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WINNABOW, NC (WWAY) – One nursing home employee says the facility in Brunswick County is not doing enough to fix a bed bug problem.

“They pulled the sheet back and you could see them crawling all over there fat ones, small ones,” said the employee that wishes to remain anonymous.

Bed bugs, probably one of the nastiest infestations you could have. One employee at Brunswick Cove Living Center says the facility has a big problem with the critters.

“I started taking insecticide to work hoping that if it keeps mosquitoes off, maybe it will help keep them off too,” she said.

Having to resort to those measures has her worried about the residents, especially for those living in the rest-home section of the building.

“They would not live like that if they were able. They should not have to live like that because they are not able,” she said.

Not able to get away from the bed bugs as easily as she can.

“You have people well I’m itchy or you see the red spots on them,” she said.

Brunswick Cove staff refused to go on camera with us but they did issue this statement in response to the allegations.

The statement reads: “We at Brunswick Cove have had a few isolated incidents with bed bugs over the last couple of years affecting four different rooms. This is a problem that is becoming common in nursing homes, adult care homes, hospitals, and hotels. We are a business that has many people coming in and out to visit and as a result are vulnerable to these types of issues. We have a protocol for dealing with these issues aggressively as they arise. This includes a contract with a reputable professional exterminating company that treats any room with confirmed bedbugs twice. As part of our treatment we also treat the adjacent rooms. This protocol has proven to be effective. We are committed to the safety and welfare of our residents and will continue to monitor this process closely.”

“I really thought what they were doing was working,” the employee said.

But judging by what she sees every day, she says it’s not.

The nursing home says they had an exterminator come out today to treat one infested room.

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  • Sally smith

    That place is infested with roaches. They crawl on the residents and be all on the beds and in their clothes. The place is a dump and paying residents should not have to live that way!!!! Someone needs to step in and look out for our elder people!!!

  • Itchy Magoo

    Thanks a lot everyone. Now I’M itching. . . .

  • RMG

    While most comments here cover the issue well, I wish WWAY would actually read the story. Some sentences literally make no sense.

  • Jim Riche

    Well aren’t you the one to call the kettle black? If this employee is “unprofessional” for mentioning an issue with (I am am assuming by the way you address this issue like you are the director or DON or somehow involved on the paycheck side of the facility) then what does that does that make you for so easily throwing other facilities under the bus? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your patients? Won’t the facilities reputation speak for itself? Hmmm either that or you will right?

  • Njemile

    Take him home if your not pleased with nursing facility its that simple

  • Guest55555333

    Look I’m sure things are being taking care of properly and promptly! Issues like this get blown out of proportion! Of course no one wants this to happen! But just like the flu bug or mrsa, etc things happen and I AM POSITIVE anyone that would care enough to own a nursing, assisted living, retirement facility would NOT allow residents to suffer! For such reasons as this women going out and taking upon herself to announce it that there is an ” infestation”. Also, why haven’t families come forward or if she was a true professional why didn’t she take proper steps and contact the correct people instead of a news station? Sounds a little unprofessional and a bit childish to me. I think people don’t leave because in today’s economy trying to find a job that pays a great deal of your benefits, holiday hours, Paid time off, etc is hard to find and they don’t want to leave that. Most places don’t offer that anymore so they should feel pretty lucky. Plus if they tell you it’s being taking care of then its not your job to question that. Some things take time and although I have no experience with bed bugs Im sure they don’t go away overnight! Management does not need to communicate every detail with employees at all times. This was very inappropriate in my opinion. I think every nursing/skilled/assisted or retirement living facility have had some type of issue and have all had disgruntled employees. Just not all have had ones that feel they need to blab it to the public in this case it’s kind of embarrassing since it is and has been addressed. Unlike places such as Plantation Village that is infested with mold that is ignored or the nursing home downtown on 16th st that had issues of neglect. Now that is major issues!

  • Guest2020

    It is truly sad how little some nursing home employees care about the helpless. My grandfather was being moved between his bed and wheelchair by employees using one of those slings to help. He fell and it was a full 24 hours before they took him to the hospital. It really tears me up when I think about him laying in pain with a broken shoulder for all that time with no relief. If you don’t care about the people you are serving, then you need to be in a different line of work.

  • Nofaithnlaw

    Brunswick Cove’s administrative staff will do anything & say anything to cover up their lack of responsibility to ensure that the residents are treated with dignity & taken care of…I have experienced this first hand! I hope that the employee that came forward does not reveal their name & that they trusted no one in that facility to share this with. If they did they will be terminated. Experienced that first hand as well!!!! Maybe the State will get off their ass & go do something to take care of this place!

  • concerns

    Sounds to me like you work for nursing home in question. Sounds like threats to employees for coming forward. The person did the right thing. Regardless of how good their job is they they put the patients first. Employees should be kept informed till problem is corrected. So they Dont risk infesting their home!

  • Guest2121

    If you’re referring to a stand up lift, residents are suppose to be able to lift 23% of their body weight. Some residents refuse to lift themselves which is why this incident probably occurred. If your grandfather had fallen, its not the CNAs that had caused this, its the physical therapy department that you should be calling on blast since its their job to decide what machine to use on him. If he can’t at least do 23%, then he needs to be a hoyer lift.

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