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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For many people, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School eight months ago was felt through televised reports, but Newtown Police Chief Mike Kehoe saw the devastation firsthand. He spoke about his experience today during a law enforcement training conference in Wilmington.

Gut-wrenching images that captured a nation. A SWAT team going into an elementary school where bloodshed was rampant. Armed with three guns, 20-year-old Adam Lanza showed no mercy.

We saw the faces of those killed, 20 children ages six and seven and six adults. December 14, 2012, is a day that will forever be burned into Kehoe’s mind.

“It was a great sense of sadness that it could happen to such a strong, dynamic community that Newtown is,” Kehoe said.

The mass shooting at Sandy Hook lit a firestorm of debate over school safety and gun control. Meanwhile, some questioned if a school resource officer had been there that day, would it have changed anything. Kehoe says it’s a challenge to put an officer in every school.

“It goes a long way to safeguard our schools. There’s no doubt about it,” he said. “But we also recognize there’s a limited amount of resources available.”

Since that fateful day, Kehoe says it’s taken great resilience from police and the community in Newtown to move forward.

He’s hopeful his experience will help others like Wilmington Police to be prepared if such an event were to happen here.

“I think we can all learn from this, and if this were to happen again, and we hope it doesn’t, that we’ll be able to respond more efficiently and better,” Kehoe said.

Kehoe will return to Newtown later this week with a gift from Wilmington artist Rachard McIntyre. He presented Kehoe with a drawing of the faces of the 20 children killed in the school shooting.

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  • Guest 10101

    I can’t think of one reason, outside of just being mean spirited, to refer to Mr. Kehoe as a flunky. His presentation also in no way advocated either a pro or con position on gun control.

    Using a tragedy of this nature for your OWN political purposes just isn’t the right thing to do.

  • Boris

    Flunkies like Kehoe just want to use these events to disarm the law abiding. FACT is the cops cannot protect anybody from crimes like this, but they want to create more victims by aiding and abetting this lawless Obama regime in its quest to disarm the law abiding and let the thugs run wild. Kehoe can buzz off.

  • Truth For Life

    Interesting that they have the resources to spend $50 million of the CT taxpayers money on a school that they deem unfit. In today’s economy? Also interesting that the CT residents are not fighting this. By the time they realize what this does to their state budget, it will be too late. A lot of sleeping sheep in CT and that is simply unfortunate.

  • Boris

    He is an anti gun flunky, and you are a leftist who doesn’t like the same leftist techniques used against your precious flunkies. Why were the surveillance pics/videos of the alleged killer Adam Lanza sealed by the governor? WHY NOT show pics of this 15 yo goofball, who supposedly never drove (but drove himself to the school) shot his way into a locked building and handled an AR15 like a pro doing tactical reloads (after one visit to a rifle range with his mom.) WHY did the initial reports claim TWO shooters, then it was quietly changed to just one dead kid? So many questions and contradictions but the masses are supposed to listen to flunkies like Kehoe and every other tragedy exploiting parasite leftist clown like Gabby Giffords and her hypocrite husband and take their word as gospel? LOL! Keep watching MSNBC!

  • Guest 10101

    You’re just another one of those extremist nuts who no longer cares about people and civility. You just care about what your brain is whispering to you. Time to put your aluminum skullcap back on.

    Not that you’ll comprehend this, but I’m an independent voter who votes just to the right of moderate. The only reason I even brought this up is just to show you how off track you are in your warped thinking. I doubt you’ll be able to process something that complicated.

    My condolences on your lack of capacity for real thought in a real world.

  • Guest2020

    So, all of the people who jumped onto the anti-gun bandwagons after the shootings weren’t using tragedies for their own political purposes?

  • Guest 10101

    This post just also happened to be over the top with the name calling. Everyone has a right to make a point. Being gratuitously uncivil during the process of expression shouldn’t be part of it.


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