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ST. JAMES PLANTATION, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The 6,000-acre golf and marina community near Southport has been selling a new home or homesite every 28 hours since the start of the year.

Through June 30th, St. James Plantation has welcomed 154 new owners and generated more than $27 million in sales volume, more than any other Coastal Carolina community, according to the M.O.R.E. Report, the Rocky Mount, NC-based real estate research firm.

Home builders in St. James Plantation are also enjoying a robust revival. There are more than 150 new homes under construction in the community – representing a capital investment of more than $50 million – and at least another 100 homes in the pipeline.

What’s fueling the growth? “The biggest factor is the Baby Boomers from the northeast are returning to the market in force,” said Tom Condon, director of sales at St. James Plantation.

“The residential market in the northeast is unlocking, and Boomers are finally able to sell their homes and move south to better weather and lower taxes,” he said. “And with 10,000 Boomers retiring every day for the next 10 years, St. James is ideally positioned to benefit.”

Condon also noted that St. James – as well as other communities along the coast – is starting to attract more buyers from a little closer to home, especially the Raleigh-Triangle, Charlotte and the Greensboro-Winston-Salem markets.

“Staying in touch with family and friends has always been important for Boomers,” Katie Campbell, director of marketing at St. James Plantation said. “If that trend continues, we expect to see more and more of our future residents coming from North Carolina.”

Accordingly, St. James is budgeting more of its 2014 marketing dollars in the state, Campbell said. “In fact,” she added, “we’re planning to go to the Ideal Living real estate show in Raleigh this coming January.”
Founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1999, St. James Plantation (www.StJamesPlantation.com) offers a full complement of recreational amenities, including 81 holes of golf, a private beach club, full-service marina, four clubhouses, athletic clubs, resort-style swimming pools and tennis facilities, along with several miles of hiking and biking trails.
It has ranked as The Number One-Selling Community in the Coastal Carolinas for 21 straight years, and is now on pace to make it 22 in a row in 2013.

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  • tke1

    While we welcome the economic boost to our community and state, beware of the newcomers. They are coming here to escape high taxes and all the negative aspect of their previous homes. Soon after they move in you will hear “You southerners are so ignorant. In (New York, Boston, Philly, etc. just chose one), we did so and so” and begin the process of turning our home into what they escaped.
    Just a little reminder.

  • Local27

    Not as long as we can keep them fenced in!

  • frances rud

    To tke1 You got that right. I agree.

  • Angewidert

    Xenophobia: the irrational or unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.

    Ohhhhh ….. they’re not from here so they must be bad, bad people!

    A lot of the stuff you post fails to even make sense. The common sense reason for most folks from colder climates to move here is simply because the weather is nicer. Sounds to me that you resent them simply because they can afford to do that. If they’re successful enough to facilitate that, it’s no one’s business but their own.

    Hey, I’m curious, where did you come up with this stuff that most of these buyers are former government workers? Do us all a favor and post your source for that.

  • Boris

    And what will these northerners bring as well as their money? Their WAYS, which means in a few more years NC will be just like NJ, more taxes, more liberalism, more unions, more foolish entitlement spending, more need for infrastructure, etc etc etc…. Most of these retirees are former govt workers, which is the biggest irony of all.

    ST James is already having problems supplying water and will be tapping into outside sources, causing ripple effects on surrounding areas. Of course when liberals use up all the resources its OK, until it affects their pocketbook, then they want govt bailouts. They can have that old swamp, its not even on firm ground!

  • Guest Reply Redux

    First off…Grammar check PLEASE. Try an S in “Homes”…you’ll see. Unless they are selling the same house over and over :-O
    Secondly…who cares what sells and doesn’t sell at St. James Plantation…or SJP? Oh…the Real Estate personnel…but then again…outside of that…who cares???
    When this becomes a Widespread event in the area on home sales…then there’s your story.
    And/Or….this story is for the non locals from elsewhere to read via the Internet…and hurry up and get them your check…and QUICK!!! Ha!

  • anne

    Why would anyone want to move there? My husband, a tradesman, has had some dealings with them and won’t ever again. He was called to make some repairs on a home. When he got to the gate, he was asked what he was doing there, he told them and he was informed that he would have to fill out paperwork to work in there and that it would take awhile to get it completed and approved. He told them forget it – the small job he was doing wasn’t worth the aggravation. When we get calls now, and they tell us they are in St. James, we just tell them to call someone else.

  • Seaturtle123

    My, my…looks like some of you have forgotten your manners. It is not nice to look a gift horse in the mouth. Sounds like some of you are being just plan “ugly”.

    St. James has also contributed heavily to the surrounding Hospice centers, the Food Pantry, the schools, the First Tee, the beach clean ups, the local charities, the home for abused women and children, as well as hosting vacations for our military personnel.

    Shame on those who say otherwise and complain…your parents would be disappointed in how you’ve evolved.

  • Boris

    Do me a favour and tell me how St James is affecting the natural resources. My knowledge of that gulag comes from working in there first hand and the majority of retirees there are former federal workers. They are creating problems in the ecosystem that you liberals usually whine about. Explain to me why anybody wants to live in that filled in swamp?

  • Seaturtle123

    You will never keep us “fenced in”, and for good reason. If only to save the world from your senseless fears of the unknown and progress.
    Have you even watched The Dome? It is so true to the thinking in this region. Progress is NOT the ENEMY…but Stagnation is!

  • BigMike801

    Remember this is the same community that requested that its residents have one day a week to shop by themselves at the new Lowes foods that is going up in the area. Are we not good enough to shop with them. They can keep that stuck up nose in the air community. Nothing but miserable people. Are the sales people telling the new residents about these issues. I know 3 familys that purchased there and when they saw its true colors they sold and moved the hell out. If they had there way they would try and vote to take over Brunswick County.

  • NCBound

    I often would charter a day fishing during our families visits to Orlando.Got to know the guide well who took the PGA pro’s in the area out on a regular basis. I asked him “in general who are the worst customers you get”? Without any hesitation he answered “aholes from NJ”.
    Glad St. James is getting the majority and not where we’re headed.

  • jc maggiola

    It is so very sad to see the bitter and sad sniping comments regarding the SJP growth on both sides. As a resident in the community for over 9 years I have seen a tremendous partnership among residents in and out of the SJP and surrounding area when they have worked together to support worthy causes. There are way too many to list. Residents throughout the area are well aware of the benefits to all. I can honestly say my experience moving here has been a most pleasant one but not without its difficulties. The local residents take a long time to TRUST you but once they do…THEY DO. So the lesson I have found here is that ALL COMMUNITIES have folks in them with their prejudices…..some in the North and West that have moved here, which I would not have associated with back there had they been neighbors, and clearly some life long established residents down here with attitudes and pre-conceived notions and ill-gossip with no facts that even their neighbors wouldn’t associate with. Lets all try to be Christians shall we !


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