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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A Whiteville woman is dead after police say her boyfriend shot her after a plot to rob a man went wrong.

Police told the StarNews they arrested Darian Kavon Moore, 22, for the murder of Amy Sasser, 37.

Police say Sasser was talking with Curtis Lawrence in Felix Smith Park when Moore walked up, pulled out a gun and began hitting Lawrence. During the fight, the gun fell. Police say Moore got it back and fired a shot in the dark hitting Sasser in the torso.

Police say Moore later told them he and Sasser had conspired to rob Lawrence.

Neighbors, who wanted to protect their identity, say violence has been a problem there before.

“I don’t bring my kids over,” one woman said. “I have an 8-year-old, and I don’t let him come over, because of the activity that happens at this park. I just think something needs to be done. They either need to tear it down or do something with it.”

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  • Lp

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is someone’s loved one who is now deceased. You are immoral terrible people who have nothing else to do. People who loved this girl including her family are being subjected to the things being said here. How dare you disgrace someone you never knew or believe the story of the person who has admitted to shooting her.

  • Anthony Gades


    Whiteville, a dusty little town in the middle of a rural county, has a park?

    A park! And it is frequented in the wee hours of the morning by hoodlums.

    This is proof positive that America has a violent crime problem.

    I’m sorry about the death of the young woman, but to quote an aphorism, “Play with fire, and you’ll get burned.” Or shot.

  • SnatchHammer

    Oh wait I don’t think the shooter meets the criteria…..Jessie Al sorry for wasting your time with this one.

  • jeremy

    well earlier today i read tht there was a murder and no more details were given, i actually hated to hear that, well now that i find out the murdered girl was plotting to tob a guy well im tickled lol only thing better would have been if the bullet had glanced off the play swing and made a B line for the moore kid, glad this hood rat is in custody

  • Guest2020

    Whiteville has a lot of things and believe it or not, they had a Walmart before Wilmington did.

  • Observent

    Amy was a 40-hour week working, tax paying, church going citizen and obviously a lot better person than your ignorant behind.

  • Not Politically Correct

    Saved us some welfare tax dollars darian. If only you would have dont it to yourself then we wouldn;t have to pay for you in jail.

  • guesty

    Sometimes the karma bus comes right on schedule.

  • Teacher

    I knew Amy. I knew the Amy that was working to improve her life. I don’t know what happened but I do know this is tragic. Moment by moment we are given chances to make the world a better place. The Amy I knew would want a better world. Amy would want people to get an education. Amy would want people to feel love. I am not sure the true events of that night will ever be straight. I know I taught her. I know she was one of the most deligent and passionate students I ever had. I am sadden by this cruel world. I am saddened by the tragic death of a woman that aspired to be in media. The one thing that is working to tear her apart now.

  • Guest0101

    That sounds like an 8 year old wrote it. SMH….

  • Fixing Stupid

    If Barry Obama had a son, he would look just like this guy. That could have been Obama 25 years ago! LMFAO

  • Shonda Moore

    This my nephew and its not a joke someone lost life and my is in alto trouble this isn’t a joke people !

  • westLA

    I wonder if the NAACP will have a rally and protest this?No wait,it was black on black crime. They cant sue anyone so they don’t care!But the victim was unarmed I think. But the shooter was not white so they don’t care.

  • Psalm 91

    I understand people have various opinions and everyone is entitled to voice that opinion. However, these comments are ignorant and childish and this is one time I will post a comment. Amy Sasser may have made a mistake so did her boyfriend as well as Curtis. They all were wrong in some manner. I have known Amy most of my life and I am NOT aware of what she was involved in. However, we all come from the same creator. What you all need to realize is nothing in this life is guaranteed but death. Don’t judge so quickly because you never know, this could be your child, mother, brother or sister as much as you disagree. Someone is hurting because of their loss. How would you feel if someone posted ignorant comments like you all have. What really needs to happen is that the people putting this foolery out here need to get up, get a job an make a future for yourself and stop sitting at the gas station all day watching people wave at you. If all you have to talk about is someone else’s life, get some business of your own. In addition to that learn how to pray peace in the area not talk trash about color.

  • 1stcousins

    To all the negative comments..Amy was my 1st cousin && no matter a persons faults rather right or wrong they r still human. but so many wanna pull a race card…the cops dont know what happened..the only ppl that know is god and the individuals..my cousin cant tell her side..but i do know that we as the family heard the 911 tape so we know more than the news..

  • Guest1976

    I find it amusing that someone who would use “text lingo” to communicate outside of text messaging would comment on someone’s grammar. P.S. The grammar was correct. And it spoke volumes about the person Amy was. I guess all the people talking about her are perfect and have never done anything wrong. We need more “perfect” people in the world like you all.


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