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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A driver that hit a train with his car while trying to cross a Wilmington railroad crossing says he misjudged how far the train was away, dispatchers say.

The crash happened Wednesday night in the 300 block of Clay Street near Market Street.

Dispatchers say the crossing has no warning lights or gates that normally let drivers know a train is approaching. They say the only way drivers know to stop at the tracks is the sound of a train, and that’s why the driver told them he misjudged how close this one was to the crossing.

No one was hurt in the crash. Dispatchers say there is some damage to the car and the train that was hit.

(Image courtesy: Google Earth)

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  • guesty

    Those stealthy trains will sneak up on you.

  • Guest222222

    Did the driver have his boom box wide open? Probably. I’ve crossed that track hundreds of times, and you can hear the slow train coming without a doubt. The driver was at fault.

  • 1guest1

    Wow, Someone didn’t do there due diligence on this story.

    The crossing does in fact have lights and gates. Trains in Wilmington also only go through town at 10 miles an hour.

    A savvy reporter could have used Google Earth and looked at that crossing and see for yourself…

    You’re welcome WWAY!

  • Kevin Wuzzardo

    Thanks for your comment, but Google Earth shows there are no lights or gates where the tracks cross Clay Street near Market Street.

    We’ve updated the story with an image of the area. It’s also now more specific that it was the 300 block of Clay instead of “near the intersection of Market and Clay.”

    News Content Manager
    WWAY NewsChannel 3

  • guesty

    When the story was first reported on air last night, I believe it was claimed the accident occurred at the crossing on Market St.

    Or I just heard it wrong which is possible as well.

  • Bobby T

    Google Earth also shows a signaled crossing like 150 yards away that a first year electronics student could rig up crossing lights off of those crossing gates/lights we paid four times the real price for.

    Why does the public get third party hear-say from “dispatchers” wherever they live? The driver caught in the brushed out crossing trap hasn’t a mouth?

    The FHWA has sight line charts needed for crossings which the state/Feds/railroads seem to keep hidden well. Pretty obvious the sight lines are missing at three of the crossing quadrants here for 20 mph trains and whatever the road speed limit is.

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  • Steve

    How could someone “misjudge” how close a train is? Quit texting while driving and actually LOOK where you are going!

  • Bobby T.

    What we have is hear-say from phantom “dispatchers” who the railroad has their hands on the puppet strings about “misjudge”!! If you “LOOK” at the picture you can SEE the trees in the way. LOOK AND SEE.


    …The notification was in the form of a black and white flyer that
    spelled out in no uncertain terms that the vegetation is in violation
    of code and Norfolk Southern will not have these codes violated…

    Boy oh boy —Would i like to get a copy of this “CODE”!!!

  • Guest Reply Redux

    It was the tracks that hit both car and train!
    Get it right!
    The car was badly damaged…the train had its paint chipped a little.


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