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Moore found guilty of 2011 murder in Bolton


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- A Columbus County man has been convicted of a 2011 murder.

Jerry Lee Moore Jr. faces life in prison for the shooting death of Samuel Odell Hampton III, 24. Investigators say Hampton was shot and killed outside the Hideaway nightclub in Bolton in April 2011.

"Odell was a good kind gentleman,” said Irise Hampton, Odell Hampton III’s mother. “He loved life, he loved people, and most of all he loved his son."

According to court records Moore admitted to shooting Hampton seven times in the head with a .22 caliber pistol outside of the Hideaway Club in Bolton.

"The facts of the case is that he was shot seven times,” said Frank Gore, Columbus County assistant district attorney. “We gave the opportunity for the jury to evaluate that there was some premeditation and deliberation that he knew what he was doing. Because of the facts of where he was and how he approached the victim it shows that he lied in wait and surprised the victim when he shot him."

When the verdict was delivered family members say a weight was lifted off of half of them while incredible sadness fell over the other half.

"It's been very painful because both sides of the family have suffered,” said Hampton. “Even though we miss that bond that we used to have but we love them. We just want justice for our son and that's what we got today."

When Irise Hampton was asked if she could ever forgive her nephew for taking her sons life she said "Oh yes, oh yes. In order to make it to heaven you must forgive. Justice has been served."

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He deserves the death

He deserves the death penalty. Why was he given life?

2 & 1/2 Years for a trial and verdict

now a life with 3 squares a day; cable & internet; probably further education. Probably conjugal visits if he is married.

And the taxpayers of NC get to support him.

Why not just send him down to Carolina Beach Road and the Treblenko Zoo. Give him his choice of big cats to room with.

Tom, the lengthy pre-trial

Tom, the lengthy pre-trial detention is par for the course in Columbus. Check out the recent 2007 murder case of Santonio Jenrette. His case was continued for 6 years. He was held in the County, on our dime, for over 2,000 days, at a cost of $80 a day. You do the math. Don't understand why it takes so long to actually get it to trial when the trial itself takes less than a week...?


So you would suggest a death penalty that would cost 4 times the amount that a sentence of life imprisonment will cost?

If you read my post

I suggested some comunity service in one of the big cat cages for a couple of weeks. Less costly and in the end, he does serve a purpose.

The only reason that it

The only reason that it costs so much to administer the death penalty is the unending appeals that they are allowed. The court costs and the taxpayers paying for court-appointed attorneys drive up the cost of the death penalty. If they limit the appeals, and administer swift justice, they keep the cost down.

Murder; Bolten

Do a little research and would put money on the fact this killer did not have a live in Father; typical

what the...

I don't think you comprehend how ignorant you just made yourself sound. You're literally making up a scenario that happens to align with your personal opinion, so you can then pass your judgment on a reality that may or may not exist..."typical".

Whatever opinion you may have on whatever subject might exist could not possibly be expressed in such a way to sound less intelligent. You should have your keyboard taken away from you.

My solution, for this thug,

My solution, for this thug, is better, cheaper, and far more effective.....
A trip to the electric chair.

Even cheaper...

...Hanging or a .45 round to the dome.