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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County District Attorney should soon get the results of a SBI investigation into the Wilmington Police Department and the way officers handled of a botched prostitution sting last year.

Yesterday, SBI spokeswoman Jennifer Canada told WWAY the results are now being reviewed by the Attorney General's Special Prosecution Section. Today Canada said that information was not accurate. She said SBI agents have finished the investigation and are finalizing the report to go to the DA.

Canada said she had confused our request for information on the WPD investigation with the SBI's investigation into former New Hanover County Sheriff's Lt. Joey LeBlanc, which the special prosecutors are now handling.

David and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous asked for the WPD probe in March after WWAY helped uncover details of the sting that Evangelous admitted officers covered up for months.

WPD disciplined at least three officers believed to be involved in the incident. Two of the men eventually quit.

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  • Decidelaot

    Now those detectives should have known they couldn’t have their cake, and (yuck) eat it too..

  • ChefnSurf

    – A police department spokesperson thinking WWAY was asking her a question about the Sheriff’s Dept.? That doesn’t even begin to make sense.
    – The Chief not asking for an investigation until after a TV station starts digging up stuff that’s been festering for months?
    – A giant list of personnel problems and a boatload of other items all within the last year?

    Management starts at the top. Enough excuses. In the private sector Evangelous would be gone by now.

    Time to move on Chief

  • guesty

    “SBI spokeswoman Jennifer Canada…”

    She isn’t with the police department but with the SBI which currently has two investigations going on in the area. An easy mistake to make.

    Now as far as the rest, his time is up. He started out good but has fallen into the rut of being too scared to stand up to the corruption within the department.

  • SnatchHammer

    Boy I love a good trainwreck!!!!! This should be awesome!!!! =)

  • Guest Reply Redux

    They will just blame it all on Brian Berger…and his case against the whole shebang will be Renault… Dauphine! Then they will STOP HIM!


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