.

    Zimmerman was hispanic, grew up with 2 black foster siblings, dated and took a black girl to his prom and mentored black children after work. Wheres the racism in that? Thats right, there is NONE.

    Blacks murder 93% of blacks in this country and as 13% of the population by race, are 64% of the crime & incarceration NATIONWIDE and 63% of ALL abortions.

    They have a problem within their own community that they need to fix and quit wasting time with this type of BS.

    I no longer believe that the black population of this nation has the spine, will power or moral fortitude to fix this problem and I never have believed they’d have the intellect or education.

  • Guest12340987 says:

    From the court case, it seemed as though Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, smashing his head against the sidewalk and Zimmerman shot him, fearing for his life…. The jury also saw it that way. Not too sure what all the fuss is about.

    Where were the riots and crying to the government about OJ Simpson when he was found innocent?

  • Theo says:

    Rally on, people. The law means nothing in this country anymore and it’s all about what you “feel” is right.

    Of course tens of thousands of blacks are killed by other blacks these days and nobody has a peep to say about it. Oh but one non-black person defends himself against a thug and suddenly we must rally and protest. The hypocrisy is not lost on me.

    You’re over-playing your hand right now black community! You’re dangerously close to crossing the line of push-back.

    But protest on, it’s as comical now as ever!

  • Johnny Black says:

    I wonder if the parents of the student that was killed for his sandwich and $10.00 the end of last year attended.

  • Guest45 says:

    This Is shameful! Here they rally around a young black man that was shot, but who rallied around the young white mother in Georgia whose 13 month old baby was shot and killed at point blank by two young black kids because the mother had no money when they tried to rob her. Where was the rally when the young white boy was killed downtown several months ago by the four black teens? We do have a problem here. If the whites rally up about something it is racism! If the blacks rally up about something it is showing support. Zimmerman should have stopped following Martin when 911 told him too, but Martin jumped him and he got shot in self defense according to the court system. Get over it!

  • Guesttoday says:

    Your kids are not safe walking home in there own neighborhood because of BLACK ON BLACK crime!!!! When was the last time a WHITE person shot a BLACK person in Wilmington… Now, when was the last time a BLACK person shot a WHITE person in Wilmington… How about a WHITE person going to his car after work one night downtown… Or a CHINEES person delivering food shoot by a BLACK person… OHHH… Did you hear WHITE people calling race… Or CHINEES people calling race… YOU ONLY HEAR BLACK PEOPLE CALLING RACE WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS TO A BLACK PERSON OR BLACK PEOPLE DON’T GET THERE WAY!!!!!!! Get it together BLACK people!!!!!!!!!

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