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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two Wilmington women are behind bars after police say they stole a puppy at knifepoint from its owner.

WPD charged Teresa Diane Cobbs, 43, and Tamekia Rashelle Smith, 29, with armed robbery Sunday.

The victim told officers she was trying to sell a Pomeranian puppy on Craig’s List and met the suspects in a parking lot in the 3900 block of Independence Boulevard.

Police say while one of the suspects was holding the puppy, she got into the vehicle. When the victim approached the car, police say the suspects pulled out a knife before driving off.

Officers tracked down the vehicle and its owners and made the arrests.

Cobbs and Smith are both in the New Hanover County Jail under $20,000 secured bond.

Police say the puppy is safe and back with its owner.

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  • Guest23456765
  • Beth

    If they would pull a knife like that, it makes me wonder what their intentions were with the puppy. This is why I hate breeding. There are enough animals in the world. Why add one more to the pile to possibly be abused or neglected? Craigslist is NOTORIOUS for weirdos taking advantage of poor neglected puppies and kittens and doing vile things to them. People with snakes have been known to take advantage of unsuspecting kitten owners, FREE KITTEN ad rings a bell? They take them and feed them to their snakes. Jesus come quickly.

  • Guest 1492

    To steal it. Dogs like that are worth money. Duh!

    Oh, and free kitten ads are about giving away kittens. Duh!

  • Guest, just another

    Typical garbage. Next thing they’ll be saying they did it for trayvon.

  • tke1

    Thank goodness these two heard about the “cease fire” at church and turned in their guns. Let’s get started on knives now.
    By the way, Craigslist people, PAY ATTENTION! If you are going to meet buyers or sellers, go to an open for business, public place that YOU are comfortable with and don’t go alone. Pay attention to the person you are meeting and their vehicle. You may have to identify them later and it is easier on the cops if you can do more than shrug your shoulders and say “I don’t know”.

  • Beth

    “Oh, and free kitten ads are about giving away kittens. Duh!”

    There are animal cruelty laws. Someone twisting another’s good intentions on finding a pet a good home only to have some PSYCHOPATH feed them to their snake is BEYOND inhumane.

    In lots of cases, people have pets and can no longer afford to take care of them due to job loss. So they try IN VAIN to re-home them. No worries with my fur babies. I’d live under a bridge first.

  • Guest 1492

    Someone’s getting a little “less than normal” these days. Could it possibly be you?

    Your “fur babies”. You’d “live under a bridge” rather than re-home a pet. “Psychopaths” trolling for animals.

    Perhaps it’s time for you to start reading your own posts. Uh-oh!


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