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Wilmington rally honors Trayvon Martin


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Hundreds of people rallied at Wilmington's 1898 Memorial at the corner of North 3rd Street and North Front Street this weekend in response to the not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman.

Speakers say now more than ever the community needs to come together to fight racism. They say Trayvon Martin represents black children everywhere, and power can only be found in unity.

"It makes you scared that this could happen," said one mother in the crowd. "Your child could be walking from the store, from a friend's house, from a playground, and you don't feel safe anymore. Our kids are not safe anymore."

The Wilmington community says it is important to come together often. They say this verdict initiated a coast-to-coast movement, and Martin will not have died in vain.

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Did I Miss Something?

From the court case, it seemed as though Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, smashing his head against the sidewalk and Zimmerman shot him, fearing for his life.... The jury also saw it that way. Not too sure what all the fuss is about.

Where were the riots and crying to the government about OJ Simpson when he was found innocent?

Who cares about this rally or anyone attending it?

Dont you mean died in vain? Ill bet some of the illiteracy & low intellect rubbed off on you if you were at the "rally".

Zimmerman was hispanic, grew up with 2 black foster siblings, dated and took a black girl to his prom and mentored black children after work. Wheres the racism in that? Thats right, there is NONE.

Blacks murder 93% of blacks in this country and as 13% of the population by race, are 64% of the crime & incarceration NATIONWIDE and 63% of ALL abortions.

They have a problem within their own community that they need to fix and quit wasting time with this type of BS.

I no longer believe that the black population of this nation has the spine, will power or moral fortitude to fix this problem and I never have believed they'd have the intellect or education.

Funny how all the previous

Funny how all the previous comments were deleted. So much for giving the people a voice.

How is this racism?

Quoted from story, "Speakers say now more than ever the community needs to come together to fight racism." In this case the person could have been of any race. The bottom line, Trayvon was assaulting Zimmerman, and he exercised his LEGAL right to protect himself with his LEGAL firearm. What if Zimmerman was black? Then it would be black legal gun owner protecting himself from younger black person assaulting him. Protest all you want, it is a great freedom of our country. But at least protest a valid point.