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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Protestors have recently targeted Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District), but today there was a different kind of rally outside of his downtown law office.

Supporters thanked Goolsby for keeping the promises he made during the election.

Goolsby has supported bills against sex trafficking and an abortion regulation bill the supporters believe protects women.

“It’s been a great thing that’s happened,” supporter Bev Jolly said. “They really came out to the people. He promised to do it, and he did it. They delivered.”

The group Women Organizing Wilmington had organized protests outside Goolsby’s office earlier this month. They moved to a different location this week after they said counter-protestors “provoked” their demonstration last week.

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  • Guest1118

    I totally agree. Thom says what he means, means what he says and never backs down. I have never been disappointed in any of his votes!

  • GuestTim

    Thom Goolsby is one of those rare public servants who always does what he believes is right and in the best interest of our citizens. He also keeps his promises–even rarer among most politicians. No wonder he has become one of the most respected legislators in Raleigh. I especially appreciate his standing up for abused women and children and those who have no voice in our community. He is a true gentleman in every respect.

  • Guest43

    The man is scum. How can you support someone with his agenda? Stop drinking so early in the day.

  • SamILM

    ….Mr. Empowered Imposter has accomplished a lot; mainly, to provide an enormous amount of data to be used against him when he runs for Attorney General next election cycle. He is the most self-serving, arrogant and snide politician that Wilmington has ever come across. You are a bad man, Mr. Thom Goolsby. A sham.

  • GuestMan.

    This John Bircher has conspired with the other tea-bagging republicans in Raleigh to disenfranchise people from voting, called his constituents “morons”, and with the others and his votes will set NC back 30 years. For those idiots out there that think this is a good thing, remember that the liar Ronald Reagan was president then and we were in the midst of the biggest tax increases in modern times as a percentage of GDP. His stupidity is superceded only by his arrogance.

  • Speak of stupidity and arrogance I would say that yours shows through pretty good too.

  • Guest1118

    Look in the mirror, you are completely delusional. Thank God not all area residents are complete morons, yes MORONS, like you are.

  • Guest1118

    Mr. Communist, how it “disenfranchises” people from voting when we have to show an ID to:

    rent an apt
    buy a car
    get insurance
    check in a hotel
    buy certain cough medicines
    get a tattoo
    buy alcohol

    Hmm? You libs are total, freaking, moronic idiots who spew talking points and are incapable of thinking.

  • truthseeker

    Hey Lawrence as a white male I grew up in the same times as you. Are you saying that drug testing of applicants seeking assistance is wrong. Do you support paying tax payer money to those who use illegal drugs and use monies received for such purposes? How else do they pay for drugs if they require assistance? These people need to reset their priorities. How is this policy demeaning? It is not, it separates those who actually need assistance and those who use it to support illegal activities. That is demeaning to me and many others! Extremism on the left is just as harmful and has proven to not work and waste money. Blacks have been given every opportunity even at the expense of white people to do better. You have been given promotions over more deserving whites just because of color, not merit. The days of a “free lunch” are over and you need to earn your way. That is the real American way!

  • Lawrence

    As an African American that was brought up in the deep south during the 1950’s and 1960’s I have a completely different view of Sen Goosby than the comments submitted by those who appear to admire him so much for several reasons. He has sponsored legislation such as the abortion bill, that denies women the right to choose what they deem best for themselves, then claim that this bill protects and assures women receive proper medical treatment. “Despite the fact that the “Racial Justice Act”, has already been successful in proving discrimination and disproportionate application of the death penalty when it comes to African Americans, he went full steam ahead to see that it was repealed. By the way, I haven’t heard him or any of his colleagues suggest or recommend ways that we can improve the justice system in this matter. His sponsorship of a bill to require drug testing of applicants seeking public assistance is not only demeaning, but shows his lack of sensitivity towards the plight of those less fortunate than himself. Extremism in legislation in North carolina in the last several months have caught the eyes of people outside our state which was once viewed as one of the most progressive in the south. How long will it be before industries considering a move here pick up on how backwards we are becoming? I’m sure Sen Goolsby is supporting the voting legislation that is clearly designed to suppress the minority vote. I would remind him and his colleagues that doing the politically expedient right thing is not always the morally right thing.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …with your thoughts. Why is it that you blacks always portray yourselves as victims that are targeted, when that just isn’t the case?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being required to present a valid ID to vote. No more wrong than having to provide one to cash a welfare check or purchase groceries with an EBT card. There is no targeting to suppress ANY minority voters due to there economic status. That pure bull-hooie! Just get the ID and use it like 90% of other legal Americans. There simply is no rocket science here and no basis for argument.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with welfare recipients having to “sometimes” prove they are drug-free to receive the welfare tax money that I have to take a drug test to earn and pay them with. In my humble opinion, the drug test requirement falls very short of what it should require, initial testing to qualify for welfare and random testing to remain qualified. That’s what I have to do to remain employed. I don’t appreciate my tax money being spent to support drug dealers and users while they sit on their lazy duffs with their 300 dollar cell phones shooting at each other. We read about them every day in our own communities.

    I fully disagree that “Racial Justice Act” ever did anything to liberate any disproportionate or racially motivated sentencing. The fact that the prison population is comprised of a very heavily imbalanced load of African Americans is an ethnic issue that needs to be addressed by African Americans, i.e., baby-deddies take responsibility for and teach your children, don’t just make them. There are many more suggestions to help this great cause, but you cannot blame this on the “great white one”. Families of poverty have many resources these days, yet tend to perpetuate the behavior for generation upon generation to allow the government to pay their way through life rather than achieve education, rise above, become somebody and break the cycle.

    I don’t have much of an opinion on the abortion issue. I’m not in the habit of pro-creating life, then deciding “that” isn’t what I want in the first place, so kill it and move on. I just don’t work like that. A health issue related to pregnancy is one thing, to kill a fetus just because of “convenience” and lack of self-control is totally another. Far too much of that continues to occur. If you’re simply going to be stupid and irresponsible, get yourself sterilized and avoid the problem in the first place. Again…no rocket science here.

    Your points are presented in an articulate manner, but still display your disdain for what you feel is racial disparity in the recent political changes. Everything isn’t always about politics and everything isn’t always a racial issue. Don’t be your worst enemy. Use that intelligence to help break that cycle, rise above and assist your people (as you seem to consider them) to assume responsibility, accountability and to be productive members of society. NOBODY can ask for anything greater than that!

  • Guest7969

    It DOESN’T DENY women abortions, evidently you didn’t read the bill. The racial justice act is just a race card. Demeaning to have a DRUG test, ummm..those of us PAYING for those benefits submit to drug tests all of the time! GET OVER IT!

  • Guest972

    Well said. The ramifications of these bills will be felt for a while. Let’s just consider the money that will pour into the battle that will be waged in courts. Surely this money could be better spent actually helping people. Restrictions on clinics that provide contraception and education to young people will likely come to fruition with an increase in teen pregnancies, STDs and unsafe practices. I am heartened to see many protesters were people of faith, pastors, priests and ministers who all saw the immorality of these recent bills. North Carolina has become a joke for talk show banter. The only good I can see from this is that those effected most will be galvanized in the next election

  • Guest1118

    You are SO ignorant! The “abortion bill” DOES NOT deny women “the right to choose”…..abortion, sadly, is the law of the land. It just makes abortion clinics live up to the same safety rules as ambulatory surgery centers. IT HELPS WOMEN

    Goolsby has been at the forefront of helping women with his human trafficking bill.

    I couldn’t even read your entire ignorant post because you’re regurgitating dem talking points which as usual are lies.

  • dad and mom

    Thanks mom and dad for the nice two comments you posted on here ,your son Tom

  • GuestMan.

    Spoken like a true member of the John Birch Society.

  • Sarafem

    Thou shalt not call someone stupid if you don’t know when to use “well” instead of “good”.

  • You really have no idea what the John Birch Society is about, do you? Kind of lost in the fog listening to what people tell you to believe rather than checking things out for yourself.

  • GuestMan.

    I do actually know a little bit.
    I know it is a conservative white organization that does not want minorities to have any political power, it advocates the abolition of income tax, wants to repeal civil rights legislation (which is already happening) because they feel the communists were behind it, It wants to dismantle the Fed because it says the constitution does not authorize making money without precious metals to back it (does Ron Paul come to mind), and it thinks the US should get out of the UN because traitors in our gov’t want a “one-world socialist government”.
    Also the Koch brothers(tea-party funders) father was a founding member.
    Do you need another political science lesson?

  • truthseeker

    Its about time conservatives finally are enacting policies that are good for the State. Liberals only play toward those who do not work, do not get an education, claiming they are victims. The only victims are the taxpayers having to support their sorry butts. Right out of HS I started college, got a scholarship, graduated and in two weeks after graduation started a career. There was nothing given. I earned what I received by studying, graduating and earning my keep. That’s what all conservatives like Goolsby are saying. We do no mine helping because everyone from time to time needs a break. But intentionally not working, not getting an education then you are on your own. Liberals just cannot stand this. They rather reward unmotivated individuals to keep their vote and power. Detroit is a prime example of liberal politics and now bankrupt, no future, soon to be a quagmire of poverty and distress. So Senator keep up the good work!

  • Vog46

    Go tell that to the investors his investment company defrauded out of monies.
    Thom Goolsby is a jerk, a charlatan and a rip off artist who has no business as an investment adviser, or lawyer for that matter.


  • SurfCityTom

    he’s already campaigning for re-election. His TV ads are on rather frequently.

    So whom have the Democrats identified to run against him?

    At the end of the day, that will speak louder than all of the huffing, puffing, and name calling.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Vog, I think you’ve made it perfectly clear that you don’t give a rats hind-quarters for Goolsby, but how can you make such accusations? Investment defrauding is a federal crime and very serious! I simply have not heard of any convictions of defrauding or anything even remotely connected to that applied to Goolsby or his investment practice.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever met or even heard of an investment broker that has “never” lost money. Haven’t you ever wondered WHY they call a person that manages your money a “BROKER”?

  • Vog46

    Who did the GOP put up against Saffo?
    The lack of opponent does nothing to enhance the incumbents reputation or performance in office.

    But you know that……….


  • Vog46

    Guest – and MOST, if not all investment brokers do what their clients want. If it’s bad they advise the clients NOT to do it but they DO the investment upon the insistence of the client.
    Goolsby’s firm went AGAINST the clients wishes.
    The lawsuit is a civil one, because there is less of a burden of proof required.
    I have not heard, but Baker and Slaughter is advertising heavily to see how many clients may have been affected. I do not know the requirements for class action but I believe that’s the road they’re trying to go down.


  • SurfCityTom

    I would not be surprised if Brian Berger is a write in candidate.

  • Guestjohn

    You radical extremist democrats have apparently forgotten that Senator Goolsby restored the death penalty and repealed the ill-named “Racial Justice Act” at the request of Democrat District Attorneys and law enforcement all across North Carolina. Goolsby cares more about the murder victims and their families than he does the murderers that you radicals support. Goolsby has reduced our taxes, fought for abused women and children, supported law enforcement and crime victims, balanced the state budget, and restored integrity and dignity to this office. You radicals ought to stop acting like morons and acknowledge the truth. You “Occupy Wilmington” types have destroyed the Democrat Party in New Hanover County. You terrify the rest of us with your radical policies.

  • TH3

    Keep on believing everything this fake canservative tells you. Are you not aware that taxes on essential services are going up? Ttust me, your income tax may go down, but taxes on other things go up. It is radical idiots like Goolsby that tell the misinformed what they want to hear and in turn shaft them in the process. Wait and see.

  • Guest45

    Thank you Mr Goolsby for being a man of your word and doing the work that others have promised to do but lacked the backbone to pursue!

  • Wilmington Observer

    Your reply was so complete and well written that my reply would have seemed redundant. Well said, thank you.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Vog46

    I have only one problem with voter ID. In PA they ended up closing many early voting places but in doing so, also reduced the number of available places people could register to get an ID – forcing people to drive in some instances very long distances. This puts the handicapped and those without cars in a position where they may not be able to get an ID.
    Most lawyers I know believe that this is the Achilles heal of this legislation, and may be it’s undoing if the case in PA is ruled to be voter “suppressive”.



    It is very sad that some people can’t see through these political schemes. These laws that place unnecessary restrictions on small clinics are designed to circumvent the “law of the land”. The General Assembly could care less about helping women. The restrictive law is designed to close abortion clinics by imposing unrealistic standards that they know full well can not be met. This is nothing more than politics to ensure conservative law makers retain the anti abortion vote. Politics is a dirty game. I have to give it to the senator and his colleagues, they are clever people who know the game very well. So you see my friend, at the end of the day, all but a very few clinics will have to terminate their services, and even those few will not survive for long. Thus good ole NC will shortly be the state where women do not have the right to choose. Just saying…..

  • THI3

    Thank you Thom Goolsby for:


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