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BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — In these dog days of summer, the Pender County Animal Shelter is still battling serious allegations. This time, critics have taken to Craigslist with their accusations.

In one posting, the anonymous author accuses the shelter of giving poor care to the animals and employees stealing items that have been donated for the animals.

Pender County Health Director Carolyn Moser has been overseeing the shelter since April while the county looks for a new shelter manager.

“Hearing a lot of these accusations from the public, I found out that they weren’t true at all,” Moser said.

Another posting says the shelter does nothing to promote the adoption of the animals, because it is lazy. It goes on to say some dogs have broken limbs and are covered in fleas and ticks.

“Every animal that comes into the shelter receives flea and tick medication,” Moser said. “They receive a rabies vaccination. They receive dewormer.”

We asked to tour the facility to see first-hand if the complaints were valid. What we found: clean kennels, no dogs itching as if they had fleas and none with broken limbs.

Moser says folks need to be informed before they make accusations.

“It’s unfortunate that folks seem to get on a subject and seem to stay there and enjoy spreading inaccurate information,” she said.

At their last meeting, Pender County Commissioners approved hiring a veterinarian to come in and check the animals every week.

Moser says adoptions are on hold this week while the animals get spayed or neutered.

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4 Comments on "Despite new complaints, tour shows good conditions at Pender Co. Animal Shelter"

2015 years 9 months ago

Firstly the “pet lovers” of the craigslist brigade are a bunch of weirdos. They have turned the pets section of craigslist into a rant forum. There is a section for everything on the site including rants, but do they use it….no. Almost every post is about who they like for animal rescue, hate filled rants toward posters who put animals up for sale, moaning about shelters, vets, breeders. I go there to look for a dog, simple right. Nope. Instead just a bunch of ranting from self righteous, hateful individuals with too much time on their hands. I just want to find a dog not see their personal views. I don’t recommend the site for finding a pet it no longer serves this purpose. Almost every post is a rant about dog rescue groups or shelters. Save yourself time and just use facebook and “like” your preferred shelter and wait for the postings to come in. To all the “pet lovers” of craigslist use rant and raves for your hate sermons. Oh another thing never let your kids see this site a lot of it can get profane even pornographic before its flagged, because like I said these people are weirdos.

2015 years 9 months ago

…how you REALLY feel about Craigslist?
I get your message and fully agree with you though. As a matter of fact, the entire CL site is filled with junk, businesses with incessant postings, etc. I don’t even waste my time with it anymore.

Craigslist is ruined. FaceBook sucks even worse!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

I adopted a dog from the Pender county shelter 2 years ago. Hopefully the conditions at this shelter have improved drastically since that time. The shelter was filthy and overcrowded. There were 2 and sometimes 3 dogs per kennel. The dog I adopted had not received a rabies vaccination and had fleas. She was 13 pounds underweight and was skin and bones. During her first vet visit she was diagnosed with heartworms and 2 different parasites. After long and painful heartworm treatment she has become a valued member of my family and we love her dearly. I am so glad we found her. Please, if a pet is in your future ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT. The breeders and puppy mills do not need your money. These poor shelter dogs/cats need a good home and they make the BEST companions.

2015 years 9 months ago

I really hope they are taking care of those puppies. :(


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