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Police identify men killed at North Topsail Beach, keep other details quiet


NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Police in North Topsail Beach are still not saying much about what led to the deaths of two men on the beach Thursday night, but we do finally know who the men were and about their troubles with the law in the past.

Robert Clinton Shellhammer IV and Christopher William Stewart lived just a few miles from one another in Sneads Ferry. They died just yards apart on North Topsail Beach.

"Someone just came up to us on the beach, and she got stabbed and her husband got stabbed," a woman caller told 911 that night.

Witnesses said a third victim, Bekka Shellhammer, was taken from the scene with knife wounds she apparently suffered trying to break up a fight between the men. Investigators, though, have not commented on her involvement.

"She came up saying her husband has been stabbed and that he's dead," the caller told 911. "We don't know if maybe she has a knife and maybe she stabbed him, but we don't know what's going on. We're literally talking to her through the door now."

Neither Robert Shellhammer nor Stewart were strangers to life outside of the law. Court records show that Shellhammer was convicted in 2003 on felony charges of indecent liberties with a child and assault on a child. Stewart was convicted on drug charges in 2011, but people who knew him say he had cleaned up his act.

His stepfather described the shock his family received when they got the news.

"When you're awakened at 5 o'clock in the morning and they're asking you questions but not telling you anything, it just hurts," Christopher White said.

Police say their investigation continues, but that they are not looking for any suspects.

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You sound a great deal like

You sound a great deal like Pat Robertson. And like Robertson, you do Christians a disservice when you make statements like that. You exhibit "poor use of freewill" when you throw compassion out the window and again with your lack of discernment.

Really?? you must be a

Really?? you must be a church going person. hypocritical church going person. Let God be the judge not you. I only knew Chris and he was a great guy. Your comments do not hurt the ones that have passed but the family and friends. Be considerate!

Two thugs get into a fight

Two thugs get into a fight and kill each other. No expensive police work, no warrants or arrests, no trial, no attorneys......all's well that ends well.

It May not be Ended GuestUSMC

Read the Coroner's report. It appears that only one guy was capable of killing the other, but he then died of a slit throat. Only extensive police work, a warrant, an arrest and a trial will explain how that could have happened.


Sad very sad. I knew they would be young at least from my point of view. I may be wrong but it seems there has been a lot of violence in the area this summer. I hope and pray thins change soon.


Cant say much about these 2 among other things, Shellhammer is a registered sex offender INDECENT LIBERTY W/CHILD, Stewart DEL/SELL SCHEDULE II.

From your comment theres not

From your comment theres not much to say about you. Chris was a great guy and I'm sure you do not know the whole story. This is a horrible situation and no one will ever know the whole situation. I am sure you are perfect wait no you are judgemental.

Chris was Evil

Chris was not a great guy, but rather was a criminal who was convicted in 2011 of drug dealing. In 2004 he was convicted for damage to property. Those are facts. "Fraternal Correction" is very important, and I ask you, sir, why did you not demand Chris cease his evil ways.

excuse me, but i want even

excuse me, but i want even allow u to get me upset with ur comments..but Chris was not a evil guy he was very loving... so if u have nothing good to say then dn't say anything at all.. thanks u

Its not sir, its mam... this

Its not sir, its mam... this does sadden me, but you don't know what happened. Chris was not evil. He was not perfect but who is? or do you have another fact to tell me about you and how perfect you are? I know his brother, his mother, and step father and they are just as great as he was. Be considerate you fool!!!

Chris was in fact a great

Chris was in fact a great guy. Not perfect like you must be, but a great guy who was loved by many. He left behind family and many friends who are in mourning. Your lack of respect for those family members and friends as well as his memory is nothing but a disgrace. Shame on you.

Well said! Chris was a

Well said! Chris was a great guy that will be missed by many!

I knew Chris, and he was NOT

I knew Chris, and he was NOT a great guy. Far from it. He was an abusive, manipulative sociopath. He was violent, arrogant, and ignorant. I'm sorry he's gone, but I'm not surprised at all. And if you REALLY knew the guy, you'd agree

Anyone who knew Chris would

Anyone who knew Chris would never describe him as you did. But your lack of class and disrespect is proof enough of your ignorance.

It is so sad that these

It is so sad that these Familes are Mourning the life of there Family Members and People are up here Bashing them !!! As I recall I don't think anyone is perfect !!! Except tGod !!! I was always taught if you can't say something nice then you don't need to say anything !!! I want there to see what happened!! But just remember you want either !!! I think people can't remember the word Respect!!!! As I recall the word respect means : To show consideration and Courtesy!!!

No I knew him well and feel

No I knew him well and feel the opposite. He would have done anything if I needed it. We appreciate your opinion though.