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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) says she will keep her seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives after issues arose about her becoming Carolina Beach Town Manager.

After announcing last night that she had accepted the job and would continue to serve in the legislature, town leaders learned today that North Carolina General Statute 160A precludes town managers from holding elected office.

“Both The Town of Carolina Beach and I acted on good faith regarding my ability to serve both the Town and in the NCGA,” Hamilton said in a statement. “We did so on information we received from the legislative ethics staff, who advised us based on their knowledge and research that it would be lawful and appropriate and I could do both. My personal ethics would never have allowed the process to move forward at all without clearance from the ethics committee.”

In her statement Hamilton said learning of the “obscure statute” that would require her to choose between the two jobs changes everything.

“In the past Carolina Beach has experienced considerable political activity,” Hamilton said. “I was comfortable working with the existing Mayor and Council. However, there is an election in November, and elections have consequences. I was OK with this uncertainty when my resignation was not eminent (sic). I will continue to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly and fight hard for my constituents in District 18.”

After learning of the law this morning, Carolina Beach Mayor Bob Lewis said he wanted Hamilton’s decision by the end of the day. The decision he got was not the one he wanted.

“I’m a little disappointed,” Lewis said. “No. 1, we didn’t make the first announcement, and we didn’t really plan for that announcement to be made until Friday after we voted in the open session to confirm the contract agreement and the terms of that. We were going to have a public relations opportunity to introduce Susi Hamilton, and her publicist decided to get it out there quicker, and she made that announcement not really knowing the full extent of the law.”

This afternoon Hamilton’s publicist Tori Jones asked us to “give (Hamilton) some space” as she makes this “life-changing decision for her and her constituents.”

Carolina Beach leaders say they were caught off guard when Jones released the statement about Hamilton’s new job. Jones said she e-mailed the media shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday because she believed the town was going to release its announcement at the same time. An e-mail from the town’s social media director soon followed.

Lewis said they have offered Hamilton the job, but a formal, public vote would not come until a meeting Friday. He said Hamilton would have made between $88,000 and $98,000, which Lewis said is less than former Town Manager Tim Owen.

Hamilton is in her second term representing a district that runs from downtown Wilmington across northern Brunswick County.

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  • L. W. Hatch

    Request you obtain a copy of the signed and dated contract which will show everyone the Donkeys are behind the cart. Is it not against the law to enter into and sign the contract days before the required Public Meeting is held and Council voting in Public so the citizens can observe what they are doing? Perhaps all the Council needs some training from Institute of Government? Have the two appointed Council Members ever attended any training? It also looks like they are “reacting” instead of “responding” to the situation they put themselves into. Tuesday, November 5th will provide for much needed changes!

  • Theo

    Can Carolina Beach do ANYTHING right and on the level?

    We have a corrupt democrat attempting to “double-dip” on gigs. We have an unusually corrupt beach town full of politicians engaged in corruption, malfeasance and ethical apathy. And people simply talk in clichés and meaningless rhetoric. Pathetic.

    I haven’t and will not spend a penny of our household dollars in Carolina Beach until the government is cleaned up. Pfft, not in my lifetime.

  • Guest4022

    There are some flags here. Last night Hamilton stated “there are no immediate plans for any change in my elected status.” In listening to today’s video, at the 1:01 point the mayor says that she was planning to resign but that would take about a month. Explains “immediate”. She was going to quit. Changed her mind after it all became messy. She knew the law.

  • Guest2020

    Somebody got caught with her pants down. I hope voters remember that come election time.

  • tke1

    I guess CB will have to get their “pork” somewhere else. It would have been a good setup if they could have swung the deal.

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