UPDATE: Former sweepstakes employee speaks out

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Submitted: Fri, 08/02/2013 - 3:06am
Updated: Wed, 08/07/2013 - 2:04pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Earlier this week the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confiscated 50 computers from Capital One Reward Zone on Market Street.

The bust was a part of the Sheriff’s Office crack down on sweepstakes parlor.

Capital One Reward Zone was opened two months ago and on Tuesday it was shut down. Now a former employee is speaking exclusively to WWAY.

“I was told that my employment was going to that of a payday loan store,” said the Former Employee.

The former employee did not want to be identified for fear of his safety. He says he accepted the job because he thought this was a legitimate business.

“I asked the technician who was hooking up the computer if we were able to cash checks and he started laughing at me,” said the Former Employee.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is pursuing a warrant for Jerry Gerodemos of Schererville, Indiana and James Monaghan of Charleston, South Carolina.

The former employee we spoke too says the parlor’s attorney Tommy Hicks was aware of the illegal activity.

“He told us this true cash credit care system was supposed to be redeemable for gifts and that it might work as a loophole against the sheriff or the state,” said the Former Employee.

When we spoke to Hicks earlier this week he said the program used on the computers were carefully designed and did not violate the law.

“I think that had a full examination been done of the software and how it operates, the officers would have been able to determine that,” said Hicks.

We made several attempts to contact James Monaghan and Tommy Hicks but our calls were not returned.

Since January, deputies have raided four sweepstakes parlors.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The sweepstakes parlor Capital One Reward Zone has nothing to do with the credit card company Capital One. A spokeswoman for the credit card company tells WWAY the company’s lawyers are looking in to the potential trademark infringement.


  • Tommy 3 Fingers says:

    Chris Burger is the guy that lied and ratted out a place he worked at, now he is back in Worth IL. Did he report that income to IRS or SSI?

    Cafés are just fine, more bigger investors are now getting in the game, we are not going away anytime soon.

    The government fails to report or realize is this, the cafés create jobs for good people, cafés pay huge tax to be open.

    Get with it people the casinos are the problem here!

  • mt says:

    How could news 3 air comments from a guy who claims ignorant to what he was hired for. How could they not investigate more.What happened to the verify your story.This supposed scared employee is a convivcted felon trying to scam on his SSDI and earn wages unreported.he is an alcoholic who stold money from the same place he claims he new nothing about.He has a personal jealousy ,vendetta against the same person who gave him the job inspite of not trusting him because he is a drunk and a thief.paid for his hotel room and got him to NorthCarolina.This same bust out begged to have the job.He ratted the owner out for selling fireworks,after he stold the large amount of money and making the bank deposit,NEWS3 should have verified this source .You really made a mistake on this 1.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …to sidestep the law through a “technicality”! You lose all of your stuff, get slammed with charges and attorney fees.

    You asked for it!

  • No answer says:

    Have ever wondered why laws are so technical and have a list of definitions ?

    Maybe it’s to define what is illlawful and what is not. Read the law then determine if what is at question is in fact violating the text of the law.

    SPEED LIMIT IS 55mph

    55mph = ok
    56mph = speeding ticket

    Technicality ?

  • GuestX says:

    No surprise here, another crooked attorney,helping crooks.Justifiying it by calling it their job.

  • Miguel says:

    Reason that local government is so dead set against these parlors is because they don’t want people spending their money in ways that do not contribute to the local economy through taxation. However if I were to dump my entire savings into a collection cup at my local church, Gov. Pat McCrory and his far right band of nuts would have no problem. This is why I like the Republican Party less and less. I enjoy periodically playing these machines. Nobody is harmed when I do. But McCrory doesn’t, therefore I cannot either. NEVER AGAIN WILL I VOTE FOR A REPUB D-BAG!!!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    “Miguel”, you are a low-life, dirt-bag. We work hard, and earn our money here.

    Hopefully the folks in Indiana, or South Carolina, won’t put up with your mess either.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Like a drug dealer, or a pimp. Just trying to find a way to capitalize off someone else’s weakness.

    Maybe these guys will get it right at their next location. They found the right, flunky, front man, goon. They bought the right, paper waving, snake lawyer. They just didn’t count on a honest sheriff, standing up against them, and protecting his people.

  • Guest76 says:

    It’s beyond me why these sweepstakes parlors were made illegal in the first place, guess the state wanted a monopoly on gambling with the lottery..

  • DEB says:

    What we spend money on is our business! I think the Sweepstakes offer more than other entertainment around town such as the topless bars or the bars people go to and get drunk! Sure, some people may spend to much money but that is their choice. Go after the people that smoke, drink and are addicted to the topless bars!

  • lee mandich says:

    Nice job Jimmy!!! All that greed finally landed you right were you belong!! Federal prison!! Go legit, you can still make a life for you and your son without continuing to embarrass yourself

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