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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County man has been convicted of a 2011 murder.

Jerry Lee Moore Jr. faces life in prison for the shooting death of Samuel Odell Hampton III, 24. Investigators say Hampton was shot and killed outside the Hideaway nightclub in Bolton in April 2011.

“Odell was a good kind gentleman,” said Irise Hampton, Odell Hampton III’s mother. “He loved life, he loved people, and most of all he loved his son.”

According to court records Moore admitted to shooting Hampton seven times in the head with a .22 caliber pistol outside of the Hideaway Club in Bolton.

“The facts of the case is that he was shot seven times,” said Frank Gore, Columbus County assistant district attorney. “We gave the opportunity for the jury to evaluate that there was some premeditation and deliberation that he knew what he was doing. Because of the facts of where he was and how he approached the victim it shows that he lied in wait and surprised the victim when he shot him.”

When the verdict was delivered family members say a weight was lifted off of half of them while incredible sadness fell over the other half.

“It’s been very painful because both sides of the family have suffered,” said Hampton. “Even though we miss that bond that we used to have but we love them. We just want justice for our son and that’s what we got today.”

When Irise Hampton was asked if she could ever forgive her nephew for taking her sons life she said “Oh yes, oh yes. In order to make it to heaven you must forgive. Justice has been served.”

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