McCrory’s cookie offer to abortion rights protesters crumbles

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Submitted: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 2:57pm
Updated: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 2:59pm

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Gov. Pat McCrory stunned abortion rights protesters outside the Executive Mansion in Raleigh Tuesday by hand-delivering them a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

The protesters, who were dressed in 1950s era outfits, gave them back.

“It was very quick,” said Planned Parenthood’s Irene Godinez.

Southern hospitality or chocolate chip diplomacy — either way the governor’s cookie gesture crumbled.

“Really, everyone was just in shock,” said Godinez.

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  • KB says:

    We are protesting because this is TRAP legislation. It raises the standards to those higher than most physicians offices and requires modifications that have nothing to do with the procedure or to safety. The republicans would never be brave enough to say they’re going to outlaw abortion because they would never be elected. So instead they put legislation like this in place that is not noticed by the bulk of the population.

    The result? Women with the money will still continue to get abortions, as they always have. Those who do not have the money to travel or find a physician who will prescribe RU486 will choose illegal abortion or will carry unwanted children to term. In the long run that means more butchered or dying women and more needs in a shrinking social service system.

    Gotta love the pro fetus crowd, love them until they’re born then they’re on their own.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    for far too many years, the Democratically controlled legislature turned its eye and did not require abortion clinics to meet ths same health standards as other medical clinics.

    Sorry, but if one sector of the medical profession has to meet certain health and sanitation standards, then all should.

    So far, you’re the only one posting on your side of the argument.

  • GuestMan. says:

    I certainly would not want it to be up(down?) to the standards of cleanliness that NHRMC, Dosher, Pitt or any other local facilities have. Infection runs rampant in our health care facilities and the mortality rate is much higher than abortion clinics.
    It is still a smoke screen for a different agenda other than the welfare of the mother.
    Tom, you are not as stupid as you seem sometimes and I know you can see through this for what it is; the religious right trying to find any reason they can to legislate against abortion.

  • GuestMan. says:

    I guess I am a beacon of light in the darkness of ignorance.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    a beacon of duh light in the darkness of democratic neglect.

    The very conditions being addressed now whoulc have been addressed over the past 12 years of democratic governance.

    But they were not, like so many other things like rampant borrow to spend on entitlements and medicaid.

    So now, just like those items, the Republican administration is forced to address the neglectful performance of the Democrats.

  • Guestgr says:

    WHY would OB/GYNs oppose this?

    It means that more women will seek illegal abortions and will die. It certainly does limit access if 15 of 16 clinics must close because it will cost over $1 million per clinic to provide the ambulatory surgery facilities the law demands.

    They need to impose the exact restrictions on vasectomies and prostate exams. Because MEN need the same protection, too, right???

  • RSimmons says:

    Keep polishing that cowpie and toeing the party line Tom. Personally I Wouldn’t have a problem establishing that standard if the intent and outcome provided safer procedures especially for more invasive abortion procedures. But that was never the intent and this law does nothing to improve quality of care at any level . Malpractice and negligence happens at all levels of medical care.

    Again, The sole intent of this bill and the recent bills in other states have been to deny access by creating an economic hardship for the clinics and patients. This bill also
    eliminated abortion insurance coverage for city and county employees and bars state residents from paying for the coverage through state health exchange plans.

    If women’s health and well being was a primary GOP concern they wouldn’t be voting against women specific equal pay and anti-violence legislation.

  • GuestMan. says:

    It is the latest statistics ther are if you read my post. In 1996 there were 5 deaths, in 1998 ther were 9. The point is that it is one of the safest procedures there are and doesn’t require those type of standards.
    Closing the one in Asheville means people were doing their job with their oversight. The present system worked pretty well it seems.

  • Vog46 says:

    Don’t be naive.
    You and I both know what this legislation was intended to do whether it went through the front door or back the GOAL was the same.
    It was to reduce the number of abortions.

    If Smiley or Sleasley had attempted anything similar to this we would have gone apoplectic.
    You KNOW that’s how we’d be


  • Guest2020 says:

    If clinics close because of this legislation, that means they were providing sub-standard service and should be closed. On one hand, you don’t want women to seek out illegal, unsafe abortions. On the other hand you oppose abortionists being held to the same quality standards as regular surgeons. You can’t have it both ways.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    please continue spewing forth with the liberal, Democratic rhetoric. That seems all you can do. You certainly can not face clear facts.

    The new health standards for abortion clinics merely bring them into line with other medical care facilities. Nothing mor — nothing less. And frankly, this should have been addressed many years ago during the preceeding 12 years of Democratic “leadership”. It fell to the Republican Governor and Legislature to take the bull by the horns and take action.

    You fail to note this proceedure is considered an “elective” proceedure; and most health care plans do not cover “elective” proceedures.

    Keep up the same old posts. You’re not convincing the majority of voters with your fact-less rhetoric.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    due to the impact on their fee billing ability.

  • Vog46 says:

    At all.
    Nefarious and un-needed regulations are an anathema to tea party republicans everywhere. Gov McLiar should be lynched for this regulatory approach.

    It is also sickening to see Commerce Commissioner Decker proposing NEW TAXES on fracking oil/gas so that Gov McLiar can have funds available for incentives or as I call it – “Pay to Play” in NC.
    This tells me that fracking will NOT generate other economic activity as proponents claimed it would as we’d have to resort to bribery to get company’s to come here.
    I expected FAR better from the NC GOP – they are going far away from the tenants of lowered regulation of free markets and no new taxes.


  • GuestMan. says:

    Quit with your toeing the line of the lying republicans.
    As you know, because I stated earlier to you in one of your posts, the mortality rate for abortions is so low they usually release the rsults every 5 years. The rate for 2008 was over 1.19million legal abortions in the USA with 12 deaths TOTAL. This is about 0.64 deaths per 100,000. The rate for deaths from oral surgery is more than that.
    This is just a smoke screen to restrict the amount of places women can go to get an abortion in NC and thus restricts her rights to get one.
    As I said: Solutions for problems that don’t exist.
    This is a back door attempt by the religious right to disenfranchise a woman from her right to choose and will be overturned in the courts after much expense to the people of NC.
    These legislators are not doing us any favors with these laws they are enacting in Raleigh.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Can you explain how conditions like this should continue? Using duct tape and torn face masks.

    “An Asheville abortion clinic has had its license suspended by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services over what the agency calls violations of existing rules.

    A statement issued Wednesday said the violations discovered by inspectors revealed a threat to the health and safety of patients.

    DHHS director of health service regulation Drexdal Pratt said inspectors found FEMCARE Inc., failed to comply with 23 separate rules. Among the violations, the agency said FEMCARE failed to maintain anesthesia delivery systems in good working condition, with torn masks and tubing held together with tape.”

    Waiting for your liberal, democrat response to clear facts.

    This is the very type of issue the legislation is intended to correct.

    FEMCARE officials couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday.”

  • SurfCityTom says:

    you used 6 year old national statistics to make your point.

    What’s your response to the closure of the Asheville facility due to failure to meet standards on 23 seperate issues?

  • RSimmons says:

    I admire your persistence Tom… but tell me again how does requiring a clinic to spend 1 million dollars on additional equipment and infrastructure raise the quality of care? If the intended goal was toward providing safer conditions for women then NCDHHS should inspect these and other clinical facilities on a more frequent basis or require higher levels of training and certification.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    medical care facilities, of which abortion clinics are included, should be inspected more frequently; and all should be required to maintain the same level of facility quality; and should require the same levels of training. Although how you require someone with a Degree in Medicine to be higher trained is beyond me.

    And again, this is something which should have been going on many years ago; but the Democratic administration did not want to ruffle feathers.

    Oh, in some states, waltzing outside the bounds of matrimony may be grounds for divorce.

    Odd though, is it not, that the majority of posters are in disagreement with your position.

  • RSimmons says:

    I have never heard of any health plan outside of a religious organization that don’t cover abortion. Why? because a 1st trimester abortion costs the insurance company a couple of hundred dollars. A full term pregnancy with normal hospital delivery runs about $12,000. Triple that amount for preemies. Vasectomies are also covered.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    “…The Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, recently signed a pro-life bill that would ‚Äústop abortions by helping pregnant women and stopping taxpayer financed abortions. The bill would also subject abortion clinics to better health and safety laws…”

    Outside North Carolina, the bill Governor McCrory signed is viewed as a pro-life bill. Despite all of the liberal rhetoric, the bill seeks, in part, to provide better sanitary and health standards for all medical clinics, including abortion clinics.

    Isn’t it odd how people who have never read the bill or the signed legislation have such a poor understanding of its intent?

    But that’s the Democratic/Liberal action plan. Dispense misinformation; and keep repeating it.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    they are protesting?

    The law he signed into effect does not take away the right to an abortion.

    The law merely requires an abortion clinic to meet the same health standards as any other medical clinic.

    Perhaps some of the opponents could read the enacted law and share what many of us are not seeing.

  • Guestylaroo says:

    I haven’t understood the opposition either. I think they are mad that you can’t go to a garage and get an abortion or follow a whisper in a dark alley. Wouldn’t a woman feel much better knowing the personnel, surgical area, and tools were held to the same standards as in other surgeries?

    Rather than picketing, perhaps Planned Parenthood should increase their educating functions and birth control avenues to prevent the unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

  • GuestMan. says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t just crumbs….

  • Southern Child says:

    I hear his staff brought the protesters cake later. I suppose the governor does not know his history and forgot Marie Antoinette’s famous quote “Let them eat cake.” She lost her head. Our governor and his ilk lost theirs a long time ago. I guess Gov. McCrory went to a charter school or a private school, since he obviously missed out on the higher level skill of understanding and applying historical allusions. This story has so many ironies! Got to love it!

  • Guest001 says:

    We understand your point but what does it matter if he went to a charter school or a private school? Most of those schools teach at a higher and more aggressive level than public school. Stick to the point and the matter at hand.

  • RSimmons says:

    Obviously the new law is all about restricting abortion rights,anyone who claims otherwise is either stupid or a liar. However the law would have been much worse without Gov. McCrory. Maybe I’m wrong but I would have seized the moment to try and open up some dialogue with McCrory and maybe get myself in front of the inevitable Ultrasound and Vagina Probe legislation that will follow this law.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the cookies and cake approach was rather sophmoric.

    But you are missing a point or 2. McCrory, or any NC Governor for that matter, does not wriet proposed legislation. He’s not the one you need to open up a dialogue with.

    But how does this limit a woman’s right to abortion? Please tell me as I must be one of the stupids you refer to. And that always seems to be the liberal approach. When facing irrefutable fact, resort to name calling.

    The legislation very clearly does not limit a woman’s right to abortion. It merely requires abortion clinics to maintain the same level of quality care as any other medical clinic.

    How in the world does that limit a woman’s right to an abortion?

    If anything, it better protects the woman against inferior medical treatment or inferior facilities which could breed germs.

    Balls in your court.

  • YL says:

    This new law ensures that abortions are performed under ths same level of professional and sanitary conditions as ANY OTHER surgical procedure. They are trying to prevent a Gosnell-type scenario and are looking out for women and their health.

    Read the legislation and stop spreading misinformation.

    What you and the pro- abortion crowd neglect to mention and acknowledge is the mental anquish many women face after they’ve had an abortion. They are guilt-ridden and it often leads to depression and alcohol/drug abuse to dull the emotions they are feeling. And I’m a woman who knows someone who had two abortions when she was in her twenties. It continues to deeply haunt her to this day (25 years later).

  • Guest1118 says:

    You’re an idiot and didn’t even read the bill. It makes abortion clinics SAFER and held to the same standards as any other medical center.

    Liberals are incapable of thinking and merely spout their BS talking points which are full of lies.

    I worked my butt off to get the Governor, Lt. Governor and members of the GA elected and I’ll be damned if I don’t defend them and try to refute the liberal lies.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    “…and maybe get myself in front of the inevitable Ultrasound and Vagina Probe”.

    Most Democrats do this now.

  • Boris says:

    These leftist lunatics didn’t protest Dr Kermit Gosnell either, it’s only surprising they weren’t out front of the courthouse demanding he be freed to “provide more women’s healthcare choices.” The liberal maniacs whine about “reverting to back alley abortions” but don’t say a peep when even more disgusting abortions are being done in the name of their “choice.” These leftist freaks fret about children “being killed by guns” but are completely quiet about Dr. Gosnell and his ilk flushing living breathing babies down the sewer. What a conflicted diabolical crowd.

  • To tell the TRUTH says:

    It makes abortion clinics SAFER and held to the same standards as any other medical center. Guest1118 is SPOT ON in regards to what the bill does.
    Liberals are trying to make it sound to the less informed, ” they are taking your rights” WRONG. Keep helping them drink your coolaid.
    So I conme to the conclusion,that those that disagree with this bill want young adults to go to less than standard facilites to have an abortion. You are trying to focus young people to jepordize their health and lives.

  • Jessie says:

    Actually charter schools and many religious private schools do not teach at a higher level. They hire contract teachers, many of which are not properly certified and are not held to a higher standard. Only a few of NC’s charter schools rank nationally as being proficient, while several of our state’s public schools outperform them annually. The public is being fed a line continuously, and some of us buy it hook line and sinker. Most of the legislation regarding public education that was passed this session was directly related to a larger initiative to privatize education so that the money we spend, that accounts for over half of our budget can begin to line the pockets of political donors that want to make a buck without any statistical analysis that what they would offer our children and their parents would be better than what public schools are already providing. Check out the following links and compare your findings to what has happened in NC.

    The bigger point is this is pointless…. as long as self-serving individuals who claim to support smaller government intrusion continue to pass laws that intrude upon and permeate the most private aspects of the citizens of this state’s lives.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I grew up in a private school and would put their academic level up against any public school in the area and the private school would come out on top.

  • mon dieu says:

    Oh good! A safer way to murder babies! Let’s keep making murder safer. Oh, and have a cookie!

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