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Well, it’s happening again. A valued member of our WWAY News Team is leaving us to get married and start a new life.

I’ll never forget the first second I met Cacky. She flew into ILM late one Saturday afternoon for the interview and the first thing I thought was, “Dang! You’re TINY!” I think that’s the first thing a lot of people say when they first meet her (some say it in their heads, others blurt it out not thinking.) We manipulate her chair on set when she’s anchoring so she matches Chris. But when you see her in person, you know what I mean. In fact, Cacky came back from a Brunswick County Commissioners meeting one night and told us Commissioner Bill Sue had called her “Lil’ Bit,” as in, “You’re just a Lil’ Bit!” It was a great line and it’ll always remind me of Cacky.

She was quick to charm me and Andy Combs, our General Manager, that evening at the interview dinner. Over wonderful steaks at the Bridge Tender, her soft Southern drawl, her quick sense of humor and her passion for news made this decision easy. She had the job if she wanted it.

She and Chris started about the same time. I remember bringing her in Sunday night so they could do a rehearsal together on the set. I was nervous, because sometimes anchors don’t get along. These two, though, fast became best friends. And that’s something special you could see on the air every night.

Now, two years later, Cacky has fallen in love. She and the other Chris met at a wedding last year and it was instant attraction she says. Problem is, she lives in Wilmington; he, in Fairfax, VA.

So, on Friday, August 2, she’ll bid us all farewell as she works on her fall wedding in Mexico and relocating to Northern Virginia.

Cacky is one of those special ones that you hope stays forever. She’s been a guiding mentor for many of our young reporters. She’s a joy to work with, and I hope you’ve enjoyed watching her bring you the news.

“Lil’ Bit,” you will be missed… greatly. Good luck with this next step of your life. We only wish you happiness and contentment.

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42 Comments on "It’s Cacky’s last day"

2015 years 10 months ago

Scott you do realize that she is engaged, right?? Why doesn’t your boss tell you that enough is enough! Please dude, let this go. For no other reason than your own self respect.

Guest enough already
2015 years 10 months ago

Look she was a decent reporter for a small news station. It did not hurt the she was attractive either. But, she is no Barbara Walters or Katie Couric. Why didn’t you do this when Asha left? I thought she did a really good job for you guys.

Frank Archer
2015 years 10 months ago

Only met her once but was impressed with her professionalism and personality. Her ability to connect with people is wonderful. I am sorry to see this beautiful young lady leave the area. I wish her the best and hope that she will have good memories of the Wilmington area. Good Luc Cacky

2015 years 10 months ago

Most just “disappear” and a few days later the viewer thinks “oh, what happened to…..?”. Or, if watching the final appearance, then there might be a brief statement as to the departure.

This seems to be some perverse obsession. I hope that whoever continues to repost this story will be alright after she is gone.

2015 years 10 months ago

Buh bye.


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