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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The son of a former Boiling Spring Lakes police chief has pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon.

As part of his plea, Michael Ballree will receive a suspended sentence and probation.

The indictment says Michael’s father, Emmett Ballree, gave him a Heckler-Koch UMP .45 caliber automatic weapon.

Emmett was the Boiling Spring Lakes police chief at the time.

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  • taxpayer

    wasn’t the former chief charged with aiding & abetting? He certainly knew his son was a felon when he gave him the weapon.

  • Guestou812

    Don’t know where it will go because there has been no further news about it (why not WWAY?) But his father, Emmett Ballree was in fact charged with a felony himself for putting the machine gun in his son’s hands. There also could be no doubt Emmett was aware his own son was a felon because his son earned that distinction when he was convicted for STEALING FIREARMS from the Mount Olive Police Dept. when Emmett was the Chief there.

    Another question worth asking is why in the heck did former city manager David Lewis make this hire knowing that fact himself? Then the city tolerated the Chief running a “taxi” service for himself and family using the city car and city gas. Last, why did city council not do anything about his for all the years this was going on?

    Dispicable is what it is.

  • Boris

    Sweet deal, do you think anybody other than a cop’s son would have gotten such a slap on the wrist for a felony charge with an illegal machinegun transfer? Where is the ATF? Oh, the ATF is probably too busy denying legitimate transfers and investigating Zimmerman.

  • Guest2020

    Actually, anyone with a lawyer would have gotten the same thing.

  • Guest2020

    He must have had Judge Jolly presiding.

  • tke1

    I keep reading all the comments on the activities in the court system. All of you folks should go spend some time in the courtroom and observe your judicial system at work. Begin with District Court. Most important cases like this one are decided in the judge’s chambers before they ever reach the courtroom. This backroom activity has several purposes, one of which is to speed up the process in the courtroom. Another is to allow the defense attorney to remind the judge of favors he owes and of the golf game on Saturday.
    Then go to Superior Court. Pay attention to the lawyer’s motions and how they are handled. Some are frivolous and borderline stupid, but the client thinks he/she is getting topline defense. Listen to the pleas. Plea bargains are offered by the district attorney as a means to clear the docket and speed up the process.
    This learning process is not a one day deal. You will have to spend a lot of days in the courtroom learning who the lawyers are and the pecking order of the local bar.

  • wann-know

    Hey WWAY, why no story on the father, Emmett Ballree? He was charged with a felony also. Why no follow up on that? You have gone after Ronald Hewett, Rex Gore, John David, Ola Lewis, Richard White, the list goes on and on but not a word about the BSL shamed Chief other than when he was charged! While he takes all kinds of liberties in the social media you stand silent. Why? What is his status on his charges? Did he challenge the city that fired him? What has been the status on that? Don’t you think a police chief that was shamed out of one job, fired from another, and then charged with a felony is worth reporting? We want to know. Give us the story. There is certainly one there if you take the time to report it!

  • radar1

    Indicted but not yet convicted, Da Da Ballree is now “Almost” a felon!
    But then again, he “Almost” fooled BSL in to thinking he was a cop too!


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