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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A father and son wanted in New Hanover County are in jail.

Thursday we told you deputies were looking for Stephen Ridley and his son Zachary for a string of thefts. A day later Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies arrested them for a host of charges, including failure to appear and felony larceny.

Dad is also charged with assault with a deadly weapon, theft of cable TV service and being a habitual felon.

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  • wilmington

    They have stolen from our store numerous times and we have caught them, he is a crack head and alcoholic, in and out of jail, an his son following his foot steps. They both got what was coming to them.

  • PoloNot

    They look poor, and the father, a convicted felon, would have a hell of a time finding a job. They are involved in crime because–most likely– stealing is their only way to make a living.

    The son looks sad and forlorn and lost, as though he has been neglected, or perhaps abused. Where is his mother? He looks like he needs some motherly love.

    They have done bad things, but the extenuating circumstances need to be considered, in my opinion.

    Life for people like them can be very hard in bad economic times, and in these times people will resort to desperate measures to survive.

    This is rather sad and reminds me of Victorian times when families lost themselves in criminal activities–burglaries, pick-pocketing, prostitution, etc. just to survive.

  • tke1

    The sad, forlorn look comes from knowing they have been caught and if convicted, free room and board for a while, especially the habitual felon.

  • thumpp


  • Guest112211

    I was raised extremely poor throughout my child. We moved to Maine when I was young and lived in a two room house with no running water . That was from 1972 to 1976. We did our shopping in the basement of churches, thrift stores, and yard sales. My folks did the best they could with the circumstances and hand that was dealt to them. But, we never stole from anybody. We never robbed anybody. We never broke into anything to steal from anybody. We never assaulted anybody. Because you may be raised without a lot of money does not mean you become a thief. I was raised poor and became a law enforcement officer. My sister was raised poor and became a nurse. That is like saying because your parent was an alcoholic, you will be an alcoholic. For me that just does not fly. People make there own choices!!!!

  • Guest10

    Why don’t you take them in after they are released.

  • r matt

    I guess you are not one of their victims…yet. That is the largest load of BS I have ever heard. Why don’t you take them in and provide for them? Did you hear habitual felon?

  • Guest910

    Stephen is a good man who just had to survive wilmington is a town where you either have money or you don’t the law blames people for surviving but you gotta do what you have to do

  • jj

    Really, I have known him most of his life and he has been in trouble since he was old enough to walk. It is time for him to be removed from the street. I am surprised he hasn’t killed anyone by now.

  • C’est La Vie

    So what you are saying, in order to survive in Wilmington you have to steal cable and other property and assault someone with a deadly weapon and other things that most criminals do?
    Stealing is not a way of survival. Stealing is a way of thieves. Not “good” men.
    The events that these people participated in are criminal. Not something good people do. Good people don’t steal and lie and cheat the system or those that are around them. Good people obey the laws and respect other people and their property.
    These two men are not “good” men.
    To make a life for themselves by stealing doesn’t really grant them the title of men either. I say they are worthless criminals.

  • Guesttoday

    This is the most insane comment I’ve ever read. A Habitual Felon trying to survive?? Good men DO NOT live off the backs of others commit so many crimes that you are now considered a Haitual Felon. This makes me sick… Really now…

  • guest7290

    Yes they shouldn’t have been stealing and yes Stephen is a convicted felon. But neither one of them are bad people. They didn’t make the right choices and yes they should have to pay for them and learn their lesson. But people can change so don’t be so quick to judge them if you don’t know them.

  • guesty

    Since they were still committing crimes, it is safe to say they haven’t changed one bit.


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