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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Republican lawmakers have decided to adopt new North Carolina abortion rules just before the end of the session. That’s according to our sister station WTVD in Raleigh.

The final vote was 32 to 13.

The bill gives the state Department of Health and Human Services the authority to regulate abortion clinics with the same standards as outpatient surgical centers “while not unduly restricting access.”

Lawmakers are expected to close their annual session early Friday.

Gov. Pat McCrory threatened to veto abortion regulations that didn’t leave the rules to the judgment of the state health agency. The Republican governor said that legislation crossed the line between protecting patient safety and restricting access to a legal medical procedure. McCrory said during his campaign that he would not sign any new abortion restrictions into law.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, Planned Parenthood and others said they delivered petitions Thursday containing the signatures of tens of thousands of residents who oppose the proposed new regulations.

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  • Guest2020

    I bet that if an anti-abortion petition was circulated that there would be more signatures.

  • dean bailey

    i wish the republicans past a law that let us shoot republicans . that be best law in nc. too bad its againt the law

  • taxpayer

    The correct word is “passed”…not “past”. “that be best law in nc.”?…now might be a good time to repeat 4th grade and learn proper grammar and sentence structure.

  • Guest7969

    you ask me, this ISN’T what the far right Conservatives want and it isn’t what the far left Liberals want. HOWEVER, it IS a blending of the two and compromises on the issue….which is how government SHOULD pass laws…

  • guesty

    Are you really as dumb as you sound naturally or did you have to work at it?

  • Rick Wilson

    We will now see if the Governor is a man of his word. It will be interesting to see what excuse he will use if he is not a man of his word.

  • greenie

    can anyone in our state really have a problem with requiring the same medical regulations and oversight for abortion clinics as the guy who clips your ingrown toenail? And is it a bad idea that the abortion Dr. be required to perform the procedure(instead of an “assistant – who may or may not be a nurse?), and have admitting privileges at their local hospital? Am I missing something here? Where is the outcry from the feminist organizations that should be supporting this legislation to protect women’s health? Is the opposition trying to say women have the right to substandard care to protect their right to an abortion?

  • Guest2020

    Their argument would be that their motives aren’t pure. We don’t care what standard of care women get because a bunch of old men are just sitting around thinking of ways to suppress a woman’s so-called reproductive rights.

  • Guestg

    Why did anti-abortion legislation suddenly come up these past couple of months in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina? Because ALEC-controlled GOP legislators mounted sneak attacks in their legislatures and caught Democrats and citizens in support of safe and legal abortion off-guard. Why else would NC GOP Senators try to tack on amendments to an anti-Sharia law bill at midnight on the day before July 4th? And then again, in the House, attach anti-abortion measures to a motorcycle safety bill? Really? How can ANYONE believe this is transparent government?

    These laws aren’t about womens’ health or saving babies either. And certainly not about what the Lord wants.

    Plain and simple, ALEC (a corporate non-profit-go figure!) has bought and paid for these morally bankrupt politicians with cash, resort vacations, entertainment, etc. in exchange for them introducing these measures to insure a future class of poor, uneducated serfs to work for minimum wage or join the military to fight their wars. Meet your new Jesus, America: Corporations and the 1%.

    Wake up before your children are slaves.


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