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Brunswick man charged with animal cruelty


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Brunswick County Sheriff's Office Animal Protective Services Unit has charged James Miles Butler, 27, of Pine Needle Rd., Longwood, with cruelty to animals.

Butler contacted Animal Protective Services to alert them that something was wrong with his dog, a male lab and pit mix. He indicated that the dog’s head appeared to be swollen. When the APS Officer arrived at the residence, he found the dog to have nylon lead embedded in his neck. The lead appeared to have been around the dog’s neck for a long time. The APS Officer was able to cut the dog free from the lead, under which he discovered wounds.

The dog is now under the care of a Brunswick County veterinarian for treatment of his wounds. The vet has nicknamed him "Red".

Butler is currently being held at the Brunswick County Detention Facility under a $25,000 secured bond.

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The teacher from South Brunswick deserves the same if you all truly believe this is what this man should be entitled to.....No one has made a moment about her. She starved 3 animals and her punished or bail was only 500 dollars compared to this man's 25,000......... He called the department because he was concerned about his animal, she was reported by someone who did not what to be publicly known.......

Miles Butler

Give him the maximum! He deserves the electric chair. Shame on him. Its time we stand up for animals.

Wow i love animals too but

Wow i love animals too but people should calm down they act like animals are more important than humans what about the people that are doing it to humans like Zimmerman doesnt have to spend a day in jail but u think he should get the electric chair lets be real now


AGREE 100%!!!!!

This low-life knew exactly

This low-life knew exactly what the problem was and figured he could call animal control and get free care for him instead of having to pay a vet. Wow, did Karma come at just the right time to this hood rat! Wish all stories ended so well. Hope the dog recovers and finds a great home.


Seriously, how ignorant does one need to be to not notice your dogs collar is choking him? I mean really? Just how high/drunk do you have to be for months on end not to see or feel the leash is tight? This pathetic human ~cough~ obviously NEVER paid a bit of attention to or touched this poor dog !

Hope Mr. Butler remains

Hope Mr. Butler remains there for a long, long time. He needs something embedded in his neck.

Can't blame him. He's a just

Can't blame him. He's a just a mindless, low-life, thug, doing what comes natural. But I have a Walker Hound / Pit Bull mix, so it makes my blood boil when I hear stories, like this. My dog is one of the sweetest guys in the world.

I happen to know him

I happen to know him personally and he is mentally challenged but he is a very nice person that made a mistake so you should watch what you say about people if you dont know them