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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Beginning Monday, part of Water Street in downtown Wilmington will be closed.

The closure will not only affect the flow of traffic, but may also hamper area businesses.

The Coast Guard exploratory excavation will help determine what repairs need to be made to the Riverwalk bulkhead in front of the Federal Courthouse.

The testing will shutdown the southbound lane of Water Street between Princess and Market streets. Traffic cannot pass through between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The project is expected to last several weeks and will force some events to relocate.

“We are sad to leave this location for a couple of weeks, because we finally have established the market over the last few months, and we’ve had a really good turn out,” said Suzette Hawley, who coordinates the Sunday Downtown Historic Marketplace.

Hawley says the business vendors generate on the waterfront will take a hit.

“I am expecting it to be quite a drop-off,” she said.

For the next few weeks the market will move a few blocks away to Bailey’s Theater Park. During that time organizers say the will try to steer potential customers in their direction.

“We are going to actually have some signs down here to direct traffic up there and also along Front Street to direct people,” Hawley said.

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  • Guest 99

    Sarah – I’d question how long you have been around downtown. The true businesses are those that have brick and mortar locations, pay taxes (city and state)and contribute to downtown’s environment and economy 365 days a year. they get impacted by road closures more than sporadic unjuried vendors who set up a folding table once a week and only pay $50 per year to the city from what I’m told. But the businesses are business minded so they realize the need to improve older infrastructure to keep downtown vital in years to come.

  • Guester

    I imagine the vendors would take a bigger hit if that section of Riverwalk fell into the river. I can’t believe having them move for two weeks is that big of a deal.

    I’m also confused about how long the one lane of Water Street will be closed. The article says the project will last several weeks but I’ve seen other places report about a week & a half. How long will the Coast Guard be closing the southbound lane of Water Street?

  • Vog46

    Until they reveal just how much of the walk is affected by erosion.

    Then you’ll understand why they tried so hard to get their greedy little paws on the beach renourishment fund.
    Almont shipping poured LOADS of money into that docking area.
    The city will have to do the same for ALL of river walk.



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