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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington has issued the first film permits for the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “Christmas in Conway.”

The movie, starring Mary-Louise Parker, will shoot interiors and exteriors at homes at 1307 and 1311 Country Club Road throughout August. The permit says the shoots will be on weekdays starting Aug. 5 and ending Aug. 28. According to the permit, the shoots will include up to 10 cast members, 70 crew members and 30 extras.

Another permit for several dates between Aug. 8 and 22 calls for a 50-foot Ferris wheel. Crews will begin building it in the backyard of a home at 410 Forest Hills Drive. Shooting at that location on Aug. 14 will include stunt scenes with an actor falling from the partially assembled Ferris wheel.

“Christmas in Conway” is slated to air on ABC and WWAY later this year.

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    The film projects just keep on coming. The industry is alive a well and welcomed.

  • ExtraExtraExtra

    I do hope the “film industry” pays the homeowners a fairer price than it pays film extras.

    Extras earn minimum wage for standing around in the heat all day. Miserable work for miserable pay.

    According to all the gushing media reports, the film (flim-flam) industry is benefitting someone, but we extras don’t know who they are.

  • Guestshelia

    “Shoot at”? Really? It sounds like the film industry is doing a George Zimmerman and shooting an unarmed house.

  • Guest2020

    The headline starts “ABC Movie to Shoot”. It was very clear about “shooting”. “Shooting” is a common term used in filming anything. I think you rather overreacted.

  • Guest 884

    So you’re saying “the headline was written by a poor person”?

    Get my point?

  • Guest 1492

    Time for a reality check. Being an extra isn’t really a career; it’s just something you do to augment your earnings.

    If you find the “work” so miserable, stop portraying yourself as a victim and go out and get a real job.

  • Guest2020

    Like any other job–if you don’t like it, look for another one. And don’t sit there and complain. I am assuming you knew the pay before you took the job, therefore you agreed to the pay. So, don’t whine about not being paid enough.

  • RealityCheque

    Question for those in the industry: does being an extra help one qualify for a SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) card? If so, that’s one MAJOR reason to do it for low pay…it’s your foot in the door to a real career in the industry like an apprenticeship or an internship.

  • Guest 4253

    “We” extras doesn’t mean anything. You’re just a group of disparate part time people who’re essentially no more important than the background scenery and equally just as interchangeable.

    Get over yourself. Your being self-delusional.

    Why do you think they just call you “extras”?

  • Guest2020

    I worked with a fella about fifteen years ago who did had done some work as an extra and said that you would need a speaking part to get a SAG card.


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