Moped driver dies from injuries suffered in Sunday crash

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Submitted: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 3:13pm
Updated: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 3:33pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say a moped driver hurt in a crash Sunday morning has died from his injuries.

Police say Lindsey Aaron Mathis, 26, hit a pick-up truck in the 1000 block of N. 3rd St. around 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

Investigators say Mathis failed to see before changing lanes and hitting the truck. The investigation showed Mathis was wearing a DOT-approved helmet, but that it was not properly secured and came off during the crash.

This is the ninth motor vehicle fatality in Wilmington this year, police say.


  • guesty says:

    The moped rider was male.

  • RSimmons says:

    Yes we should all dance around the funeral pyre to celebrate the untimely death of convicted pot heads and shoplifters and other miscreants

  • SurfCityTomBFF says:

    Lord, we praise you for striking down this man who has been a cause for evil amongst us.

    The late Mr. Aaron Mathis was a career criminal with numerous convictions including:

    LARCENY (OVER $200)

    See for yourself:

  • Guest 10101 says:

    First off, my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Lindsey Mathis. His untimely exit from our world is a tragedy.

    Secondly ….. To WWAY ….. Your report says that although Mr. Mathis was wearing a helmet it came off because of not being secured properly. What you did not state was whether or not Mr. Mathis died as a result of his helmet coming off resulting in a fatal head injury.

    Don’t you think it would be relevant to convey that information ???

    The whole purpose of news is to convey information that’s useful and informative to the rest of the community. That helmet info could potentially save someone’s life!

    I know we’re not a “big city” market … however … It’s getting way past time for both of the news organizations in this town to suck it up and start taking their obligations to the rest of us a bit more seriously.

  • GG1990 says:

    Very Well Said!!!

  • Justin LaNasa says:

    Looks like you can fix stupid after all.

  • Guest 1492 says:

    you’ll never be in a position to lead others.

    (In case you didn’t get it, which could definitely be a possibility in your case, you’re a jerk)

  • GG1990 says:

    You need to watch what you day as that is someones son that got killed. Did you never learn that if you do not have somthing good to say DONT SAY IT!!!

  • taxpayer says:

    Comments like that Justin will be remembered if you choose to run for elected office.

  • GRR says:

    Justin, I don’t live in Wilmington and with such JERKS as you I am darn glad I don’t. You run for some office about every election and have yet to even come close. I doubt you could win an election as dog catcher. There is a family here that has lost a loved one and then you get on here making stupid comments. You are so irrelative in the Wilmington political spectrum that it don’t surprise me you have put your foot in your mouth.. It’s not the first time!!!

  • Sarah says:

    What’s that comment mean? Someone died. That’s not funny. I mean, she may have been over exhausted. No one knows why she missed that truck or her helmet wasn’t fastened correctly. What if she had just found out some terrible news and was rushing some where because of it. Does this make her stupid?

  • Justin LaNasa says:

    So People Can not Imitate others as seen in posts on this thread who know little to nothing, this is why our city/country is in the state of disrepair that it is in. Look if any of you had the Courage you would have put you name in the hat against our most glorious adulterous Mayor!!!

    FYI : I do this for the 30% of the population Worth fighting for!!

  • Justin LaSana says:

    By the way: last time I ran for office I got 12 votes which wad a 100% improvement from the previous time when I tallied 6. Who wants some ink?

  • Timber says:

    There is no such animal as a “DOT approved helmet”. The Dept of Transportation is not in the business of approving motorcycle safety helmets. Only motorcycle safety helmet manufacturers provide self-certification that their helmets meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218. After self-certification the manufacturer can lawfully attach, what is known as, a “DOT” sticker to the helmet.

  • Justin LaNasa says:

    I’m not the tattoo guy that has run in many local elections.

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