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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The area near the Carolina Beach Boardwalk may soon have a different look. Developers expect to break ground in September on a Hampton Inn near the corner of Harper Ave. and Canal Street.

According to the site plans, the hotel will be eight stories tall and have about 100 rooms.

Carolina Beach Mayor Pro Tem Steve Shuttleworth says it’s a sign that the town is open for business.

“We’re anticipating 40 fulltime jobs, and of course there will be a number of jobs during the construction process, which will be a 12- to 16-month process,” Shuttleworth said. “Long term 40 permanent jobs, and we’ll add several hundred thousand dollars to the tax rolls for property tax, and then add income tax and room occupancy tax. It’s going to be a benefit for not only Carolina Beach, but for New Hanover County as well.”

Developers initially announced plans early last year for the hotel with ten stories, but have scaled back.

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  1. Guest 10101

    they can double the size of that proposed pool and put all sorts of other amenities on their boardwalk like fancy pop-up fountains.

    Seems like some of the folks in CB won’t ever be satisfied until it’s just as crappy as Myrtle Beach.

  2. Guest 1492

    The real question is why would the residents of Carolina Beach want to downgrade their own quality of life.

  3. Guest123

    maybe it would be better if the Boardwalk was all boarded up and the place turned into a ghost town huh? YAY! Just more backwards thinking that is finally starting to fade away, you are a dying breed my friend.

  4. fisherman

    Before they add More concrete and parkimg lots for the new hotel. Which will just cause MORE urban parking lot filthy rain water to wash into the already nasty boat harbor basin!!!!
    Why not dig a nice looking canal/river walk from the end of the yacht basis out to the ocean. That would accomplish two things. One improve the looks of the old rundown boardwalk area with a new canal/riverwalk,shops ,resturants,walking/bike paths that could connect to the lake AND flush out the cesspool of a harbor we have now.
    would’nt it be nice to have clean clear fresh saltwater in our harbor rather than the smelly brown ice tea water we have now??

  5. Guest-o-matic

    …that would invent a submarine with a screen door in its belly! It’s rare that I get to read such rediculous ideas. By the way, the yacht basin isn’t a cesspool by any means and happens to support a variety of sea life including turtles and tons of bait. The only “smelly” part of the harbor is due to the local fishermen that clean their fish at the dock and chunk their carcasses in the water to rot.

    You state “…we have now.”? If you are a “we” of CB, then get off your lazy, dumpy hind-quarters and participate in the boardwalk revitalization program that “WE” been driving for several years! A lot of progress has been accomplished with a tremendous gearing towards the family environment and a lot of success with drawing substantial family crowds during the summer.

    Bitching is one thing, bitching without knowledge, bitching without experience and bitching about something you do nothing about singles you out as nothing but a fat, poofy bag of hot air. If you are “we” and don’t like “our” island or it’s harbor, we invite you to vacate…permanently.

    Now, you can get back to your submarine design…

  6. Guest 10101

    You’re only capable of thinking in extremes. It’s always all or nothing. It’s nice to be able to think outside of the box from time to time providing you’re able to also think about what’s already in the box.

    Unless you haven’t been paying attention, oh great progressive one, the town’s doing just fine. A few infrastructure tweaks would be nice but basically it’s fine. I guess you haven’t heard that the boardwalk was just listed as one of the best in the country? That doesn’t sound boarded up to me. I guess you also haven’t noticed that it’s been anything but a ghost town this summer?

    Your premise doesn’t hold sand, much less water. Some people are just incapable of ever appreciating what they already have. If it aint broke you still think you have to “fix” it. You’ll continue to pile on “fixes” to infinity regardless of what happens to the quality of life.

    In CB there are three “breeds” that fall into this category:(1)Merchants who just want as many people as possible in front of their cash register (2)Those with delusions of grandeur (3)Those who aspire to have delusions of grandeur.

    Which one are you?

  7. Guestcb4me

    Whenever something positive gets proposed in CB there is always a group who is against it. It’s like they are afraid its going to be taken away. I remember when folks were opposed to the weekly fireworks. What a hit they turned out to be. Thankfully the boardwalk has changed. It was a dangerous place. It still has a way to go. Just walk around and see the broken windows, drunks and unkept buildings. The hotel is another step in a much needed right direction. In the 1940’s – 60’s the boardwalk was much bigger and hosted many more hotels and businesses. Talk to the old timers and they will share their fond memories. I look foward to a thriving boardwalk area with fun family oriented activities such as a water fountain.

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