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CHAPEL HILL, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory says he wants to spend $30 million over the next two years on finding education innovations, but that won’t be possible without Washington’s approval to redirect federal Race to the Top money.

McCrory spoke about education Thursday at a conference hosted by the state’s chamber of commerce. He’s proposing a package of extra funds that schools would need to compete for by showing changes that improve student performance, similar to the president’s Race to the Top program.

McCrory emphasized that North Carolina’s new budget will spend more on kindergarten through 12th grade students than last year. But the legislation specifies that classrooms will get $117 million less than what they would have if lawmakers changed nothing but accounted for increased enrollment and inflation.

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  • GuestMan.

    The republican legislature and our new do-nothing governor passed a bill that will cut 5000 teachers, counselors, psychiatrists from our rolls. It will also give the top teachers a $300 raise two years from now. We were ranked 46th in teacher pay and now are projected to be 48th in two years.
    A reading program for K-3 also loses 4000 people.
    There are cuts to textbook and instructional supplies that total more than 120 Million dollars.
    At the same time 90% of the new tax cuts go to the people in the top 5% of the wealthiest and cut out the earned income credit.
    They really have our best interests at heart, though.

  • SurfCityTom

    go to the source of the problem. Former Governors Easley and Perdue.

    They borrowed from the Feds to keep Medicaid and long term unemployment benefits funded knowing the money would have to be paid back.

    She used the Education Lottery as her personal slush fund to keep her budgets balanced and to fund worthless programs.

    So why not start there.

    Bills have to be paid. She and Easley left the cupboards bare. Have you forgotten how the state was so broke they could not even pay tax refunds on a timely basis?

    You Democrats will say anything to divert attention from the real source of the problems.

  • Guest Timekeeper

    The teachers know the pay scale in NC when they decide to teach here. They accept the job, willingly and have no room to complain. As for spending, tons of money have been spent at South Brunswick Middle School this Summer, hauling dirt and leveling the soccer field. Seems like this could have been put to better use.

  • Boris

    McCrory showing real fiscal restraint. Throw more money at the failing schools instead of giving parents the opportunity to place their kids in decent schools. Liberal policies = misery for all.

  • guest1000

    The next time you have a thought – let it go. Your thinking is flawed and you know nothing of the real issues at hand.

  • Guest 1492

    It’s silly little “boris”! You are sooo funny!

  • Boris

    Da comrade, forward we go! You Liberal Leftist Loons (LLL) really are a broken record. Take your vile anti American spew to Somalia, or Detroit, or some other 3rd world dictatorship you are trying to turn the rest of the US into. Your ilk is truly demented and is a real danger to the civil society. We cannot afford your social engineering experiments anymore.

  • Guest1000

    Wow. A LLL? I find it hilarious that you assume a leftist liberal, when in fact I’m nothing close to that. The real issues at hand is HOW the money is allocated and HOW it affects students. School budgets are public records. If you actually READ how dollars follow the children, you’ll see that while billions are spent each year by the State, the actual amount that is spent on children’s achievement has grown smaller. The biggest denominator in helping a child grow is the contact of the classroom teacher. Period. That is your front line. In war, would you rob your infantry of ammunition rounds because they weren’t getting enough kills? Would you say “well, the generals and officers need more money, so you’ll have to shoot less.” No, because that is ABSURD. When I read comments from people such as yourself who spew Tea Party BS because, let’s face it, it’s always easier to make someone or a group a scapegoat vs. actually trying to tackle the problem and working hard and long to actually fix it. I cannot stand the government waste myself and educational bureaucracy, but the teachers aren’t part of that. That’s like hating the military when the Pentagon brass are the ones doing stupid things.

    That, you see, is called a metaphor. Hopefully you can follow along.

  • GuestMan.

    Why don’t you address what I said instead of spouting worthless drivel like you do when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say.
    So give tax breaks to the wealthy, and cut education. Sounds like a plan for the future to me.

  • GuestReality

    What worthless programs did she take lottery money for?

  • Guest7969

    DING-DING…give this guy a prize! HE remembers how we got here and who was driving the train…

  • Guest2020

    I guess they figure that since Obama’s failures are Bush’s fault that they might as well blame Easley’s and Perdue’s failures on McCrory.

  • Vog46

    Bev did here share there’s no doubt about that but as for the tax refunds they were slowed but not stopped AND the state agreed to pay interest, if the refunds were issued 45 days passed april 15. I don’t believe they paid any interest – did they?
    And the GOP took “Education” out of the lottery title – allowing them to redirect funds almost ANY way they wanted – making permanent the very thing they criticized Smiley about doing.


  • SurfCityTom

    they have not taken a dime out of the Lottery Fund under McRory, have they? Smiley took $80 million during her last year in office.

    They may have taken Education out of the name; but the governing legislation still limits how the funds may be used. That they did not change.

  • SurfCityTom

    come up with some specifics rather than Democratic dribble?

    How does the Governor cut education jobs? Pray tell, how?

    The Legislature writes a budget based on anticipated revenue. The education funds are parcelled out to each county.

    Neither the Governor or state have any say on cutting jobs in any county.

    Where do you even come up with that number?

  • GuestMan.

    The tea bagger legislature and Gov can cut jobs by (duh) cutting funding.

  • SurfCityTom

    thanks to the liberal spend and tax legislatures led by Smiley Perdue and Mike Sleasley, the current legislature has no choice.

    They have all of the debt which the prior administrations saddled the state with. That has to be paid down.

    What would the impact be of an additional $154,000,000 on education. That’s the interest portion of the payment which has to be made to the Feds this fiscal year.

    But set the record straight. They have not focused solely on Education funding. Thay have had to put across the board funding cuts on all state programs.

    So DUH, why not set the record straight.

    And I would still like to know where you came up with 5,000 jobs being cut.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Guest123123

    I am so sick and tired of all of these whiners and complainers asking and begging for more money all the time. Like many posts already these folks know the pay going in then complain if they do not get a raise. Fast food workers want 15 bucks an hour to flip a burger . Are you kidding me. Teachers use your wonderful imaginations to see what other opportunities are out there for you with all of your advanced degrees. What about promotions within the school district and other areas. Branch out and see what is available.

    There is a fire fighter in my neighborhood who doesn’t complain about his pay. He just goes out and takes care of 45 lawn accounts to supplement his income. There are doers and complainers. Its that simple.

    Hate to say it but conservatives are most of the doers and liberals are most of the complainers.

  • teabag

    Why do we have to ask the current administration for anything. We should be able to take care of our own state.

  • Knowmorethanyou

    1. The pay scale today has not kept up with inflation and prior to the last five years teachers made an adequate living with the expectation that would continue, just like every other employee in every other job. That is NOT what we signed on for.

    2. The “tons of money” spent on the field is being spent by the county, not by the school district. And sure, the millions of dollars spent on sports could be redirected to the classroom, but no one has the guts to suggest that. How much money do the high school sports programs spend to benefit so few students?

  • Formerteacher123

    It’s ignorant people like you that only confirm I made the right decision to get out of the classroom after 15 yrs. and change careers. It feels GREAT to be appreciated now!

  • GuestFred

    Government only needs to exist to fight wars.

    Give the citizens all the guns and we will fight crime.
    Let parents teach their own kids whatever they want.
    We can fight fires with our own hoses and water from wells we dig ourselves.
    Get people that own equipment to build roads and have them charge fees to use ’em.
    NO TAXES FOR ANYTHING EVER! NO money=we’ll barter.
    We’ll heal ourselves with herbs and prayer. No stinking doctors needed.

    See, this is what we Republicans want. SO get the hell out of the way, socialist lib Dems that only take!


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